"…water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag" -k$

I was lucky enough to have this weekend off!! I took advantage of my downtime with lots and lots of sleep, some cocktails, and fun with friends.

Saturday, I decided to stop by my favorite local used book store to scope out what they had. I picked up Chuck Klosterman‘s IV and a collection of Jean Paul Sartre plays including No Exit. $9 all together. Not too shabby!

After my finds at the Book Exchange, I decided to stop by one of the local thrift stores on a whim and I am so happy I did! I found this adorable vintage rawhide purse!

The moment I flung it over my shoulder I felt like Kate Jackson on my way to kick some ass Charlies Angel’s Style! Only $6!!

On my way home, I stopped at my corner drug store to pick up some cold supplies for Casey who was home sick. While there I spotted some awesome cosmetics deals!!

I picked up these three Sally Hansen Insta-Dri & Xtreme Wear Polishes:

-#22 Jumpin’ Jade $1.25
-#17 Mochachino $1.25
-#40 Purple Pizzazz $.75

and because I’m such a eyeshadow junkie, I couldn’t not pick up one of the L’Oreal HiP duos #336 Devious. $2.07 (I should have just bought a bunch! damn-it)

Over all, a very successful bargain-find day! I love when that happens when you weren’t even planning on it!

Daily Threads: Teal-to-Orange religious iconography t-shirt.($?), Skinny Jeans (Old Navy), Sanuk Flip-flops ($20), Silver Bangels ($? Gift), Jade Beaded Breacelettes ($?), Bone “Sun” ring ($? Honduras), Lucky Brand Oversized Peace Mood Ring ($2[?].00 Macys)

Later, Casey and I went out to Blue Water Grill to see Ryan playing music with his friend.

…After, we hopped over to our regular bar to finish off the night. we had a lot of fun… as we always do! …and I think you can see it in my eyes… damn.

Tonight, Super Bowl Sunday… which I wasn’t even enthused about this year… It should’ve been the NY Jets. 😦 anyway… tonight we made Tacos! and one of my corn chips was shaped like a taco shell, so I made a mini Taco!

Then, J brought home a bunch of wine from his parents house, so we had out own private wine tasting! I’d say tonight was a success as well!!!

Title of blog is taken from Ke$ha’s song “Take It Off”


AMA Red Carpet & Beauty Bargains

Tonight were the American Music Awards… and I can’t resist a Red Carpet… *insert Ginger joke here*… So here are a some of what I thought were the best and worst looks.

Lets just get to it and start with some of The Worst ensembles.

Avril Lavigne (why are you here?),
Nicki Minaj (Ok, we get it. You can be the Rap Gaga),
and Ke$ha (Not that Ke$ha ever dresses well).

… and her makeup was ridiculous… I love that she goes for it though.
In fact, I really really hate to admit it. and I fought it,
but I love Ke$ha… maybe not quite love yet.
-She still dresses horrible-

Oh, what an adorable dress on Miley…
Hang on, did she get a roll of toilet paper stuck in the back of her panties?
No, it’s just an ugly, unnecessary, obnoxious train… on her mini dress.

Some of The Good looks that I liked:

Jenny McCarthy lookin’ fab.
Rhianna, R&B Favorite Female Artist Winner, looked great.
Kelly Osbourne in Dior. Her hair looks kind of stiff though.

I personally, don’t particularly care for Miss Swift,
but her look was fantastic. I love how Mod and Sparkely it all is!
She also won Country Favorite Female Artist.

But my personal pick for Best Dressed is Katy Perry!!!

Her dress is Badgley Mischka and her heels are Brian Atwood.
Her look is all amazing.

The makeup was beautiful too!
I love how cute and feminine Katy looked.
I do ♥ Katy.
(I didn’t want to for so long… but I do.)

Oh, and let me not forget to mention the anticipated NKOTBSB performance.
The New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys teamed up. So. Feel free to watch. It was a medley/remix of multiple songs from both groups. Notes were missed. Breathing was heavy. and whats even more sad, is that NKOTB totally showed up BSB. And they’re way older. I wont get into that pathetic excuse for a dance breakdown… all I’ll say is *NSYNC would have hit that sh*t!

I stopped by Walgreens tonight and ran into a few Beauty Bargains! I was super excited!

