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This month, November 2012, I will receive FOUR subscription beauty boxes. I’ve never received more than two per month and I will finally and officially be cancelling two of my current subscriptions before December… at least, that’s the plan.

I’ve come to find that my most popular posts are those in which I discuss what I like and dislike about my monthly sample box subscriptions so, here’s another one for you to read! Before I cancel the two boxes that I’ll be cancelling, I figured I’d share a little bit of what I know about all four subscriptions before they are shipped out. Since I hate showing favoritism [insert telling wink here], I’ll present each subscription service in the order of which I signed up for them. First up: Birchbox.

Let us all join together in a communal groan over what has quickly become the worst beauty sample subscription service. At $10 per month, I was excited to sign up for this service back in April of this year. I took my beauty survey to give the folks at Birchbox a better idea of what products I need and would love. The first box I received was for the month of May and I have to admit that my disappointment started pretty early on. Aside from the fact that May’s box was a Gossip Girl theme (which I luh-uh-uh-oved) the goodies inside weren’t exactly what I was expecting.

As the months passed by and I continued to receive my monthly Birchboxes, the samples seemingly got worse and worse. This all came to a head last month when I received their Goop.com partnered box. IT. WAS. WRETCHED. If you haven’t already, please go back and read my review of the the products in the latest box: Birchbox #6 :: October and then take a peek at my post regarding Birchbox’s absolutely disgusting customer service: Bad Bad Birchbox Ops. If you’ve been considering becoming a Birchbox subscriber, this may cause you to rethink that.

As I stated in previous posts, I will be cancelling my Birchbox subscription. I had wanted to cancel before being billed for the November box but I’m a procrastinator and didn’t. I also redeemed the Birchbox credits I had earned for some products off their site and didn’t want to cancel before they were shipped out to me. Now, I MUST remember to cancel before December. (I sincerely doubt the November box will be able to get out the horrible taste left in my mouth from the October box and subsequent customer service debacle.)

Overall comments: $10 a month membership (very affordable), minuscule samples from less than stellar brands. Horrible customer service.

Status: CANCELLING – because they suck.

After signing up for Birchbox, I became a Julep Maven. Being a Julep Maven means have 3 Julep nail polishes shipped to me monthly for $19.99. Now, I’m a huge nail polish fanatic but I wouldn’t have signed up to be a Julep Maven had I not been able to redeem a coupon code to receive my first box for $0.01 (How can you beat a penny, really?) I wasn’t exactly unimpressed with what I received my first month (July 2012), so I maintained my membership for an additional month. 2 boxes for $20 total. Not too shabby but I was ready to cancel. Something inside told me to hang on for one more month, so I did. After receiving and reviewing my 3rd Julep Maven box in September, I vowed to cancel before October’s box. I should’ve read the cancellation terms because the day before I was to be billed, I logged-in on-line and found that I was supposed to call before 5pm.

Luckily, Julep allows members to skip a month if necessary. In fact, you can skip multiple months or have your months box shipped to a friend instead. I really like this about Julep. It came in handy too because I opted to “skip” my October 2012 box and would cancel during regular business hours before Novembers box… yeah, right.

When Julep launched their new and improved site for members, they award their members “Jules”, their version of accrued customer credits that can be used to purchase items off of Julep.com. I had more than enough Jules to cover the cost of my November box so I figured, why not receive one more box since this one is free to me anyway.

In addition to the “skip a month” feature, Julep also allows you to choose to receive a different box than the one you were due to if you prefer to colors in a different box. Much like other subscription services, when you first become a Julep Maven, you take a beauty quiz and you are categorized as a specific type of girl. (IE: “It Girl”, “Boho”, “Classic”, etc.) When I took my survey I was classified as an It Girl; I believe I only opted for the It Girl box my first month. After that, I opted for another box each month. I love that Julep shows you exactly what you are scheduled to receive and allows you to swap for another box if you’d like.

I simply wasn’t impressed enough with the quality of the polishes to continue my subscription and although I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy what I’ve received as a Julep Maven, it’s time to explore other subscription beauty boxes.

Overall Comments: $19.99 per month (there’s always a coupon code available to get your first box for less; just google it). Fantastic customer service.

Status: CANCELLING – time to explore other subscription services. When I was exploring beauty subscription boxes back in May, before signing up for Birchbox, I read up on GlossyBox. I liked the look of it but wasn’t sure if they were shipping to the US at that time. It also carries a higher price tag each month so I passed. In September, I decided to go for it when I found that they do indeed ship to the US for $21 per month. Its more than I would prefer to pay but boy is it worth it! I was so flipping happy with my very first GlossyBox (October) and if the boxes continue to be so damn fabulous, I don’t think I’ll ever cancel.

