Beauty Bargains

Bealls Beauty Bounty


The other day, while doing some bargain hunting, I came across some pretty awesome finds. The store was Bealls Outlet (we have Bealls and Bealls Outlet down here in Florida; it’s similar to  Kohls, Belk, etc.) and I scored some great beauty products on the cheap! None of the products were past expiration and although I may not have been on the hunt for these specifically, I will definitely have some fun with them.

First up: e.l.f. Get the Look 5 piece smoky eye set. This includes: mascara, liquid liner, eyeshadow brush, lash curler and 3 shadow pallet (dark grey, navy blue and black). I believe I only paid $5.99 for this (maybe $6.99).


Next: I picked up a “my perfect picks” nail polish duo set by essie. These picks were picked for the holidays last year (2011) but I still think the colors are pretty… pretty.


Small bottles, but the colors I got in the set were a nude-ish neutral, “Jazz” and a very pretty soft purple, “St Lucie Lilac”. I believe I only paid $3.99… (I should’ve made better note on these prices.)


Finally, my favorite score of the haul: a powder compact by Korress. I’ve enjoyed Korress products in the past and when I spotted this for a mere $2.99, I threw it in my basket without hesitation.



As you can see in the first image, I also snagged a couple of pairs of falsies. ($1.99 each).


That’s all for this haul! Check back soon because I will be posting my December Ipsy Glam Bag review (got it in the mail yesterday!!!) I also have a GlossyBox to review as well as some absolutely fan-freaking-tastic sets I ordered from Sephora! (I can’t wait to share with you all the details of my most recent cosmetics shopping spree!!!)


November 2012 GlossyBox Review (super late, I know. But I didn’t receive it until Dec 3rd.)

December 2012 Ipsy Glam Bag Review (received it yesterday and I LOVE IT!)

December 2012 GlossyBox Review (whenever I receive it)

Sephora Glitz and Glam Party Sampler Review

Sephora In The Glow Set Review

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Smashbox Haul from Ulta

AND MORE!!!!! It’s been a super busy last few weeks with all my makeup over-spending and shopping for gifts for people besides myself. The site is still under construction and my OCD is really getting at me about this. (Got to get back on track!) I hope you’ll check back soon for some awesome posts!

Thanks for reading. Love, GK


Wedding Week – Bachelorette Party Day/Night!

Today was loaded with fun bachelorette activities.

Shannon, Sarah and I started the day visiting the Bella Lani Nail Spa at Traditions. Shannon wanted a full-on Brazilian wax and the spa wear our other appointments we taking place didn’t do a full brazilian. So we got the earliest appointment and Sarah and I wished Shannon much luck as she walked back to the toture chamber.

The old lady performing the waxing kept pulling the strips prematurely and had to keep relaying them and trying again. (Not that Sarah and I were in the room, Shannon of course filled us in on the details later). Their prices for other services were really good and although I may not trust them with my vagina, I just might use them in the future for other purposes. Shannon was, naturally, a bit disgruntled after that experience, so we set off for breakfast before our other spa appointments.

We all received Mani/Pedis at The Sanctuary Spa at Traditions and Shannon received a must-needed Swedish Massage. It was delightful!

Sitting in birth order. Adorable. and check-out how incredibly amazing my hair looks! (Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Keratin Treatment with Wild Ginger)

After our amazing spa treatments, we shopped around alittle and headed over the the Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch where we met up Shannon’s Best Friend, Briana who was so amazing and had some awesome ink on her arm. We were also joined by Shannon’s soon-to-be mother-in-law and her mother-in-law’s mother-in-law (I cropped them out of this pic for privacy purposes).

After some tanning (I’ve been trying to obtain that “healthy glow”.Operation Tan Ginger is still in effect!), we headed back to our parents house for drinks. On the menu: Margaritas and Champagne, and Shannon was loving her Champagne. With the exception of 3 glasses, she drank the entire bottle… yeah.

We moved the party to my house where Shannon opened more gifts and drank… more Champagne! Kacie assisted with the consumption of this bottle, but Shannon pretty much killed this one on her own too. This time, the champagne was pink and Shannon had traded in her Champagne flute for a Betty Boop Tall Beer Glass… it was fun.

I addition to some sexy lingerie,I gave Shannon lots of cosmetic goodies so she could wear fresh, new makeup on her big day:

Maybelline Fit Foundation – #225
Maybelline Fit Powder – #225
Maybelline Fit Concealer – #25

Rimmel Blush – #003 – Pink Rose
Rimmel Natural Bronzer – #021 – Sunlight

Rimmel Exaggerated Waterproof Eye Definer – (Liner) – #261 Black
Rimmel Exaggerated Waterproof Eye Definer – (Liner) – #211 Brown
Rimmel Extra Super Lash – #101 – Black – *BONUS* Double Pack (Beauty Bargain)

Rimmel Eye Quad Shadow – #002 – Smokey Brown
Rimmel Eye Single Shadow – #100 – Glam Ice (White Shadow in a MUST!)

My favorite drugstore products usually come from Maybelline or Rimmel…of course, there are always exceptions…but since I was giving this to her all at once as kind of a jump-start to her makeup collection and exploration, I wanted to maintain some kind of a theme.

