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Doctor Who 7b Mini Marathon – pt 1

Today, in excitement and preparation of the approaching premier of Deep Breath, I began my Doctor Who Season 7b Marathon. I’m starting and ending on Christmas before the big day.

Today, I watched:





The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten, and Cold War. I know I’m going that have that damn Akhaten gospel stuck in my head for days now…

I always like to watch mini episodes/prequels when rewatching episodes so my marathon today also included: The Great Detective and Vastra Investigates before starting The Snowmen and I also watched The Bells of Saint John – A Prequel before it’s appropriating episode. (*It should be noted that I prefer to watch The Battle of Demons Run – Two Days Later after that episode as opposed to prior to The Snowmen.)

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The Time of the Doctor [when i bawled my f*cking eyes out… again]

Merry Christmas!

I was fortunate to spend the last several days with my incredible family, at home, enjoying each others company and enjoying a lot of liquor and wine.

Last night was a very special night and not just because of the holy holiday. Last night was the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas special; it was also the night we said goodbye to Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and  welcomed Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

Sparing you a complete plot breakdown, let’s skip to my complete emotional breakdown:



… I was bawling. I was teary through a lot of the episode and cried a few times but when Matt Smith delivered his final Doctor Who monologue, I lost my shit. I was full-on ugly crying; tears rushing down my face, neck and chest. Then, he dropped his bow tie… for good.


We caught a brief glipse of what kind of Doctor Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will be: direct, a little angry, kind of scary yet funny… I’ve had a great feeling about the Twelfth Doctor since it was announced that Peter Capaldi would be taking over and the little bit I saw of him at the very end of this episode only supports those good vibes. Even so, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to Matt Smith. It may have taken me most of his tenure to fall in love with him but I did and I will miss him.

What now? The excruciating long wait for Season 8 to begin (late 2014).

Here is how my sister and I got into the Doctor Who spirit for The Time of the Doctor:

photo 1 photo 2

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Doctor Who Eve

In celebration and preparation for the premier of the new Doctor Who Christmas spacial, The Snowmen, tonight, Christmas Eve, I am spending watching all of the Christmas special since the reboot! I thought I’d share in my excitement!

The Christmas Invasion


The Runaway Bride

(My favorite!)


Voyage of the Damned


The New Doctor


The End of Time

(Kleenex is all set and ready to go.)


A Christmas Carol



The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe


Until 9pm Eastern Standard Time tomorrow evening:



I am so excited to really meet the new companion, Clara Oswin. I can’t say I “hate” Amy because I honestly don’t. I love Amy and Rory but I never really “bonded” with them the way I did other companions.

Rose – I absolutely adore and bonded

Martha – She may be kick-ass, but I never got attached… probably bc of how vocal she was about not wanting to hear about Rose… and her constipated face.

Donna – Love her. Bonded. She’s probably my favorite. I just identify with her most.

Amy/Rory – never bonded or got attached and eventually was annoyed that they were around for so long… While we’re on the subject Season 7 -A, the episodes leading to their departure, were WEAK…

Clara – … I’ve got a good feeling. I think I’m going to love her.

Here’s a walk down memory lane of a few of my favorite captions from The Christmas Invasion. Merry Christmas! and Thanks for reading! Love, GK