  • I picked up a Neutogena Mineral Sheer Concealer Kit.- #05 Fair- I this stuff; it covers so well. It’s light and smooth. The “kit” has two steps. The First is the cream concealer and the Second in the translucent setting powder. -$7.19 SALE
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Clarifying Matte Foundation – #102 Warm Ivory- This foundation has a small amount of salicylic acid and other botanical extracts to help clear skin. It’s a little thick, but the Matte finish is perfect for shows. Usually my stage makeup causes me to breakout after being under the lights, so I hope this will help. -$3.99 SALE
  • Rimmel London Eye Shadow Trio in #407 Dark Angel, soon to be discontinued. I’m a eye shadow addict so I couldn’t resist. -$2.79 SALE
  • I also picked up a bottle of Sinful Colours nail polish. It’s black with blue sparkles called “What’s Your Name”. This brand is always $1.99 at Walgreens. (I ALWAYS use Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails nail growth base coat and Sally Hansen’s Super Shine Top Coat so I don’t mind spending $2 on a cheap polish… I like having a large variety at home at my disposal.)

Here’s how the polish looks. You can’t really see the blue sparkles. 😦

I also picked up the December issue of InStyle.
I can’t wait to really read through it.

My thoughts on the VMAs

Last night’s VMAs were huge. At least the stage was. I thought the stage looked amazing, but the acts and artists that I enjoy(ed) were few and far between. I used to get so excited about the VMAs, and I still tune in and watch, but most of the artists being played on MTV I just don’t care about or like. It makes me feel super old… this is bullshit. And for that matter, I’d just like to say, as a side note, that bands like Sublime shouldn’t be being played on Classic Rock radio yet… it’s depressing.

Anyway, here’s what I thought about the VMAs:

It was obviously Lady Gaga’s night.
She won several awards including Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of the Year.
Like last year’s VMAs, she made several wardrobe changes.
My personal favorite was her first dress from Alexander McQueen.

The second look by Armani was so heavy,
L.G. had difficulty getting on stage for her Best Pop Video award.
Before I could begin to mumble some smart ass comment about her not being able to move,
L.G. admitted to not planning her wardrobe quite well enough for function,
she joked that she wasn’t planning on winning so much.

She donned her final outfit, the meat dress,
when she picked up her Video of the Year award.
The award was presented by: CHER!

How awesome!? This was probably my favorite moment of the night
(mostly because I have the soul of a gay man.)
I mean, it’s CHER for Christ’s sake.

I had heard the song “Dogs Days are Over” before, but only a couple of times,
and not in it’s entirety. Florence and the Machine’s performance of their song
was another favorite moment of mine. I just love her whimsical style!

Ok. Taylor Swift. You make it really difficult for me to like you.
All your songs are about fairy tales and princesses and bullshit.
I actually felt bad when you were interrupted by Kanye at last year’s awards,
(even though I totally agreed with him.), but with this song and the opening video montage to your “devastating” experience last year, I just want to slap you more than ever.

We get it, Kanye hurt your feelings,
but have you really been obsessing over it for the past year?

Ok, let’s look at some clothes.

I didn’t want to, and I still don’t want to like Ke$ha…
but for some reason I do. I hated her outfit though.

I find myself going back and forth about whether I love or hate Katy Perry.
As of recent I don’t care very much for her. I liked her look though.
I guess I love her again.

I’ve always loved Justin Timberlake, and I always will.
I’ve seen him look better than this, I just wanted to include a picture of him.

I just love Emma Stone. So here she is:

I don’t like or give a crap about Ciara, but I thought her dress was pretty awesome.

I thought Ashley Greene was the best looking of the night.
I mean, the girl is just gorgeous, but her outfit was also amazing.

Usher’s performance was cool, but 90% because of the lights.

I loved that Eminem bailed after his show-opening performance.

I’ve heard a lot about Justin Beiber recently but I had never heard or seen him do anything until his performance last night; I’m happy to announce that I am immune to Beiber-Fever.

I hate Linkin Park and all I could think as they were performing was: “God save us” from this bullshit they’re calling metal. and if there’s a rock and roll heaven, the only place Linkin Park will “burn” is in rock and roll hell for all their sins.

I don’t like Paramore’s songs anytime I hear them on the radio. I don’t. But for some reason when I see them perform live, I always enjoy and am impressed with it. (They opened for No Doubt last year and they put on an amazing show!)

Kanye’s performance outfit was ugly.

That’s pretty much all I really thought about the show. Chelsea Handler is always hit or miss with me and it’s too bad she’s not funnier when she’s wasted.