Funshine State Saturday

I love my outfits most on days I have off of work. I woke up super early today (6:30am!) and I set out to capture the sunrise with my canon. Later, I spent the beautiful afternoon with friends and conned one of them, my former personal photographer, to snap some pics for my post today.

My favorite thing about this dress are the bubble sleeves. They actually extend all the way down to an elastic wrist but I pulled them up to my elbow for the day. I accessorized with my purple nine west leather purse, various bracelets, my long owl necklace and several silver rings.

I always feel better when someone else takes the pics for me. Not only do I feel less like a lame-ass but I get to play around a bit more.

While out and about, I had to pick up some of my absolute must-have beauty products that I had run out of. (I hate when I run out of a crap-load my products all at once.)

  • ic inner cellular hair polish
  • Garnier Sleak and Shine Anti-Humidity smoothing milk
  • new toothbrush
  • new loufa
  • yes to Cucumber soothing makeup remover wipes
  • Apricot Scrub (just as good as the St Ives equivalent)
  • Neutrogena pink grapefruit Body Clear Body Wash
  • Rimmel white eye shadow

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Early Out and About

My first week at the radio station has come to an end. An unexpectedly quick end. My manager dismissed my newly hired coworker and I before noon so our weekend got started nice and early!

For my last day of my first week, I wore the tan trousers I wore on Wednesday and paired them with a simple white t and my new, royal blue, cropped jacket.

The jacket was purchased last weekend at Ross, on clearance, for $8.49. It’s by HAVE. (? I have never heard of them…)

I broke out the LV Speedy 25 since I’ve been switching up bags more frequently than usual this week. Go big or go home right?

I havent worn these red polka-dot shoes by Guess in a very long time because of the pointed toe (which I havent really been “feeling” over the last several years) but I think with the loose-fit and wide cut trousers, the pointed toes look pretty good.

I opted for the high, loose, messy bun with the thin headband for my hair again today.

I wore a funky little key pin on my jacket for fun. The key was part of a set that I bought a couple of months ago when I made some necklaces using an identical pin.

I also accessorized with pearls and my usual jingle. Also, my watch and my claddagh ring and my silver ring with the (native american) turquoise bear claw on it.

It was so nice to get home early and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing (and blogging!)

Thanks for reading! I hope I can keep up with my Daily Threads the way I’ve always wanted to! I suppose we shall see with time.

Thanks again! Love, GK

This was one of the photos I was rejecting but I think my little Doodle-Bear, Jack Daniels, looks so adorable. He was curious about what I was doing home so early and why I was ignoring him while taking my photos.

Kisses and Bows

Kind of a grey day; my clothes, not the weather. This morning when I walked out to my car I was thrilled to feel the cool autumn breeze. Unfortunately, the taste of fall was entirely too short lived and it go too ef’ing hot by midday.

The flouncy top is Julie’s Closet. I got it at Ross for $8.99. The pattern is black and white stripes with red bows and it’s too thin to wear without a cami.

The grey trousers are identical to the tan ones I wore yesterday (other than in color). I haven’t used this bag in years so I figured I’d give it a day out.

My ugly black shoes.

I also love the bow “tie” at the neckline of the shirt.
I knew the red lips shades would be perfect with the red bows.

White, bumble bee Coach purse.

Black and silver peacock earrings. Bright red polish.

Messy, high bun with a thin headband.

and there you have it. Another day of Daily Threads and my 4th day at the new job complete. I’ve come to two conclusions after posting the last several days: 1.) I need to touch up my makeup after work. 2.) I need to find better places to shoot the pictures for my daily threads.

Oh! Today was quite an exciting day at work. I recorded 8 commercials for 3 clients today to be run on our station over the next few weeks (and months)! Kind of neat… I’m stoked about it.

Thanks for reading. Love, GK

Plum Luck

Today was my first day at the new job at the radio station and all my daily threads dreams have come true! (sort of). At my new job, I do not have a uniform, I do not have to wear my hair up and back all the time, I can wear nail polishes other than nudes and pinks. I can wear (just about) whatever I want.

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for some new clothes for my new job and will be able to feature daily my new looks! This means consistent Daily Threads posts and I am thrilled! I’m am quite the lucky girl!

One of the new pieces I wore today is this beautiful Plum Purple silky blouse that I picked up at Marshalls for $12.99. Purple, especially deep purples, are big colors for fall/winter 2012.

I paired the plumb top with a new black pencil skirt. ($10.99? at Ross)

Seafoam Green Mystique Handbag. (Marshall’s $24.99)

Some of my accessories. I also wore my black watch.

And my ugly shoes.

These are the black flats I wore every day to my job at the hotel. While buying clothes all weekend, I didn’t get any shoes and came to realize that I had dumped all my flats when I moved earlier this year (they were all quite worn.) I need to do some serious shoe shopping because I cant stand looking down at these hideous things anymore.

I kept my makeup quite simple and neutral.

Thanks for reading! I very excited to feature my daily threads each day and hope I can excel in my attempts to find fun, work appropriate combinations each and everyday. Combos worthy of being blogged about.

Love, GK

Initiate Goodbye Sequin[ce]

Thursday was my last day working at the Palm Beach hotel. I recently accepted a marketing job at a local radio station and have spent all weekend buying some new clothes for my new job!

On Wednesday, the hotel hosted a trunk show and one of my coworkers gave me this adorabley petite and simple bracelet as a goodbye present. Paired here with a silver chain that I always wear and my Alex & Ani (located on Worth Avenue) Star of Venus bracelet, this will definitely be one of my regular wears.

The simple piece is made by Sequin and are sold ($48) at Marley’s on Worth Avenue.

(A front and back view of the Sequin heart charm and hook clasp.)

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK