Cooking with Kate

Back in the Saddle

I had all four wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. It was quite the experience.

It took a while for me to feel the nitrous, and I panicked a little when I felt the surgeon messing with my arm. I believe I pleaded “Please, not yet, I’m not ready!” (I’m so afraid of needles!) He told me not to worry and waited a little bit longer, then I felt him messing with my arm again and I began to get panicked again, then I felt the pinch and he said “See? That was it.”…

… then I remember waking up. The dental assistant said “You’re dad is coming back now.”

“Follow the yellow brick wall!” was the next thing I heard from the hallway and I thought “That’s my dad.”

Dr. Karpinski and Liz at The Center for Specialized Dentistry were absolutely amazing!!! I would recommend them to absolutely everyone! Especially anyone who has a lot of anxiety about their dental work.  They made me feel so comfortable by telling me everything that as going to happen, followed up to the T (no surprises!), and both Dr. Karpinski and Liz were funny, warm people who made me feel completely safe and at ease. Their absolutely amazing care was so appreciated. I want to send them a thank you gift, or at the very least a card. It meant a lot.

I didn’t do much of anything after surgery on Tuesday except pick up my drugs and soft foods. BTW, all of a sudden I like Yogurt. First seafood and not yogurt, my tastes have been changing like crazy…

Wednesday I was still pretty puffy and kept myself pretty drugged up. I managed to organize and clean my bedroom, closet, dresser and vanity though.

Thursday I was feeling better but my sleep patterns were all messed up and I was still uncomfortable so I took my manager up on her offer to stay home again and layed around the house. Later in the afternoon, my mom took me and my two sisters shopping for dresses for the rehearsal and I got a whole bunch of lingerie as well. I love lingerie…my first job was a lingerie department sales girl at 15, I lied and said I was 16 (I was turning 16 in 2 months and they took a copy of my real ID, so they should have noticed….). I’ve always just loved pretty undies. But no pics of the beautiful bounty will be posted… that’s a little too porno for me.

So today was my first day back to work. I was still on the meds and so I made the decision to go casual for the day:

Comfy jeans and new Star Wars t-shirt. (I ♥ it!). Oh and check out my super cute, totally adorable owl tote… I’m beginning to feel like one of those old ladies who collects something weird with all my owl sh*t…. but they’re so cute!!!

I spotted these sunglasses on and immediately clicked over to ASOS to buy them…. AND THEY ARE OUT OF STOCK!!!! I nearly cried.

I LOVE APPLES… it’s up their with my Owls obsession… in fact as a side note: I’m pretty much programed to be a fucking elementary school teacher with all my owl and apple shit… anyway, it’s inevitable. I just need to graduate college one day. (I want to be a Doctor of History, God Damn-it!)… excuse my self reflective tangent.

So I fell in love with these and I’ve been searching high and low ever since for a pair of Apple shaped sunglasses. If you have any tips let me know!

I haven’t had any soda since Monday! woo-hoo! Been working the abs. Drinking all water and vitamin waters. I’m pretty proud. I need to go really low calorie from here on out though. The wedding is exactly one week from today and I need to de-bloat a bit. Anyone know of any quick (even if temporary) ways to drops some inches?

Knowing I will need to be exceptionally picky with the cals this week and having lived off of soft foods for the last few days, I was making a hearty, comfort food dinner tonight.

Herb & Garlic Backed Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and green beans! I was delicious… and too filling. I think I’m good to diet. But damn, I waited long enough… I need to slim down just a tab in one week!

TIPS TIPS TIPS!!!  Please?


Roommate Feast & Fun!

When I woke up this morning, I had pains in my stomach. I even vomited. In all honesty though, I have been sick these last couple of days: constant nausea, intermittent vomiting, the works… but that’s besides the point. Anyway, ok… sorry… what I’m shooting at is that I was very nervous for my dentist appointment. 
**Yes. Those are delicious smoothie cocktails… we’ll get there. Just hang on Alch-ie…***

This morning, was my appointment with the dental specialist to discuss the severity and surgical extraction of all four of my wisdom teeth. I was nervous but the doctor and his assistant were both so incredibly nice and made me feel very comfortable. They explained everything that would happen on the day of my surgery and told me the one thing I wanted to hear:

we’re going to gas you, then put you under IV sedation. you’ll wake up with a band-aid on your arm and plenty of pain meds for your mouth.”    

-ok, maybe that wasn’t the exact quote. but it’s pretty close!

I could hear the hallelujah chorus. 
That is exactly what I wanted to here.

– Rip ‘dem out, baby! –

Nervous in the dentist’s office.

In addition to the fabuloussss Vicodin, when I called my manager about heading down to work afterwards, she let me take the rest of day to relax. It was awesome! (Thanks, Kia!!!) -feelin’ groovy! 

This evening, me and my roommates decided we would make Rum Smoothies. We had all sorts of fruit, juices and a couple of different liquors… it was fantastic! Check out our spread of ingredients:

 Mmmm… Love all the fresh and healthy deliciousness

… and now, the finished products!