Like I said, I’ve only received one box so far from GlossyBox but I’m excited to find whats in store for me in the future. Check out what I got in my October box: GlossyBox #1 :: October. I highly recommend signing up if you love having luxe beauty products delivered to your door each month. I originally decided to sign up once I had concluded I would be cancelling my Julep Maven subscription (no additional spending).

Overall Comments: $21 per month. AMAZING products.

Status: Continuing Subscription. (FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER)

Finally, as of today, I am to happy to say that I am officially and Ipster. I have signed up to receive the Ipsy (MyGlam) bag each month. I had been researching this service for several months and never have I seen a bad review of the 4-5 samples they send their subscribers each month. The products are great quality and also a substantial size. (Unlike the evil Birchbox).

Obviously, I haven’t received my Ipsy products yet but my first delivery isn’t too far away. To give you a better idea of what you can expect to receive monthly, goodle Ipsy reviews and see what other Ipsters have been receiving. (Looks pretty sweet).

For the same price monthly as Birchbox, I look forward to receiving much much more.

Overall Comments: $10 per month. Previously known as MyGlam bag.

Status: Brand new Ipster; awaiting first delivery.

This month, I will receive and review all four subscription deliveries. As of December 2012, I will only be a subscriber to GlossyBox and Ipsy and I think that is the right combination for me (and for you!)

I hope you’ll check out my previous reviews of these products boxes and I especially hope that you will check back to see what I get for November and beyond!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment on how you feel about these services if you are a current member of any or if you’re planning on becoming a member.

Love, GK

PS: a note to my regular readers. I have been lacking hardcore on my Daily Threads posts. Recently, with the cool air we’ve been enjoying in South Florida, I’ve been channeling my inner Amy Pond and rocking some awesome jackets and straight hair (straightening in this humid state any other time of year is just pointless). I’ve been having so much fun in my awesome outfits that I have been blowing off my picture-taking and posting responsibilities. This will change because, frankly, I’d like to brag about and show off my awesome ensembles instead of the office appropriate outfits I was showcasing in previous weeks. -Check back!!!


November Julep Maven Sneak Peek

After receiving my September Julep Maven box of polishes, I said I would be canceling before receiving my October box. The, I said I was going to wait on canceling, just to see what was inside the October box. I also said, “don’t be surprised if this time next month you’re reading Julep Maven :: October”.

Well, I didn’t get an October box but I didn’t cancel either. Per usual, I waited until the last minute and was unable to cancel my subscription. Instead, I “skipped a month” which is a fantastic option that Julep gives their Julep Maven subscribers. I skipped October and was notified recently of what my November box would contain. It’s nothing overly impressive and for yet another month, I have elected to swap my It Girl box with an other, the Bombshell box. In the past, I had elected to receive the Boho Glam box over my It Girl box multiple times.

However, the only reason that I am due to receive a November Julep Maven box is because I earned enough Julep Jules to receive it for free. I earned these Jules by referring other subscribers and just being loved by Julep. When they launched their new and improved Julep.com, they awarded Julep Mavens a few hundred Juleps just for being us. Thanks, Julep!

I was never unhappy with Julep or their Julep Maven program. I will admit that their polishes are less than the absolute best quality but they are more than decent and over the last several months, I’ve received some adorable colors and shades. The reason I will be ending my time as a Julep Maven is because I would rather receive my GlossyBox each month for $21 over the Julep Maven box for $19.99. I am a total nail polish junkie, but I think I have enough Julep polishes for now. It’s just time to move on.

November will be the absolute very last box I receive from Julep. I cashed in my Jules and it’ll be on it’s way soon. I wanted to write this post, not only to update readers on the status of one of my subscription beauty boxes, but to also applaud the amazing customer service team at Julep. When I checked how many point I had, I noticed that 1000 of them had not been transferred from the old site to the new one. I wrote a short message to their customer service department and in an extremely timely fashion, my 1000 Jules had been applied to my account with a “We’re so sorry” message. I was impressed with their swift action. The next day, I received an email from a customer service member apologizing again for the mistake. There was really no need to apologize the first time let alone a second time but it felt good to have a company care that I am taken care of and receive what I am owed and to do all this is a very timely fashion.

After my post the other day, in which I shared my extreme upset with Birchbox, their crappy one-time use samples, their inattentive and copy-and-paste master customer service team and their overall horribleness, I wanted to share a story about an experience with a great customer service team. Thank you, Julep!

