Justin Timberlake

Power to the Laptop

Good News: I got a new power chord for my laptop!

Yesterday I decided to just order it, have it overnight-ed and see if it solves the problem. It did. WINNING!!!

and, so sad, Justin Timberlake broke up with Jessica Biel. and by “so sad”, I really mean. “Awesome!” She’s lame. JT can get someone way more… awesome.

I didn’t really have anything to write about tonight. I was just so happy to have my computer back in action. I did see this story on yahoo and wanted to share. On March 19th, the moon comes really close to Earth but it will also be a full moon, making it a “Supermoon”. I thought the story was interesting.


2011 SAG Awards

Today I had a pretty successful shopping day! I picked up a few pieces for Spring/Summer and I even looked at bathing suits. I’m still enjoying the cold weather while it lasts, but I’m also starting to get excited for some warmer weather.

and….. The Screen Actors Guild Awards were tonight!!! I absolutely love the SAG Awards! Winning a SAG award is all part of that dream of mine. A SAG Award, to me, is so much more honorable than even an Oscar. Ugh, I just die every time I watch them. The opening and all the acceptance speeches bring me to tears. It’s that passion all Actors share, and seeing it and hearing it expressed by others gets me all emotional… I’m a dork.

Here are some of the night’s winners:

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series:
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire.

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series:
Juliana Marguilies, The Good Wife

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama:
The Cast of Boardwalk Empire

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role:
Melissa Leo, The Fighter

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series:
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock

Outstanding Performance by a Female in a Comedy Series:
Betty White, Hot in Cleavland

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy:
The Cast of Modern Family

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries:
Al Pacino, You Don’t Know Jack

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries:
Claire Danes, Temple Grandin

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role:
Christina Bale, The Fighter

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role:
Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role:
Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama:
The Cast of The King’s Speech.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Ernest Borgnine.

Buuuuuttttt….. Obviously the best part of Award Show Season being in full swing are all the red carpet fashions… so here goes:

Claire Danes. Winner. I love this gown!

Jayma Mays. I love how good she looks in Orange!

John Hamm. So foxy.

Julia Stiles. I love this dress. Not sure why, but I do.

Justin… I love you.

This just might be my favorite of the night! Mila Kunis.

I love that White is in!
But Rosario Dawson was one of a select few who looked fabulous in it tonight.

Amy Adams was one of the many who went white with horrible results.
I don’t know why this looks so damn bad, but it does.

No Christina! I love this, I do. And I love you.
But really? Not tonight.

I just keep trying to remind myself that next year,
January Jones won’t be invited to any of these award shows. Ugh.

Nicole! Oh, Nicole.
This picture doesn’t even look that bad. But from every other angle, this dress is bad.

It was pointed out to me that I never picked a Ginger of The Month for January. So….. I will have January’s Ginger of the Month posted tomorrow.

2011 Oscar Nominations

Today, the nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced.

Here are some of the more popular categories and nominees:

Best Picture:
Black Swan. The Fighter. Inception. The Are All Right. The Kings Speech.
127 Hours. The Social Network. Toy Story 3. Winter’s Bone.

Best Director:
Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan. David O. Russell – The Fighter. Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech. David Fincher – The Social Network. Joel & Ethan Coen – True Grit.

Best Actor:
Javier Bardem – Biutiful. Jeff Bridges – True Grit.
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network. Colin Firth – The King’s Speech.

Best Actress:
Annette Benning – The Kids Are All Right. Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole. Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone. Natalie Portman – Black Swan. Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine.

Best Supporting Actor:
Christian Bale – The Fighter. John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone. Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right. Jeremy Renner – The Town. Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech.
Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams – The Fighter. Helena Bohnam Carter – The King’s Speech. Melissa Leo – The Fighter. Hailee Steinfield – True Grit. Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom.

Ok. Now, most of these movies I haven’t even seen yet. But there were a few people that should have been on one of these lists and were not.

Justin Timberlake – I’m biased. I know. I’ve loved J.Tizzle for the past 13 years, but he is so incredibly talented and he’s proven himself to be a fantastic actor over and over. Why was he not nominated for Best Supporting Actor?

Mila Kunis – No nomination? No Best Supporting Actress?

Mark Wahlberg – He’s the only person in the core cast of The Fighter not nominated!

Two of my favorite categories that aren’t as widely popular are:

Best Art Direction:
Alice in Wonderland. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (Also nominated for Best Visual Effects! woop-woop). Inception. The King’s Speech. True Grit.

