Happy Birthday Kacie!

Today, in celebration of Kacie’s birthday, we took a drive up to Universal Studios in Orlando for a day of frivolity! Because we have friends who work in the parks and in management, we always get hooked up when we go. Here’s a peak into the fun.

Ring Pops are always in style!
We were recruited for MIB.

Nicki’s Birthday

Tonight was the last “Fanfare to Murder” show. It was at another place in Jensen. The crowd was a quite lively. When I made my entrance, several audience members proclaimed “she was here last year!” and one gentleman even proceeded to wave at me from his table across the room. Then, when Casey made his entrance, an entirely different table from the opposite side of the room cheered “He was here last year too!” and that table broke out into applause for him… it was sweet, but a little crazy.

During the question answer period, one audience member accused some of the cast of stealing his wallet… ???… some of these people are really old. After the show, a bunch of friends, including most of the “Fanfare…” cast got together for Nicki’s birthday by her pool.

It was really cold out so I wore a couple of layers: I wore my nerdy owl sweatshirt (forever21) for the first time!

I stayed with the bright colors by adding my red peacoat (forever21) and new royal blue scarf! I also rocked the Uggs for the night. -I ended up also layering my Darth Vadar hoodie over top of it all. Here are some fun pics from the party.

Ronald, Bradly, and myself. I wish I could see these boys so much more often!

Ron, Nicki the Birthday Girl, Kacie, Me, Brad.

The Girl in the Blue Scarf.

This week at work, I’ve really been trying to take advantage of the regular office hours and opportunity to dress a bit more casual. (We’ve had a local production company renting the theatre.) Today I wore my brand new blue scarf! Casey’s parents got it for me as part of my birthday gift and I love it. (Last night we celebrated his mom’s and my birthday… each a little late)

To show it off, I went super casual with a classic jeans and white T pairing. It’s been chilly (which I also try and take advantage of while it lasts) so I chose a long sleeve T. I always wear boots as much as possible while it’s cold. (I just love cold weather clothing.)

I completely forgot about my purple lotus earrings, but I found them and wore them today too. There’s a hint of blue in the flowers and the royal blue scarf really brings that out.

My Birthday!

Happy Birthday! … to me!!!

Yes, today was my birthday. I cleaned up in the gift department too!

  • Casey bought me a camera case for all my gear.

  • My Mom and Dad bought me a zoom lens and paid for my car registration, which if they didn’t do this each year as part of my gift, I’d never have a legally registered car. ♥ my parents!!! (Hi Mom! … she recently started reading my blog)

  • My sister Shannon bought me the most adorable owl sweater! I just love it!

  • My baby sister Sarah bought me Beatles pint glasses to go with my growing pint glass collection (Casey and I have The Beatles, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Betty Boop, and a slew of others). Sarah also bought me a pink snuggie for Lucy and a blue snuggie for Jack! They look adorable in them too!
  • Kacie bought me the most awesome office supplies for my new desk at work! I got a tape dispencer, scissors, a stapler, and a note pad with matching pen and they are all leopard print!!! ♥ my best friend! (and it came in the most adorable cupcake bag with a cupcake card! -I LOVE cupcakes!)

  • and J (my other roommate) bought me a little something that I can’t just go about posting on the internet. 🙂 Use your imagination.

Unfortunately I spent the better part of the afternoon completely sick. I pulled myself together though, because I had to work all day at the theatre. The Travelin’ McCourys (a bluegrass band) were performing. The guys were really nice and so talented! I’ve never been a huge country or bluegrass fan (there are some exceptions of course) but these guys were incredible!

I did the majority of my celebrating yesterday. Me and several of my friends went up to our local Harper’s and had ourselves an awesome time! But my birthday wasn’t the only reason why I was celebrating… THE NY JETS WON!!! One more step closer to the super bowl baby!!! ♥ My Jets!

Sorry, Colts!

Check out some of the pics for the night… I couldn’t post most of them due to rather lewd gestures and actions, mostly with random bar props… but these seem to be ok. 🙂

Ok, some really sleezey fat dude kept hitting on Kacie, then he put like $50 of music on the juke box. Now, I love Elvis, as you can see we all enjoyed (we were dancing like fools to “A Little Less Conversation”) but he played like 12 straight Elvis songs… It was ridiculous.

Kacie eating my hair… nothing out of the ordinary.

Nicki got me a Blow-Job.

Kacie got “the redheaded slut” a “redheaded slut”

We played with roses, penis moraccas, and drunk ladies. (Mid-Picture, one emerging from the ladies room totally bumbarded Danielle. I wasn’t drunk enough not to capture the moment.

That lady later slammed into a wood and glass set of shelves with her fella of equal size.

I Quit [Smoking]! Day #2 & Mom’s Birthday

Ok, I smoked more today than I did yesterday. I was doing really well until I went to Wal-Mart. I get pissed-off from the moment I pull into the damn parking lot. I remain completely annoyed throughout my entire visit. And then, when all I want to do is drive as far away from that hell-whole as possible, I must navigate through the parking lot full of zombie-esque idiots… for the second time.

Tonight my family celebrated my Mom’s birthday. Shannon was down from Orlando and we all went out for dinner. I’ve been making an effort to drink more wine (which is pretty much the excuse I’m using to drink more often) so I ordered a glass of a Napa Valley Merlot with my steak.


And only 17 more days until HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS part 1 (or maybe 15… I still don’t know and it’s driving me mad!!!)