The Time of the Doctor [when i bawled my f*cking eyes out… again]

Merry Christmas!

I was fortunate to spend the last several days with my incredible family, at home, enjoying each others company and enjoying a lot of liquor and wine.

Last night was a very special night and not just because of the holy holiday. Last night was the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas special; it was also the night we said goodbye to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and  welcomed Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

Sparing you a complete plot breakdown, let’s skip to my complete emotional breakdown:



… I was bawling. I was teary through a lot of the episode and cried a few times but when Matt Smith delivered his final Doctor Who monologue, I lost my shit. I was full-on ugly crying; tears rushing down my face, neck and chest. Then, he dropped his bow tie… for good.


We caught a brief glipse of what kind of Doctor Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be: direct, a little angry, kind of scary yet funny… I’ve had a great feeling about the Twelfth Doctor since it was announced that Peter Capaldi would be taking over and the little bit I saw of him at the very end of this episode only supports those good vibes. Even so, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to Matt Smith. It may have taken me most of his tenure to fall in love with him but I did and I will miss him.

What now? The excruciating long wait for Season 8 to begin (late 2014).

Here is how my sister and I got into the Doctor Who spirit for The Time of the Doctor:

photo 1 photo 2

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season! You can also follow me on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Thanks again! Love, GK


Time in a Bottle

Today, it was rather chilly in South Florida. It was beautiful and I required sand and shells for a Christmas gift project I’m working on for one of my best friends (she’s moving to Chicago and will miss the beach so I’m making her a jar of beach to take with her) so I took a trip to the beach.

Growing up on Long Island, my family used to walk to the beach during cold weather fairly often. When most people think “beautiful beach day” they think hot sun and tanning oil; I think of days like today.

I’m in total Doctor Who Christmas special mode right now and my choice in cold weather attire seemed to reflect companion style. (I just wish I didn’t have that gross ciggie in my hand.) Here’s what I wore:





Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Friends for Christmas!!!

As if my Christmas wasn’t already amazing, my Brother-From-Another-Mother, Logan, decided to drive down from Tampa Christmas Night and stayed until yesterday afternoon.

While he was in town the “Old Family” pretty much just partied all day and all night. Here some proof, an it’s not even the scandalous stuff!

Today was my second day on the job at the theatre. I’m so incredibly grateful to be back in a theatre atmosphere. It feels amazing! Yesterday was my first day and I ended up Stage Managing for Steve Soloman’s show. It was a fantastic first day actually, and today was pretty awesome too. I’m really looking forward to this amazing new chapter in my life!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Casey and I celebrated Christmas with his family last night and today we spent the day with my family. I had such an amazing day eating, drinking, hanging-out, playing cricket and taking a crap-load of pictures on my New Camera!!!

My amazing parents gave me a Canon EOS Rebel XS 18-55IS!!! I am in love with it!!! (AND They’ve already hinted at giving me alternative lenses for my birthday in a couple of weeks!!!) I am so stoked about it! I’ve been taking pictures of the most random things and I’m pretty sure my family was sick of it by they time I left tonight.

Here are a few of the random shots I took:

Christmas Cookies!!



Wire Fencing…

Lawn Gnome…

Celtic Cross

Pink Roses

Photography has always been a interest of mine, inspired completely by my mother who used to be heavy into photography. She has always had such a eye for photography and the most creative ways of executing her vision. I’ve enjoyed dabbling in photography in the past and have gotten into photo editing as well, now with my new camera I’m going to be a photographing-fool!


Recycled Christmas Trees!

Check out this awesome Christmas tree in Sydney, Australia made out of recycled bicycles.

It’s made of 100 old bicycles.
The frames make up the “tree”, all spray-painted green.
The tires are (clearly) multicolored to look like bulbs and lights.
The entire tree is over 23 ft tall.

It’s beautiful!
(and eco-friendly)

The tree can be seen in the Sydney district known as “The Rocks”, a tourist-friendly art and shopping district. “The Rocks” has been displaying Green Christmas Trees since 2008.
Some of the past trees:

2009: Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

This one is awesome too!
They changed the colors of the lights to completely change the colors of the tree.

2008 Chair Christmas Tree