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How ’bout these apples?

I had written myself a prescription for some intensive retail therapy and today I had my rx filled. After meeting up with a client/friend/ex-coworker for lunch at (the absolutely delicious and addicting) Dales, I hit up a thrift store where i made some major scores.

– A pair of amazing royal blue suede heels: $5
– An adorable zebra print cardigan: $3 (you all know just how much I love cardigans and zebra print!)
– White and Royal Blue horizontal striped sweater: $6 (it’s really a dress and really quite too thin to be qualified as a sweater-dress and surprising large for a size 4 dress…)

I stopped by TJMaxx after the thrift store score for a bump on my bargain-finding high but left empty handed. I found myself in houndstooth heaven and pined over a Steve Madden bag but decided against buying it. (I have the feeling I’ll regret it. I might actually go back tomorrow for it.)

Driving toward home, I decided I was definitely not going to stop at Marshall’s or Ross. Nope. Just heading home. So of course I turned into the plaza, parked and strutted into Ross looking for more discounted deliciousness. I found it.

In Ross I found a completely adorable, floral print, long sleeve dress, on clearance, for $8.49. Perfect for fall! (It’s hard to describe but pics will be posted as soon as I get a chance to rock this baby.)

I also bought at Ross… … Bright. Red. Jeggings. I never thought I’d say that but I did. I had contemplated red jeans in the past but completely scoffed at jeggings. However, all I could think of was how awesome they will look paired with the huge, size “4”, not-so-sweater [dress] and those blue heels! So i took the plunge and bought the jeggings.

Anyway, theres my shopping tales of the day. Here’s what I wore today (and yesterday):


Red shorts from Forever21, Beatles T and my Apple sunglasses from ASOS.


I thought the Apple Shades and The Beatles T went well together (and not just because of the color).


Yesterday, I was pretty bummed. I wasn’t well, missed an [open] audition I was really psyched about and had to call out of work. I loafed around the house miserably all day, moping, so my fabulous Mom made me (and the rest of the family I supposed) chocolate cupcakes!!


To hide my unpretty for the day, I threw on a fedora and faux specs for the pics. The flower clips in my unwashed, messy bushel of hair make it actually look done. (Curly hair really has its perks.)

That’s all for today. I’m lazily posting from my iPhone again so please excuse the poor quality pics and whatever weird typing issues that may reveal themselves post publishing.

Love, GK

I’d also just like to add that today in rock & roll history, Jim Morrison was arrested for a bogus indecent exposure charge he’d been facing as a result of a March 1, 1969 show in Coconut Grove (Miami) show. He died in Paris on July 3, 1971 before the case had gone to trial. -No need to google, I just know this shit.



FNO 2012 & Daily Threads

Tonight, while the VMAs showed us some of the worst in fashion, the world celebrated Fashion’s Night Out – 2012! I had plans to attend functions on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach where the hotel I work for was participating in an event at Saks and also checking out FNO at The Palm Beach Gardens Mall. [Not so] unfortunately, I had several family members visiting from NY and I attended a large family dinner to celebrate my godmother’s birthday instead. Here’s what I wore:

Navy and White polka dot dress – Forever21

Red belt – ?

Red leather Ralph Lauren sandals. – I’ve had these for so long now.

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Dinner was delicious and the time spent with my family can’t be matched. (I’d missed them so much!) One year… I don’t know when or how… but one year, if my dreams come true, I’ll spend Fashion’s Night Out with this lady, one of my idols, American Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour.

For information about Fashion’s Night Out, check out their site: Fashion’s Night Out.

Next year, I hope you’ll participate the world wide fashion event in your area!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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[yester]Daily Threads :: Damn you, Michael’s.

Today I worked earlier than usual. I’m a total night owl so it’s always weird waking up early and getting out of work before the sun has set. I was excited, though, because my plan had become going to Michael’s afterwards and buying new canvases.

It got even more exciting! I thought, “Hmm.. Maybe I should check their website to see what coupons are in their weekly ad.” So I did. I was beside myself when I spotted not only a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase but a coupon for 40% off (specifically) canvases and easels! “Whaaaaaaat?!” Yes. It was my lucky day.

My manager offered to let me out an hour early and I got even more excited because I was that much closer to my fresh, new, on sale, canvases and thusly, closer to feeding my creating addiction and I’ve been jonesin’ to paint for a few days now…

I kept to the interstate and passed my exit(s) and drove out to Michaels TO FIND THEY WERE CLOSED! … It’s Sunday… bullshit.

So I went next door to TJ Maxx to see if they had the Michael Kors watch I want. They didn’t. So I bought an adorable bright green dress. I can’t wait to wear it!

Anyway, I worked today (as noted above) so I don’t have anything interesting to post for my daily threads. I do however have my daily threads from Saturday and Friday, my last two days off. Here goes:

Friday, July 27, 2012

(Nana’s birthday. I love and miss you, Nana)

I received quite the surprise Friday when one of my old friends gave me a call, out of the blue, to have lunch. We hadn’t seen each other since spring semester 2005 and even then, we had not been close for about a year. She’s lived out of state for the last several years so the opportunity to hang out hasn’t even been there but we’ve kept in touch via facebook and texts. She was one of two girls who really made a huge difference in my life when I was having a tough time. It was really nice to be able to meet up and catch up with her. Here’s what I wore:

Simple. Classic.