We’re still partying at my house, waiting for glue to dry on our starfish hairclips. I should have planned on doing a crap-load of DYI posts, beacause I could write a damn book a this point. I’ve always just been really crafty.

[*Note to self: More DYI posts!]

Rise’n and Shine’n early in the morning and Shannon shows no sign of slowing down right now!

"…water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag" -k$

I was lucky enough to have this weekend off!! I took advantage of my downtime with lots and lots of sleep, some cocktails, and fun with friends.

Saturday, I decided to stop by my favorite local used book store to scope out what they had. I picked up Chuck Klosterman‘s IV and a collection of Jean Paul Sartre plays including No Exit. $9 all together. Not too shabby!

After my finds at the Book Exchange, I decided to stop by one of the local thrift stores on a whim and I am so happy I did! I found this adorable vintage rawhide purse!

The moment I flung it over my shoulder I felt like Kate Jackson on my way to kick some ass Charlies Angel’s Style! Only $6!!

On my way home, I stopped at my corner drug store to pick up some cold supplies for Casey who was home sick. While there I spotted some awesome cosmetics deals!!

I picked up these three Sally Hansen Insta-Dri & Xtreme Wear Polishes:

-#22 Jumpin’ Jade $1.25
-#17 Mochachino $1.25
-#40 Purple Pizzazz $.75

and because I’m such a eyeshadow junkie, I couldn’t not pick up one of the L’Oreal HiP duos #336 Devious. $2.07 (I should have just bought a bunch! damn-it)

Over all, a very successful bargain-find day! I love when that happens when you weren’t even planning on it!

Daily Threads: Teal-to-Orange religious iconography t-shirt.($?), Skinny Jeans (Old Navy), Sanuk Flip-flops ($20), Silver Bangels ($? Gift), Jade Beaded Breacelettes ($?), Bone “Sun” ring ($? Honduras), Lucky Brand Oversized Peace Mood Ring ($2[?].00 Macys)

Later, Casey and I went out to Blue Water Grill to see Ryan playing music with his friend.

…After, we hopped over to our regular bar to finish off the night. we had a lot of fun… as we always do! …and I think you can see it in my eyes… damn.

Tonight, Super Bowl Sunday… which I wasn’t even enthused about this year… It should’ve been the NY Jets. 😦 anyway… tonight we made Tacos! and one of my corn chips was shaped like a taco shell, so I made a mini Taco!

Then, J brought home a bunch of wine from his parents house, so we had out own private wine tasting! I’d say tonight was a success as well!!!

Title of blog is taken from Ke$ha’s song “Take It Off”

Leather & Glitter & Lips, Oh my!

Totally exciting shopping day!

… and not because it was Cyber Monday. In fact, Cyber Monday is kind of like “its the last day of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend… do you want any of this crap?” However, I’m sure there were plenty of awesome steals. I was browsing for gifts for my family and because I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, I didn’t have much success; but the featured sale items still pretty much sucked and there wasn’t really that big of a sale on good items.

But here’s why it was an exciting shopping day none-the-less:

First, Kacie, who knows how much I’ve been obsessing over, searching for an adorable rock and roll leather mini, sent me a picture of this skirt and says shes buying it for me! AWESOME! All the way down in Deerfield, my #1 Chick had my fashion back! Then she texts saying that it’s only $10!!! So I told her to get two so we could have matching leather minis!!!


I love the zippers! You can totally wear it as tight as you want!

THEN: After no success on-line shopping, I was in need of an immediate fix. So I went to Marshall’s and bought the Steve Madden Black Glitter Pumps that I have also been obsessing over for at least a week. Only $30!!!

And just as I knew they would, the pumps and the Ava Rose Wristlet look perfect together!!
I’m so excited to wear them!

I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home and as I browsed cosmetics, I came across two of my favorite beauty must haves!

I used to keep a steady supply of Sally Hansens Lip Plumper, but I fell of the wagon…
I’m getting back on. I love this stuff. $5.24

You can wear it under or over lip color, or just by itself (which is what I do most of the time).


I have very thick, very curly hair… Allow me to translate into reality speak:
I have very dry, frizzy, bushy hair.

Naturally, styling and processing (haha… that’s a contradiction in terms) only make this worse.

This stuff is terrific.
I use one tube, once a week to keep excessive dryness at bay.
It was on sale for $5.97

Ahhh… The dragon is at bay tonight… I got my fix.

Also: I added two new blogs to my “Who I’m Reading” list.

  • the Fashion P.A. I stumbled across this blogger on Twitter and love love love her blog! PLUS, SHE’S A GINGER TOO!!
  • Thnkgod4Victoria This blogger I’ve known through mutual friends and fell in love with her blog. Then, I thought she deleted it (only changed the URL). But I was happy to find it again!

Both are totally fashionable, totally adorable chicks with great tips!

Cyber Monday Sales

Tomorrow is CYBER MONDAY. On-line retailer’s equivalent to Black Friday. I had absolutely no ef’ing clue this existed until the always reliable Kacie informed me.

Lots of sites like Overstock and Amazon are participating as well as most major stores. Check out these sites for more info on Cyber Monday deals and participating retailers as well as coupon codes.

Check with your favorite sites and see if they’re having any extra deals tomorrow. According to this site, big savings can be expected this year. Cyber Monday 2010 Predictions.

Good Luck! Get that holiday shopping finished!