Harley Quinn & Joker Photo Shoot

After sharing my recent Tenth Doctor photo shoot with you guys yesterday, I’d like to share another recent photo shoot! Mitch Kloorfain, a good friend and photographer, did a fun shoot with me and my friend and fellow Treasure Coast Cosplayer, Lazaro (IG: @cosplay_in_the_usa). I rocked the Harley Quinn costume I had made for my friend for last year’s Treasure Coast Comic Con and I added/subtracted a few of the details to make it more “me”; Lazaro was a fantastic Joker, as he always is.

Thanks for taking a look!

Love, GK


I Need Smore Nights Like These

This week, my friends and I have had a few super chilly nights down here in Florida so we took the opportunity to dress cozy, sit fireside and eat smores!

I got to wear two of my (early) Christmas gifts! My TARDIS earrings and my Gryffindor scarf!



I also placed an order for this amazing tshirt from

20121224-131825.jpg has awesome tshirts on sale for 24hrs only for $10 every day. You can only get them in those 24hrs though!

Another $10/24hr tshirt site is I am expecting this tshirt to arrive any day now.


Thanks for reading! Love, GK