Jean Billabong Shorts. Light Blue and White striped button-up from Forever21. Various bracelets. A few rings. My long owl necklace (of course it’s facing the other way here…). Brown circular shades. and (My beloved) Michael Kors Hamilton Tote.

Later that evening, I shot some head shots for a friend of mine. Even later than evening, me and 3 of my friends “played Olympics” in the form of pool volleyball. GO TEAM USA!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, I spent time watching the Olympics, editing the photos from the day before, watching classic Doctor Who (Baker, baby) and eating far too much pizza. I looked kind of adorable though:

Jean shorts. White tank top. Blue and White polka dots shear top by Lily White. (I love this top!). Various bracelets (the usual suspects mostly). Some rings (including my claddagh: heart out, boys). White cateye shades and the Hamilton Tote again (all my stuff was in it).

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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Neutered & Neutral

Yes, you read the title correctly. On my last of 3 lovely days off from work in a row, I took my little baby doodle-bug, Jack Daniels to be neutered. I spent the day waiting anxiously to pick him up and working on some craft projects (you will get to read all about them in some up-coming DIY posts! So get excited!)

Because I was planning on a relaxing day around the house and pool, my Daily Threads were pretty basic and way comfortable. I spent most of the morning in a bathing suit and eventually put on “real” clothes for the rest of the afternoon. My look was pretty neutral with minimal accessories (basically, just enough to avoid the “naked” feeling). Because I failed to post my daily threads for my last two days off of work (they were pretty basic as well) I wanted to make sure to post today, especially since tomorrow I’m back in black. My black suit for work that is.

Here’s what I wore:

  • Navy Blue V-Neck T – Forever21
  • Navy Blue Flowy-“vest” – Forever21
  • Khaki Shorts – Old Navy
  • Straw Fedore – Gift from my friend, TRO
Each of these pieces is pretty “old”. Forever21 goods are usually good for a few wears and then pretty misshapen and/or ripped but these two pieces have held up at least a year now. And I love the flowy vest so much!!!
The Old Navy shorts are about to get the chuck because they drive me nuts. The bottoms just crinkle right up and fold over so I look like I’m constantly picking wedgies, when in reality I’m sparing the world a view at the crescents of my pasty white ass… I guess those two actions are similar… but they’re different!! I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Old Navy. I usually end up pretty disappointed with my purchases. I do, however, feel super skinny when I try on their clothes since their sizes are about 2-3 sizes too big.
  • My Claddagh
  • My Silver chain
  • Silver and Faux-Turquoise bangle by Lucky Brand

My Mom was kind enough to be my photographer for the day. She quickly alerted me when there was the illusion of a camel-toe, and that’s why I love her.

Anyone want to guess at what I wore on my feet? If you guessed crocs, you should be shot. If you guessed my Sanuk flip flops, you’re awesome as well as correct.

Cheers! and here’s to Jack’s balls!

Love, GK

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Blue Thursday

My “slow” week at work is coming to an end. I’ve been doing all the desk and paper work that I am unable to really do when we have artists in-house. This week, we’ve had a local renter presenting their production of the musical Chicago, which translates to Katie getting work done and not needing to cater to anyone’s immediate needs. All day I’ve been trying to organize myself, my desk, my planner and my mind for next week. We have shows every day Monday-Saturday; All big acts too. (I will cherish this weekend!) I know next week I’ll barely have time to breath, let alone blog, so I fingered I’d get some posts in before I go all awol again.

Yesterday, when I got home from work my seasonal order from Forever 21 was waiting for me. Each season I pick up a few staple pieces from Forever 21’s website just to kick-start my seasonal wardrobe.

Here’s what a wore today:

White Mid-Sleeve T-Shirt. -Forever 21

Blue Flowy “Vest” cover-up. – Forver 21

Straight leg, loose fit jeans from Paris Blues

My beloved Sanuk flip-flops, brown.

Silver bangles, Diamond Studs

and these adorable Blue Earrings with a very Indian print (♥-♥-♥ Indian Inspired fashions) along the top. I got these on clearance from Target a couple of weeks ago and they are nickel free!!! (which means I can actually wear them!)

I love these flowy, cover-ups! You can throw them over your bathing suit, add it to a plain outfit, you can wear it long, or tie it up, which I think looks adorable!

—Today I was also introduced to a friend’s new blog. She’s someone I’ve worked with on several shows in the past and since then we have kept correspondence via facebook and blogger. She has been maintaining a domestic blog for a while and has recently expanded into a new segment about self improvement and being a young 20-something. I took a peak at what Miss Mary-sunshine has been posting on her new blog and I really think the things she discusses are often things a lot of young women, and frankly, women of all ages, struggle with: weight, appearance, a little self-pampering every once in a while… I hope you’ll check it out and even follow! Mary is a constant source of support for me and all my blogging endeavors, I’m so thankful for that support and would like to return the sentiment. So check out her newest blog! It’s darling! I’m adding it to my “Who I’m Reading” List!