Conan OBrian

2011 People’s Choice Awards

Last night were The 2011 People’s Choice Awards… I didn’t watch either. But I was curious to know if Emma Watson won the award she was nominated for and I love red carpet fashion, so I did some research today.

No. Emma did not win. But here is a list of a few of the night’s winners:

Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure: Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
They looked pretty hot too. And Khloe is sporting Red Locks!

NPH won Favorite TV Comedy Actor

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp… … … … … … … … -excuse me. I got distracted.

Favorite TV Obsession: Dexter… which I totally agree with.
Favorite TV Talk Show Host: Conan O’Brien

Favorite TV Doctor (?? WTF kind of category is this?) & Favorite TV Drama: House.
I do love me some Dr. House.

Eminem, Rhianna, The Eminem and Rhianna song… they all won.
Katy Perry won Favorite Female Artist… and as ridiculous as her dress was… I liked her look. Her nails are the same color blue as the blue on the dress!

and Twilight: Eclipse won several awards… Favorite Movie… Favorite Drama Movie…
Favorite On Screen Team (again… wtf?)

and Kristen Stewart won for Favorite Actress.
Now, I am pretty much always annoyed by her when I see her on TV,
but I will say that she looked really good last night.
In fact I think she was one of the best dressed people of the night.

And most of the other winners, presenters, and guests were all Mickey Mouse celebs. At least The Golden Globes are less than two weeks away. I can’t wait to see what people I give a sh*t about wear!


People’s Choice Awards Voting

So voting is currently open for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards. I know I shouldn’t take for granted my Constitutional right to make my voice heard, so I headed over to The People’s Choice Awards and cast my votes. To be completely honest, most of the people and things nominated I didn’t even give a crap about. I pretty much picked for stupid reasons, but at least I did my part and voted! I believe in voting without having too much prior knowledge of the candidates anyway. I’m American.

There were a few of my personal favs that were nominated though:
I voted for Johnny Depp for Favorite Actor (over-all I guess… ???) and Julia Roberts for Favorite Actress. Robert Downy Jr was my pick for Favorite Action Star, mostly because he’s so damn sexy. Favorite Talk Show Host, Conan… Hello?… and I haven’t even watched his new show yet. I voted for Lady Gaga for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist.

Here’s one category that got me: Favorite Star Under 25. Nominees: Emma Watson (Who I obviously picked), Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron… really? Two couples and a 5th wheel? Seemed stupid… anyway. Favorite TV Obsession, I picked Dexter. Favorite Rock Band I completely skipped… I refused to vote at all.

The nominees for Favorite Rock Bad are as follows:

Daughtry. (Please.)
Linkin Park (Excuse me while I stab myself in the face repeatedly.)
Maroon 5. (If I were drinking milk and someone announced Maroon 5 as a nominee for ANYTHING Rock Band (other than shittiest), I would proceed to laugh hard enough for the milk to squirt out of my nose. Then I would be so pissed because my nasal passages would burn and I’d say “Damn you, Maroon 5! I hate you in more ways than one!… Just not as more than or nearly as much as f*cking Linkin Park.” Seriously, I f*cking hate Linkin Park.)
Nichelback. … … … I usually just move on to the next song, station or channel whenever Nichelback comes on… so….
Paramore… They were the final nominee….
so I just skipped that one… no vote from me, thank you.

They also had a category called “Favorite Viral Video” or “Favorite Internet Phenomenon” or something like that. One of the nominees is a video of an 11 year old boy named Greyson Chance doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. I had never seen it before… I loved it. So it got my vote. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet.