NFL Playoffs!

Today, I donned my green apparel…

(my eye make-up looked cool too… I forgot to get a good picture, but you can kind of see it in this picture of me fussing at Casey when he was taking these pics… I know, I look awesome.)

…and headed to Sean’s where we were gathering to watch the playoffs. Sean’s house is a Bears house… (The Chicago Bears)… So we were all obviously pulling for them to beat Green Bay.

… that didn’t work out. 😦 bummer… at least we had plenty of Jack Daniels and grilled food!

So Casey and I are Jets fans, so next game starts… Jets/Steelers… We’re all rooting for New York.

… that didn’t work either. So we grilled up and ate more steak!

Basically, we were all a little depressed….

However, spending the day with friends, good… no, GREAT food, Whiskey, games of Cornhole in the backyard, and a fire in the cold night… It was an amazing day regardless of the losses.

I took some awesome pictures of the fire too!

Casey snapped this one of me from across the fire…

Jessie, Sean’s wife had just picked up these awesome lawn globe things… I had to play with them!


Doritos & Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl Commercial

Me and a bunch of my friends were apart of filming these 5 submission commercials for the Doritos and Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial contest.

Please take the time to check them out.

Then suggest that your friends check them out. I don’t know how voting takes place or how these videos become finalist, but please check them out!!! Vote if you can! (When I find out voting information, I’ll be sure to post it)

Just follow each of the links: (you can skip the intro)

Commercial Cut #1

Commercial Cut #2

Commercial Cut #3

Commercial Cut #4

Commercial Cut #5

Help us become finalists and you just might help us to be seen on the Super Bowl!

The Perfect Red Lip

The Perfect Red Lip

This week I’ve been reading a lot about how a Red Lip is “in” this Fall and Winter. However, I would like to say that the Red Lip has absolutely never gone away. Another thing about red lips that has me annoyed is that so many, for so long, have said that redheads simply can’t wear one. To this, I say “Nay!” and so do a lot of other people now.

For redheads, it’s harder to make a red lip look really good, but it most certainly can be done. First, if you’re a ginger, you have to determine you skin tone.

  • Warmer Skin tones, (and more Orangey hair hues,) should look for a more orangey-red and corals.
  • Cool Skin tones look best with a blue-based reds. Darker reds look best, especially when you get into plums.
  • Neutral skin tones have it easier. You can pretty much wear any shade of red and have it look fabulous.
Do you look better in Gold or Silver jewelry?
Golds = Warmer Skin Tone
Silver = Cooler/Neutral Tones

The rule for Red Lips has always been: the paler the skin, the bigger the pop.
If there’s one thing Gingers have going for them, it’s fair skin. Work that red lip!


With her cool skin tone and darker, auburn hair, Emma Stone looks great in these red shades.
(I particularly love in the first photo how her green earrings are complimented by the red tones.)

Mad Men’s, Christina Hendricks and this model (from Montreal’s Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week) are two redheads with very warm skin tones. The more Orangey-Reds chosen for each lady compliments their tone. Each lady’s hair color and lipstick are all shades of read, but what makes them so cohesive are their Orange qualities.
As a result, the over-all look is Orange; only on a redhead can an “Orange Look” be so beautiful. Blue eyes shining through appear that much more illustrious.


Christina Henricks (with a much more subtle blush than seen in the picture above), Isla Fisher and Nicole Kidman are all seen here with neutral skin tones and very bold red lips. Simple eye makeup, which is the way to go with a bold lip, and these redheads look amazing…

When doing a Bold Red Lip, I have the most success with the following steps:

  • I use a very sheer foundation (depending on the look, I sometimes use a shade slightly darker than my own) and blend it in with a very light, daily moisturizer. That way my face looks delicate and not heavily weighed down by layers of foundation.
  • Because I like my red lips to be glossy, I use a small amount of powder to blend over my face for a more matte look. SKIP BRONZER (unless used lightly in a warm look).
  • KEEP THE EYE MAKE-UP SIMPLE! I like to use liquid liner and mascara in either dark brown or black (the blackest black) and one SHEER layer of a very light eye shadow, a neutral shade. (White, Off White, Light Light Tan)
  • *OPTIONAL* Because the eyes are so simple, I especially want my lashes to stand out, but not too glam (the red lip is what is glam about this look). Using cheap, drug store lashes, I apply a whole set. But before doing so, I trim the ends (as well as the length sometimes) giving them a more uneven, natural look.
  • Most fair skinned girls, especially Gingers, have a very rosey tone making blush unnecessary. If you do choose to use a blush, make sure it is sheer and lightly applied to the apples of your cheeks. A super sheer light light pink shimmer looks nice and is what I choose with my Red Lipped Looks.
  • I personally think it looks horrible to line the entire lip… ever. Unless I join a Puerto Rican street gang, I’ll pass on a dark, complete lip-lining… However when I do red lips, I line the inside corners of my lips and a little in the center of the top and bottom (to even out any discoloration and unevenness.)
  • Then I apply the lip color (I’ve yet to try a stain, but I haven’t heard good things from friends who have). I’ve found Cover Girl Outlast lip color to look and work the best. I use the top gloss the color is partnered with, but I also apply a clear gloss for extra shine when I want it.

Obviously, Red Lips look great on EVERYONE! I’ve compiled a few photos of “Red Lip Lovers” to demonstrate how a Bold Red Lip looks on women of various hair and skin tones.

You can see how these beauties have partnered their red lips with other elements to accommodate their individual spin on the classic red lip.

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani are two platinum blondes who are regular red lip rockers. Emma Watson, who always looks fab, shows a bold red lip in such a down to earth way.

Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and Hayden Panettiere are all more subtle blondes
who flawlessly execute a bold red lip.


Leighton Meester, Audrina Patridge and Ashley Greene.
Brunette Beauties with varying skin and hair tones, all with beautiful bold red lips.

Megan Fox is a Dark Brunette and regular rocker of red lips.

Dita, oh Dita. When I decided to dye my hair black, it was in hopes that I would look something like this. The dye didn’t hold very long and I had to strip my hair as a result…
Still, I definitely want to dye my hair black again sometime.

Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz all looking lovely with their red lips. Each is able to go a little darker, a little more with their eye makeup because of their darker skin tone.

Rhianna, Beyonce and Zoe Saldana all wear their red lips well. Also, like with tan and olive skin tones, these ladies can go a bit darker with eye makeup and even a little darker with their blush. A sheer, shimmery peach pair nicely.

Any amount. Of any other color. WILL make your red lip look more like clown-wear.
So, if you’re following: TOO MUCH of other colors only makes this worse. (Unless youre audition for the circus, then you-go-girl) Rhianna’s dark skin tone does allow a lot more room for adding color, but only if you really know what you’re doing, (I still wouldn’t suggest any other colors in your look.) Leighton Meester’s purple raccoon eyes definitely clash with the red lip. (Why so serious?) That being said, I actually like it… for a runway, concert, etc… for a regular, average person… steer clear… it won’t look good, I promise.

A nice classic black eye liner is the best way to go with red lips.
Too much liner can make you look like an anorexic ghoul, i mean, Mary Kate Olsen
or like a whore in a Robert Palmer music video.



  • Another thing to keep in mind with red lips is your nail color.
  • Just about anything other than a red looks good. Black, Blues, Neutrals, light Pinks, etc.
  • Stay away from Corals, Maroons, Plums, dark Pinks, etc.
  • Only if the Red Nails REALLY match the Red Lips… nearly identical… will it work.
  • Otherwise, the two colors will clash and that will only make both the lips and the nails look bad.

Jets Win!!!

This afternoon, in Overtime, my New York Jets beat the Detroit Lions! WoopWoop (I’m not so sure why the game was so close… but they won!!!) And as we stand right now in this week’s football pool, I am up against one other person and it’s coming down to Monday night’s game. (With the exception of one week I have made it down to the final few when the Monday game chooses the winner… even thought I’ve only won once… I’m a gal who knows my football!!!)

Dorito’s Commercial shoot

Tonight, after work, I drove up to Ft. Pierce where I was asked to act in a scene for a Doritos’s commercial contest entry. One of my cast mates in “Fanfare for Murder” (We were also in “Thirds” together last year) and her friends are entering the Super Bowl commercial contest and asked me to help out.

Waiting for the take to begin.

One of my other “Fanfare…” cast mates, Troy, is also in the commercial. I had a lot of fun throughout the process. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Once I have the link information available, I’ll definitely be posting that and I certainly hope you’ll all vote for it!!

If it becomes a finalist, it will be shown during the Super Bowl!!!