Here’s a sneak peek at my November, Bombshell, Julep Maven Box.

I only wish I had these two nail colours now. They would go with my peacock Halloween costume fabulously! Speaking of my peacock costume: I have been searching for makeup inspiration and practicing my look this week. After I receive my order from Sephora this afternoon, I’ll have even more goodies to play with! I’ll be sure to post pics and I may even make this my first tutorial video… probably not though. I’m horrible about doing these things I claim I’ll do… I’m a liar, basically, is what I’m driving at. Or at the very least, the worst kind of procrastinator.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, I’ve included a link below. If you click my link, I can earn some more of those Julep Jules and maybe I’ll receive a December box for free as well! I just need two of you to sign up via my link! Also, keep in mind, as I’ve posted in the past, you can find a coupon code for a Julep Maven subscription online, each month, that will earn you your very first box for just a penny (or some other awesome deal). Just google “Julep Maven coupon code” and use the most recent one. You can cancel at anytime and like I mentioned earlier, you can skip a month whenever you need to or select a different box to receive. When you do sign up, you’ll receive your own personalized link to share with friends, readers and followers to earn those Julep Jules. Its definitely worth at least a one month try!

Become a Julep Maven

Thanks again! Love, GK

Subscription Box Switch-Ups

I received my email from Birchbox a little while back letting me know that my September Birchbox was on its way. Awesome. Then, just the other day, it kind of dawned on me and I mentioned to my mom how I still hadn’t gotten my samples yet for the month but my mind has been kind of all over (per usual) and I didn’t check the tracking number. I guess I wasn’t that concerned. Then, on Thursday, I received a new email from Birchbox stating that there was a mix-up with shipping and my September box was on its way. For the “inconvienence”, they gave me 100 Birchobx points! Way to go, Birchbox customer service! Nearly before I even realized there was a problem you corrected it and gave me points to purchase some beauty products. Thanks, Birchbox!

As far as my Julep Maven subscription: I’m canceling this month. September was, in deed, my last Julep Maven review. If I can get my October box for free, I’ll review it, obviously, but if I don’t earn a free box by later today, I’m going to go ahead and cancel. Its not that I don’t like Julep’s products and I am obsessed with nail polish and am a firm believer that you can not have too many colors but I’m ready to explore other products.

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, you can sign up by clicking here: Become a Julep Maven You can receive your first month’s box for $0.01 by using the promo code COLOR2012 at checkout. (I’m already a Maven so I haven’t used this code and can not vouch for it. HOWEVER, every single month they have a coupon code out there and it is usually for a first time subscriber to get their box for a penny. Just google it.) If you like it and want to receive future boxes, it’s $19.99 per month, free shipping and you can cancel at anytime. You can also review all the boxes for the month and choose another box if you’d like which is something I really like at being a Julep Maven.

I expressed in my last post about my Julep Maven box (the September review) that I was curious to see what October’s box had in store since Halloween is approaching. Here’s what each Julep Maven box consists of this month:

I was classified as an “It Girl” but have opted for the “Boho Glam” box two out of my three months. (I love that the white crackle is named Hermione btw) I would stick with my “It Girl” box this month if I were to receive one.

Like I said, unless ONE OF YOU reading right now, subscribes to become a Julep Maven by clicking the specific link I provided thus awarding me with the one Julep Maven credit I need to receive my October box for free, I will be cancelling later today. So, if YOU are curious about how you’d like being a Julep Maven, please sign up here: BECOME A JULEP MAVEN AND EARN ME A FREE BOX FOR OCTOBER Just use the monthly coupon code and get three (or two depending on your box) nail polishes for a penny, then cancel. All you’ve got to lose is a penny and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find one on heads on the ground somewhere. 🙂

I won’t be saving my $19.99 per month though, even canceling my Julep Maven subscription. No, I’ll be spending $21 per month to receive a monthly box of samples from GossyBox USA. YES! Before I signed up for Birchbox, I had read about GlossyBox and was upset that it did not ship in the US at the time. More recently, I have been checking out GlossyBox again and they do ship in the US now and have for a few months.

I much prefer receiving boxes of various types of beauty products each month, like Birchbox. As much as I love doing my nails and collecting polishes, I don’t want to receive the same type of products each month. Being a Julep Maven was fun while it lasted, but I’m excited to receive my very first GlossyBox!

