The Deftones & Incubus!

Last night, my best friend, Kacie, accompanied me to see The Deftones and Incubus in concert. I try and see Incubus anytime they are in the state… they are one of my absolute favorites!! We hung out with various friends we ran into down there and I sang and danced my adoring heart out the entire time.


I stole the picture of Brandon off some poor soul’s page on Instagram. I love hanging out in the lawn for shows but that doesn’t get me good pics so yeah, I totally stole this one. He’s just so beautiful…


It was a blast as always!

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK


Third Eye Blind in Ft Lauderdale

Tonight, my two friends Kacie and Chelsea and I rocked out in Ft Lauderdale at Club Revolution to Third Eye Blind.

The show was amazing!! Those boys have definitely still got it! I was able to bribe a security guard and scored my friends and I prime location spots directly next to the stage! [dusts dirt off my shoulder]. If there is one thing I’m good at it’s making the most of opportunities at rock shows. Our view was perfect and our experience amazing! Another special skill of mine: taking impeccable concert photos!

Below are a few shots from the show!
Thanks for reading! Love, GK





Jason Mraz w/ Christina Perri

Today is the Jason Mraz concert (w/ Christina Perri) in West Palm Beach! I’ve been counting down the days for a while!!



Here’s what I wore to the show. (Sorry guys, this was the best pic I managed to get of my outfit.)

  -Billabong Jean Shorts. Yes, I AM wearing shorts.

-Sheer Peacock Feather top (w/ Hot Pink Bra underneath… showing.. whatever)

-Sanuk Flip-Flops

-Aviator Shades

-Various Jewelry including the guitar pick and charm necklace I made.

The show was amazing. I was with an amazing group of friends (old and new). Christina Perri was fabulous opening the show hopping back and forth from guitar to piano.

  Jason Mraz was just as mind-blowing as usual.   Thanks for reading, Love GK

Dave Matthews Band Concert. West Palm Beach, FL

Last night, Casey, Cromer, Ryan and I went to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. It was amazing!

I was lovin’ my chosen ensemble, lets have a look.

I bought the shirt and Billabong shorts at Marshall’s.
I think I paid $14.99 for the shorts and $12.99 for the shirt.
I found the bag at Target on clearance earlier in the day. I love the Mustard color of it.

I found these awesome sparrow earrings ($3.99) along with the blinged-out aviators ($5.99)

at Beall’s Outlet earlier in the day as well.

We got down there early enough to party in the parking lot pre-show. However it rained pretty hard so we spent that time drinking in the car.

Ryan, Me & Casey. Pre-Concert
No More Jack. 😦
Cromer & Ryan feelin’ good.

Eventually we made our way up to the gates and claimed a spot on the lawn. As the sun was going down, and the sky was beautiful pink and orange, we got to watch a pretty stellar lightning show. It was perfect. Then the band came out and smoke permeated all around the amphitheater.

The sky was beautiful.
The Dave Matthews Band

It was a phenomenal show! They played a great mix of radio-played favorites but mostly lesser-known fan favorites. It was such an amazing show!

As wonderful as the Dave Matthews concert was, I’m disappointed that I havn’t gone to many shows this summer. To be honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of people I wanted to see this year. I’m looking forward to some Fall tours this year though. I’m hoping to see a couple of those. And Jack Johnson plays at the end of August, I may try and see him while hes down here.

PS: Dave was totally rockin’ a Deep V-Neck T Daniel Tosh Style.

Deep V’s!!!