[yester]Daily Threads :: Damn you, Michael’s.

Today I worked earlier than usual. I’m a total night owl so it’s always weird waking up early and getting out of work before the sun has set. I was excited, though, because my plan had become going to Michael’s afterwards and buying new canvases.

It got even more exciting! I thought, “Hmm.. Maybe I should check their website to see what coupons are in their weekly ad.” So I did. I was beside myself when I spotted not only a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase but a coupon for 40% off (specifically) canvases and easels! “Whaaaaaaat?!” Yes. It was my lucky day.

My manager offered to let me out an hour early and I got even more excited because I was that much closer to my fresh, new, on sale, canvases and thusly, closer to feeding my creating addiction and I’ve been jonesin’ to paint for a few days now…

I kept to the interstate and passed my exit(s) and drove out to Michaels TO FIND THEY WERE CLOSED! … It’s Sunday… bullshit.

So I went next door to TJ Maxx to see if they had the Michael Kors watch I want. They didn’t. So I bought an adorable bright green dress. I can’t wait to wear it!

Anyway, I worked today (as noted above) so I don’t have anything interesting to post for my daily threads. I do however have my daily threads from Saturday and Friday, my last two days off. Here goes:

Friday, July 27, 2012

(Nana’s birthday. I love and miss you, Nana)

I received quite the surprise Friday when one of my old friends gave me a call, out of the blue, to have lunch. We hadn’t seen each other since spring semester 2005 and even then, we had not been close for about a year. She’s lived out of state for the last several years so the opportunity to hang out hasn’t even been there but we’ve kept in touch via facebook and texts. She was one of two girls who really made a huge difference in my life when I was having a tough time. It was really nice to be able to meet up and catch up with her. Here’s what I wore:

Simple. Classic.

Jean Billabong Shorts. Light Blue and White striped button-up from Forever21. Various bracelets. A few rings. My long owl necklace (of course it’s facing the other way here…). Brown circular shades. and (My beloved) Michael Kors Hamilton Tote.

Later that evening, I shot some head shots for a friend of mine. Even later than evening, me and 3 of my friends “played Olympics” in the form of pool volleyball. GO TEAM USA!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, I spent time watching the Olympics, editing the photos from the day before, watching classic Doctor Who (Baker, baby) and eating far too much pizza. I looked kind of adorable though:

Jean shorts. White tank top. Blue and White polka dots shear top by Lily White. (I love this top!). Various bracelets (the usual suspects mostly). Some rings (including my claddagh: heart out, boys). White cateye shades and the Hamilton Tote again (all my stuff was in it).

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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“made of flesh. made of sand. made of human”

Here’s what I wore today:

It was a laid-back day off of work with plans to surf in the evening. I wore a camel-colored corduroy skirt by Bongo that I got at a thrift store not that long ago for a couple of bucks. I wore a brand new, plain white t that I got from Ross for $7.99 (I go crazy for a fresh white T/tank… I just love them!) I had my usual Sanuk flip flips on and borrowed my friend’s hat that was laying around the boys’ house.

Here’s how I accessorized:

(crappy cell-phone pic) My short silver chain w/ shamrock, long owl necklace, Lucky Brand Peace sign earrings, my claddagh ring, owl ring, silver chain bracelet, silver bangle, Alex & Ani star of venus bangle, earth tone beads and jade beads.

But that wasn’t my only look for the day. Once it was time to head to the beach I had to switch it up.

I borrowed the men’s Levi plaid button up and simply tied it around my waist. I wore a pair of white shorts for a small amount of time as well.

As soon as we got out there, the white shorts came off. Later on, once I was tired of being tossed around like a rag doll, I wore the shirt open and untied without the shorts.

I happened to be wearing the oldest bathing suit I own, but it’s an “old faithful” for me. It’s my black and teal Billabong bikini.

It was a glorious evening at the beach; we didn’t leave until well after the sun went down. The beach at dusk is beautiful… I may not have had any major break-throughs in my surfing “lessons”, but I got some writing down and generally just enjoyed the salty air and warm breeze.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Title of post “made of flesh, made of sand, made of human” from Jason Mraz’s “Only Human”.

With A Bow On Top

It’s been too long since I’ve posted my Daily Threads and even then, I wasn’t very good at consistently posting them. I’d like to try and get better at this… I guess we’ll see how that goes. If nothing else, I want to at least feature non-workday ensembles and there’s no better time than the present!

Here’s what I wore today:

I love my new floral tank that I picked up at Ross for $8.99. Paired with my Billabong jean shorts, you can barely tell I have shorts on at all (that’s why I included the second picture). It should be no surprise that I wore my brown Sanuk flip flops… I live in those things.

I actually wore less bracelets than usual. I wore a plain silver chain, an earth-tone beaded bracelet and my Alex & Ani Star of Venus bangle.

Rings: my claddagh, heart turned out, and one of my newest acquisitions, a costume piece, that’ll probably turn real quick. I got it from one of the guests at the hotel who practically forced each of us to take a few pieces. I thought this one was pretty awesome though and so do my guy friends for some reason. The first time I wore this ring, each of the guys, at different times without knowing each other also asked, asked to wear this ring… it was strange.

I wore one of my favorite headbands too! I ordered it from ASOS, I forget how much it was.

I wore, simply, a shamrock on a short silver chain around my neck and spritzed myself with Clinique Happy Heart (one of my absolute favorite perfumes!)

Well that’s it. A casual, summer outfit to sit poolside with the family.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Bueno Finds

Today, I was given the day off, so before Casey got home to take me out for our date, I did a little shopping. I think I’m on a clearance-bargain finding high and I needed another fix.

I found this amazing silver and raw emerald ring for $16 at TJ Maxx!

I took a stroll through their handbags and fell in love with this cream tote. Turns out it’s made by Bueno… this is the third bag by Bueno I’ve purchased recently. Everyone should know about these adorable bags!

Like a kid with a new toy, I had to wear them tonight! I paired my new pieces with one of my finds in Orlando my favorite jean shorts and other jewelry favs.

Daily Threads

Billabong Jean Shorts

Purple Floral American Eagle Tank

Cream Bag by Beuno


Lucky Brand Dove & Peace Necklace

Silver & Raw Emerald Ring

Silver Bangle

Silver & Abalone Bangle

After our movie, Casey and I went to Target for some things around the house and I picked up this t-shirt. It’s a guy’s small, but once washed and dried, it’ll shrink just enough. Most of my Ts are guys Ts… they shrink just right.

Wonderful Day in the Gayborhood – Ft Lauderdale

This morning, Kacie and I headed down to Ft Lauderdale to visit Dylan and Alleah. We hit the highway and the lovebugs hit the windshield!!

I had never been to Dylan’s house so I was especially excited to visit. His backyard is beautiful! Check it out!

We ordered in from Walton Wings and noshed on some hot wings (and salad!) before we headed off for some random adventure.

Our first stop was Dylan’s studio where he even took some impromptu headshots for me. These are my personal favs… and it hasn’t been retouched yet, so don’t pick on me and my pimple! (It just had to appear on my good side!)

After a little photo fun at the studio, we decided to consume mass quantities of alcohol in some of Wilton Manor’s finest bars. We started at Sidelines, a gay sports bar… I ♥ it!! It’s like heaven!! To keep track of the 2-for-1s, they distribute chips and Dylan and Kacie are such loyal patrons, they had many chips to spend before we even got there! Whose got two thumbs and loves free liquor? This girl! There, after a couple of rounds, decided to have more photo fun!

We stumbled down the sidewalk and did some thrift store shopping at Out of the Closet. There, I spotted from across racks of crap a fringey “flapper” dress… black… amazing condition. I dashed over… It’s new… It’s Express… and it’s… YES!  A Size 4! I nearly ripped down the fitting room curtain in excitement to try it on… I LOVE IT!I can’t wait for an excuse to wear it… and then shake shake shake it! I will, of course, need to post pics soon.

After Out of the Closet (whose profits benefit STD testing centers and Safe Sex Education) we headed to The Naked Grape, a completely adorable wine bar. Champagne, Wine, Cheese & Crackers and good friends, it was perfect.

We split our time between to comfortable couches inside and the (smoking) tables outside. At one point, one of the sexiest gay men I’ve ever seen (one that really makes you think “Damn, I wish I had a penis.”) walked by and Kacie, feeling very uninhibited by now, called after him and insisted he take a picture with us. This sexy piece had the straightest touch of any gay man I have ever met! One arm tight around my boob line and one hand upon my thigh… mostly inner thigh… that he placed and kept there well after the photo had been taken…  I was like “ummm… Are you sure you don’t want to have sex with someone with a vagina? Cause I’m totally down.” … Now I’m lusting after gay men… C’est La Vie.

Over all, it was an absolutely wonderful day in the gayborhood! (where Mr Rogers wears feather boas and bedazzled heels) and I have to specifically thank Kacie, Dylan and Dylans amazing, adorable and generous fella, Anthony for showing us all a wonderful time. Thank you, guys. I love you.

Daily Threads
Jean Shorts: Billabong
Grey Cami – $5.99 Marshall’s
Purple Sheer Bohemian Top: Unknown brand (I cut out the tag!) bought at a TJ Maxx in Murfreesboro, TN last year.
Eclectic jewelry.
Micheal Kors Sunglasses – $9.99 Marshall’s