Harpers Bazaar

The September Issue(s)

I’ve been receiving my September issues recently and have excitedly scanned the pages full of fall’s latest trends.

But today, “The Bible” finally arrived! I posted this little quadra-pic on Instagram earlier of me and “my precious”!

I’m so looking forward to NYC’s Fashion Week!! Gotta love the September Issue!!

Love, GK


I.Q. [S]! T.2 – Day #4

Ok. I’m bored with the quitting smoking coverage.

I guess I thought it would be more painful and therefore make for better inspiration and better blog material. It wasn’t very hard at all. I wore a patch for 2 full days. On the 3rd day I had one that wasn’t even my brand after a particularly horrid morning. That 1 cig did not send me into a downward nicotine fueled spiral. In fact, in situations like driving, after a meal, while others are smoking, I decidedly do not smoke. I chug water, work out, write, etc. Today, I did not wear a patch again and again, I was fine. In celebration of how awesome I am, I will have a smoke following the completion of this post. I’ve achieved what I wanted, control. If I want one, I can have one. I just will not allow myself to incorporate smoking cigarettes in my everyday routine. Now, I might be talking some crazy, Charlie Sheen sized B.S., but that’s yet to be determined. I really believe this is a mind over matter thing and my best friend Kacie told me so before I tried the patches. I swear she knows me better than myself sometimes.

My next mission is eating better. Yesterday I bought some fruit to snack on. I do not eat enough and when I eat it’s total crap food. I’ve inspired myself to take control over this area of my life next. I wanted to try and eat 5-6 times a day, 3 meals and snacks.
Morning: Large Orange
Mid-Morning: Banana
Lunch: 1/2 Publix Sub
Dinner: Totally Amazing Salad
Evening: Cheez-Its (I know this isn’t healthy, but just love Cheez-Its!)
Late Night: Pineapple (Come on, I have the day off tomorrow… I’m allowed to get a little crazy with a late night snack)

I promise I won’t post about every flippin’ thing I eat from here on out, I’m just really proud of myself and making all these positive changes. But seriously, check out the beautiful and delicious salad I made myself for dinner tonight: Iceberg Lettuce & Spinach with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots, Chicken and Raspberry Vinaigrette… it was amazing.

 (No, I wasn’t eating on a bathroom floor. The kitchen counters are tiled, and I hate it.)

I love when I have the time to cook. Even if it’s only a salad for myself, it just feels good. I also bought myself two pairs of workout shorts and a workout top!

For the rest of the evening I’ll be relaxing with three of my favorite mags. Tomorrow I’m buying that purple bathing suit I’ve been obsessing over. I hesitated buying it because I just bought the white with “yellow polka dot”s bikini (and I spent a little more than I usually like to spend on a bathing suit) but I can’t stop thinking about the adorable purple one I saw at target last week. I saw it again the other night and I have to have it. I’m waking up and going to get my purple bikini!

I wasn’t particularly excited about any of the covers…

Recent Reads & Trend Spotting

Today I picked up the December issues of both Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. I was SO excited to see two of my favorite girls on the covers: Emma Watson and Katy Perry.

The Emma Watson article in Marie Claire was fantastic! (girl crush alert!) Emma discussed studying at Brown University and life beyond Hermione Granger. She also talked fashion, and when this gorgeous fashionista talks fashion, I listen. One quote I particularly loved:

“… In this day and age, the way you present yourself to the world is a big deal. … I love fashion, but that’s not going to be the most important thing about my day. I’m never going to look perfect all the time. …” -♥ her!

Emma Watson, Marie Claire December 2010

I definitely suggest picking up the issue if you havn’t already. In addition to the fabulous Emma…

There were some really great reads and trend-spotting reports:

Neutrals are obviously in.
Lots of soft creams and off-whites.

As if it were any secret… Metallics. Especially Golds.
Goes along with the Neutrals, but with glitz.

Also, something I need more of, are laces
and whimsical textures.
(I’d love, and desperately want, a feather skirt!)

And over all, lots of sparkle!

Check out these totally amazing Chanel Earrings featured on the Horoscope page of
December’s Harper’s Bazaar.

♥ I’m in love. ♥
I would totally wear them any and every time I did a Tarot read, Palm read or
Astrology chart for someone.

Half Moon Nails & GLITTER!!!

I’ve been seeing them in various magazines recently, including the December issue of Glamour:

Half Moon Nails.

Dita Von Teese talks about them in her book, Burlesque/Fetish, as well. (The book was published years before this trend started appearing in fashion magazines by the way). It was very popular in the 1940s to leave the lower portion of the nail bare in a “moon” shape. I decided to try the modern version of this style using two contrasting nail colours.

Images from Dita’s book.

1.) Start by painting your nails the lighter of the two colors.
I chose a glittery silver. Wait for nails to dry.

2.) Next apply manicure stickers above the bottom portion of your nails.
(you can find these at just about any drugstore/beauty supply store).

3.) Then, paint either above or below the sticker.
I chose a dark purple above the sticker, leaving the lower portion the glittering silver.

4.) Once dry, remove the stickers to reveal your modern-day Half Moon Nails.
5.) Finish with a clear top coat.
Here’s how mine came out.

(A little sloppy, I still need to touch up the mess-ups)
I love them. I really like the way the Dark Purple looks next to the Glittery Silver Sparkles.

ALSO: If you’d like to try the 1940’s classic Half Moon Nails: Apply clear base, wait to dry.
Apply maicure stickers (apply pretty low, you don’t wan’t more than a small portion left bare).
Leave the bottom of the sticker bare, paint above the sticker.
Remove stickers once dry and finish with top coat.

TREND ALERT: GLITTER NAIL POLISH. I love glitter and just about anything else that sparkles, so you can imagine how happy I am to no longer feel tacky with my glitter polishes.

[another] TREND ALERT: SEQUINS!!! I want a sequin mini dress for New Years this year! Maybe even a pair of sequin stilettos… too much? I don’t think so!

And since I’m talking so much about glitter… When I picked up the December issue of Glamour I saw the beautiful face of my favorite actress (at the moment) Christina Hendricks on the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Surrounded by RED GLITTER!!!

I ♥ This Lady!

I only buy Harper’s Bazaar if I’ve already bought my magazine favorites for the month… InStyle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan… But I HAD to buy this issue! While perusing the inside, I stumbled across this contest:

Port St Lucie, Florida?! Random… But I was excited to see it.

Oh, yeah. And, uh… before I forget… I also just wanted to mention that….