Thanks for reading! and thanks for even considering becoming a Julep Maven for me and for you! A BIG thank you to anyone of you who does sign up to be a Julep Maven today. I will promote your blog, or your twitter or give you an amazing kick-ass shout-out, I don’t know. It would be pretty awesome to get my very last Julep Maven box for free. If you sign up, you’ll receive your own Julep Maven sign-up link which will earn you points toward a free month’s box and I will post your link so hard its not even funny. Promise.

I’m excited to review my soon-to-arrive Birchbox for September and even more excited to review my very first GlossyBox! Check back later for the reviews!

Thanks again! Love, GK

September 2012 :: Julep Maven #3

I received my September Julep Maven box. It seemed like it was shipped out super early but I’m not 100% since this is only my 3rd box. It also seems like this will be my last box. I’m just not impressed enough with Julep’s polishes to continue to pay $19.99 per month to receive a box of 2 or 3 polishes. I was honestly going to make last month’s box my last. I figured it wasn’t too bad that I received 5 polishes, polish remover and toe spacers for $20. ($19.99 + $0.01 I paid for the first month). Not such a big loss. In fact, I would go as far as to say “worth it.”

Then I took a peek at September’s boxes and really liked the two colors in the Boho Glam box. So, for the second month in a row, I opted for the Boho Glam box instead of my It Girl box. (I’m beginning to think their style quiz is bs). The only problem with the Boho Glam box is that, yet again, it only came with two polishes. The third item was mascara. (I signed up for nail products…)

The masacara is Julep’s lengthening mascara in espresso brown. It’s ok I guess. I’m definitely not going to ever, ever purchase it and I’m still annoyed I got it instead of a third polish. Whatever, I chose this box.

I do really, really like the two polishes this month though. The royal blue is Gunta and the kelly green is Popova. Both of the these colors I absolutely love and they are definitely my two favorite Julep polishes that I’ve received so far. (I will update with pictures of how the polishes each look on.)

Part of me wants to wait and see what October’s box will hold before I cancel. Halloween is my favorite holiday and there might be some awesome stuff in the box next month… But I’ll probably end up cancelling this month. I enjoyed my 3 month run as a Julep Maven. IDK though, don’t be completely shocked if this time next month I have Julep Maven :: October posted on here.

If you want to give being a Julep Maven a try, click here *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* and use the coupon code Color2012. If you use this code at checkout, your $19.99 1st Julep Maven box will only cost you $0.01. There is always free shipping and you can cancel at anytime. So even if you sign up with the coupon code for one month and then cancel before the next one is billed to you, you’ll have gotten 2 or 3 nail polishes for a penny! It’s totally worth a try. You may really like it and choose to receive another box, or two, or three, like I did. I also really like that you can preview what you will get in your box and opt for a different box (as I have done for the last 2 months).

Now, I was nice enough to find that coupon code for this month for you but I can’t guarantee that it works. (I can’t exactly sign up again. Although, I suppose I could.) So if you sign up and use the code, please comment and let me know if it works or not. Also, if it doesn’t work simply google “Julep Maven September Coupon Code”… it’s out there, I promise.

AND If you click on the link I provided up there, you know, this one: *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* I might get my October box for free. And if you do sign up, you’ll be given a personal link that you can share with your friends/readers/followers to earn free boxes as well!

Thanks so much for reading! Love, GK

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August 2012 :: Julep Maven #2

About a week ago, I received my August Julep Maven box. You may have read that for this month’s box, when I had reviewed with was to be sent to me as an “It Girl”, I decided to swap it for the Boho Glam box. Here’s what I received this month:




The August theme was “Chrome Metallics”. I received a white metallic, Isla, a teal metallic, Piper, and bottle of Julep’s acetone free conditioning nail polish remover. As an extra, they threw in a flimsy “tote”.




I received my first Julep Maven box for only $0.01 when I used a promo code but this box cost me the full monthly subscription cost of $19.99. I have to be honest, when I get to review my Julep Maven box for September later this month, unless I REALLY like whats being sent, I’m totally cancelling my subscription. I’m not 100% unhappy with what I’ve received and for $20 total, I got 5 polishes and other goodies; not too bad. However, I’m not overly impressed with the quality of Julep’s polishes.

The coverage is thin and immediately after drying, the color becomes quite dull and lackluster. I do like the nail polish remover; it has a pump top and works really well.




Thats what Piper looks like after 3 coats. It’s cute. Isla, the white metallic, is very thin in coverage but looks cute and pearly. (I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic).


We shall see if I last another month as a Julep Maven or not.


Thanks for reading. Love, GK