Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn & Joker Photo Shoot

After sharing my recent Tenth Doctor photo shoot with you guys yesterday, I’d like to share another recent photo shoot! Mitch Kloorfain, a good friend and photographer, did a fun shoot with me and my friend and fellow Treasure Coast Cosplayer, Lazaro (IG: @cosplay_in_the_usa). I rocked the Harley Quinn costume I had made for my friend for last year’s Treasure Coast Comic Con and I added/subtracted a few of the details to make it more “me”; Lazaro was a fantastic Joker, as he always is.

Thanks for taking a look!

Love, GK


D.I.Y. – Cosplay Shoes

Today, I spent the day working on shoes for the Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn costumes I’ve designed for an upcoming comic con in my area. I want to share how I transformed two old pairs of shoes into villainous footwear with a little spray paint. Here’s the paint I used:

I started by taping off the shoes anywhere I didn’t want paint to reach. I used small pieces of tape, mostly, and spent a lot of time and care doing this. Putting in the time during this step really pays off in the end. For the Poison Ivy heels, I taped off the entire bottom of each shoe (I taped off another section later.) The Harley Quinn boots posed a slight challenge when I was deciding exactly how I wanted to spray them. I decided to only spray the tops of the boots with her signature diamond pattern bringing the red into the black lower half. (This way I wouldn’t have to spray over the zipper or buckles.)

I used newspaper to section off the bottom of the boots and protect the inside of the heels.

I used a pool noodle, cut in half, and more newspaper to steady the boots for spraying. I sprayed each pair of shoes with two thin coats of their respective base color allowing about 40 minutes of dry time between coats.

Next, I sprayed each shoe with two thin coats of glitter spray paint. Again, I allowed about 40 minutes between coats. (Before praying with glitter, I taped off the platform and heel on the Poison Ivy pair to achieve a two toned finish.)

Once completely dry, I sprayed each shoe with the glitter spray clear sealer and let dry. Finally, I carefully removed all the tape and admired my work. I also glued some of the ivy leaves from the rest of the Poison Ivy costume to the front of each green heel.

There you have it! Completely transformed a couple of old shoes into brilliant costume pieces. The techniques used here don’t have to be applied strictly to cosplay projects; you can jazz up any old pair of shoes however you’d like!

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to post pictures of each costume once they’re  completed!

Love, GK

Comics, Books & Wine! Oh my!

Last night, my sister and I spent a little time shopping at our favorite comic store followed by a trip to Barnes and Noble. Here’s a peek at the loot:


At the comic store, I picked up a Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn, Batman ’66 (based on the old show), first issue of the new Infinite Crisis series, the first two issues of the new Legendary Star Lord series, and issue #1 of the New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor.

Over at Barnes and Noble I got issue #1 of the New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor, a magazine commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Gone With the Wind (the movie) and I finally bought a copy of The Who’s Who of Doctor Who by Cameron K. McEwan of Blogtor Who.


I spent the rest of the evening drinking amazing red wines at the bar where I work and then playing with a fiber optic light at my friend’s house. Now, I have plenty of reading material to get me through the week! Very excited about my copy of Who’s Who; it’s a must-have for any Whovian.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


I Need Smore Nights Like These

This week, my friends and I have had a few super chilly nights down here in Florida so we took the opportunity to dress cozy, sit fireside and eat smores!

I got to wear two of my (early) Christmas gifts! My TARDIS earrings and my Gryffindor scarf!



I also placed an order for this amazing tshirt from riptapparel.com


Riptapparel.com has awesome tshirts on sale for 24hrs only for $10 every day. You can only get them in those 24hrs though!

Another $10/24hr tshirt site is teefury.com I am expecting this tshirt to arrive any day now.


Thanks for reading! Love, GK