Kacie and Casey both had:

  • Dannon Plain Yogurt 
  • Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Black Raspberries, Red Raspberries, Strawberries) 
  • Banana & Pineapple 
  • Ice

I Chose:

  • Yoplait Blackberry Pomegranate/Yoplait Blackberry Harvest Yogurt
  • Minute Made Pomegranate & Berry 100% Fruit Juice
  • Mixed Berries (Blueberries, Black Raspberries, Red Raspberries, Strawberries.
  • Ice

J made his smoothie with:

  • Dannon Plain Yogurt
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Oranges
  • Pineapples
  • Mixed Berries
  • Ice

J refuses to pose for pictures, but Casey is a camera-whore like me and has no problem.

We had a lot of fun with making and drinking our delicious smoothies!



(usually, NONE of us would have bought frozen/bagged shrimp and fish OR packaged steak… but it was late.)

We also decided we would make some steak and seafood and lots of healthy veggies and good stuff.

Kacie and I made the shrimp-kabobs! I think they were not only tasty but completely freaking awesome! 

The excess shrimp served as a lovely hor dourve. 

J. primarily maned the grill getting assistance from Casey.

… and I helped to!

Check-out that delicious swordfish! 

I’m finding my tastes have totally changed and I’m loving seafood a lot recently.

Kacie did an amazing job setting the outside table. 
We chose to eat by candle light “under” the stars.

Filet Mignon rapped in Bacon
Mixed Green Salad
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Mixed Veges
Shrimp Kabob
Grilled Shrimp
… moi delicioso.
My yummy-packed plate

Kacie’s Dish of Deliciousness

Needless to say, we’re all stuffed. It’s  so nice to genuinely enjoy the people you live with. Friends with similar, yet various, opinions and interests who can sit around and not get sick of each other’s company. I’m lucky.

I feel amazing. I really do. The stresses I’ve been carrying are slowly beginning to diminish: 

  • My teeth are being fixed(with the help of my awesome insurance). 
  • The theatre season is coming to and end which allows me time to actually have a f*cking life of my own. (Not seeing the people I love, like my parents, sisters and best friend Kacie made me feel so depressed.)
  • The free time also allows me to complete the list of artistic projects that I’ve been dying to work on. (I’m freaking out due to the lack of creativity I’ve been able to pursue. I WANT TO START-WORK ON-COMPLETE MY PROJECTS!!)
  • My eating and health habits are changing for the better and it feels great! I feel great! Preparing and cooking my own food accentuates the dinning experience and having the best company in which to share this is a total plus.

Just feels good! which may ultimately be the Vicodin+Valium+Agent”X” Combo… who knows?

I.Q. [S]! T.2 – Day #4

Ok. I’m bored with the quitting smoking coverage.

I guess I thought it would be more painful and therefore make for better inspiration and better blog material. It wasn’t very hard at all. I wore a patch for 2 full days. On the 3rd day I had one that wasn’t even my brand after a particularly horrid morning. That 1 cig did not send me into a downward nicotine fueled spiral. In fact, in situations like driving, after a meal, while others are smoking, I decidedly do not smoke. I chug water, work out, write, etc. Today, I did not wear a patch again and again, I was fine. In celebration of how awesome I am, I will have a smoke following the completion of this post. I’ve achieved what I wanted, control. If I want one, I can have one. I just will not allow myself to incorporate smoking cigarettes in my everyday routine. Now, I might be talking some crazy, Charlie Sheen sized B.S., but that’s yet to be determined. I really believe this is a mind over matter thing and my best friend Kacie told me so before I tried the patches. I swear she knows me better than myself sometimes.

My next mission is eating better. Yesterday I bought some fruit to snack on. I do not eat enough and when I eat it’s total crap food. I’ve inspired myself to take control over this area of my life next. I wanted to try and eat 5-6 times a day, 3 meals and snacks.
Morning: Large Orange
Mid-Morning: Banana
Lunch: 1/2 Publix Sub
Dinner: Totally Amazing Salad
Evening: Cheez-Its (I know this isn’t healthy, but just love Cheez-Its!)
Late Night: Pineapple (Come on, I have the day off tomorrow… I’m allowed to get a little crazy with a late night snack)

I promise I won’t post about every flippin’ thing I eat from here on out, I’m just really proud of myself and making all these positive changes. But seriously, check out the beautiful and delicious salad I made myself for dinner tonight: Iceberg Lettuce & Spinach with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots, Chicken and Raspberry Vinaigrette… it was amazing.

 (No, I wasn’t eating on a bathroom floor. The kitchen counters are tiled, and I hate it.)

I love when I have the time to cook. Even if it’s only a salad for myself, it just feels good. I also bought myself two pairs of workout shorts and a workout top!

For the rest of the evening I’ll be relaxing with three of my favorite mags. Tomorrow I’m buying that purple bathing suit I’ve been obsessing over. I hesitated buying it because I just bought the white with “yellow polka dot”s bikini (and I spent a little more than I usually like to spend on a bathing suit) but I can’t stop thinking about the adorable purple one I saw at target last week. I saw it again the other night and I have to have it. I’m waking up and going to get my purple bikini!

I wasn’t particularly excited about any of the covers…