Best Costume Design:
Alice in Wonderland. I Am Love. The King’s Speech. The Tempest. True Grit.

In TV news:
Season 4 of The Jersey Shore will be shot in Italy… I’ll admit, I watch Jersey Shore. I don’t rush home or anything. I don’t feel a void or even notice if I miss an episode. But I definitely watch.

That being said, I hate that most Americans traveling abroad have no sense of tact or cultural respect most of the time, and the world’s citizens continue to see us as ridiculous.

So… I don’t particularly agree with sending 8 of our biggest jokes over seas. Obviously the episodes will be full of “fish-out-of-water fun”… But those Italians aren’t going to just overlook Snooki’s big-ass frog slippers. They’ll be insulted by a lack of consideration for anyone and everyone who has to look at them. Not to mention that these people can’t even function in American society… even when that American society is, indeed, in New Jersey.

OH! and one last thing before I wrap this baby up. I came across this article about new shampoos that work better than shampoos currently selling. It’s definitely worth a read! The T-Sfere Technology shampoos are made by a California company named Kronos, which I would try based on the company name alone! (Latin/Greek Nerd Alert!)

My thoughts on the VMAs

Last night’s VMAs were huge. At least the stage was. I thought the stage looked amazing, but the acts and artists that I enjoy(ed) were few and far between. I used to get so excited about the VMAs, and I still tune in and watch, but most of the artists being played on MTV I just don’t care about or like. It makes me feel super old… this is bullshit. And for that matter, I’d just like to say, as a side note, that bands like Sublime shouldn’t be being played on Classic Rock radio yet… it’s depressing.

Anyway, here’s what I thought about the VMAs:

It was obviously Lady Gaga’s night.
She won several awards including Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year.
Like last year’s VMAs, she made several wardrobe changes.
My personal favorite was her first dress from Alexander McQueen.

The second look by Armani was so heavy,
L.G. had difficulty getting on stage for her Best Pop Video award.
Before I could begin to mumble some smart ass comment about her not being able to move,
L.G. admitted to not planning her wardrobe quite well enough for function,
she joked that she wasn’t planning on winning so much.

She donned her final outfit, the meat dress,
when she picked up her Video of the Year award.
The award was presented by: CHER!

How awesome!? This was probably my favorite moment of the night
(mostly because I have the soul of a gay man.)
I mean, it’s CHER for Christ’s sake.

I had heard the song “Dogs Days are Over” before, but only a couple of times,
and not in it’s entirety. Florence and the Machine’s performance of their song
was another favorite moment of mine. I just love her whimsical style!

Ok. Taylor Swift. You make it really difficult for me to like you.
All your songs are about fairy tales and princesses and bullshit.
I actually felt bad when you were interrupted by Kanye at last year’s awards,
(even though I totally agreed with him.), but with this song and the opening video montage to your “devastating” experience last year, I just want to slap you more than ever.

We get it, Kanye hurt your feelings,
but have you really been obsessing over it for the past year?

Ok, let’s look at some clothes.

I didn’t want to, and I still don’t want to like Ke$ha…
but for some reason I do. I hated her outfit though.

I find myself going back and forth about whether I love or hate Katy Perry.
As of recent I don’t care very much for her. I liked her look though.
I guess I love her again.

I’ve always loved Justin Timberlake, and I always will.
I’ve seen him look better than this, I just wanted to include a picture of him.

I just love Emma Stone. So here she is:

I don’t like or give a crap about Ciara, but I thought her dress was pretty awesome.

I thought Ashley Greene was the best looking of the night.
I mean, the girl is just gorgeous, but her outfit was also amazing.

Usher’s performance was cool, but 90% because of the lights.

I loved that Eminem bailed after his show-opening performance.

I’ve heard a lot about Justin Beiber recently but I had never heard or seen him do anything until his performance last night; I’m happy to announce that I am immune to Beiber-Fever.

I hate Linkin Park and all I could think as they were performing was: “God save us” from this bullshit they’re calling metal. and if there’s a rock and roll heaven, the only place Linkin Park will “burn” is in rock and roll hell for all their sins.

I don’t like Paramore’s songs anytime I hear them on the radio. I don’t. But for some reason when I see them perform live, I always enjoy and am impressed with it. (They opened for No Doubt last year and they put on an amazing show!)

Kanye’s performance outfit was ugly.

That’s pretty much all I really thought about the show. Chelsea Handler is always hit or miss with me and it’s too bad she’s not funnier when she’s wasted.