Leopard Print

Lazy Leopard Day

Today I did nothing more than hang out and enjoy myself… all day. Here’s what I (comfortably) wore for the day:

Pink tank top. Leopard print shorts (I’ve been rocking these a lot lately, I know). Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.

I wore one of the new necklaces I made (which I will detail in tomorrow’s post).

Bracelets and rings.

That’s about it.(I had these taken on my iPhone so the quality isn’t amazing.)

Thanks for reading, as always! Love, GK


Arts Supply Shopping Style!

Today, I picked up some art supplies on the cheap by taking advantage of some awesome coupons and sales at Michael’s. Afterwards, I was taken on a sweet and casual FroYo “date”. Here’s what I wore:



My new favorite (leopard print) shorts. A mint green (very) sheer top from Charlotte Russe. Leopard print sunglasses. Sea green Mystique bag.




Being a huge lingerie lover, I have a bra that matches the top perfectly. I love how I can show a lot by barely showing it. The back is a lot more revealing than the front, which I love because I think backs and shoulders are mucho sexy. The frilling in the front keep with the sheer while covering my girls and tummy.




Various rings and bracelets.




I wore my Tigers Eye in my stone cage necklace.


I can’t wait to get to work on my new canvases on my brand new easel!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

My Birthday!

Happy Birthday! … to me!!!

Yes, today was my birthday. I cleaned up in the gift department too!

  • Casey bought me a camera case for all my gear.

  • My Mom and Dad bought me a zoom lens and paid for my car registration, which if they didn’t do this each year as part of my gift, I’d never have a legally registered car. ♥ my parents!!! (Hi Mom! … she recently started reading my blog)

  • My sister Shannon bought me the most adorable owl sweater! I just love it!

  • My baby sister Sarah bought me Beatles pint glasses to go with my growing pint glass collection (Casey and I have The Beatles, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Betty Boop, and a slew of others). Sarah also bought me a pink snuggie for Lucy and a blue snuggie for Jack! They look adorable in them too!
  • Kacie bought me the most awesome office supplies for my new desk at work! I got a tape dispencer, scissors, a stapler, and a note pad with matching pen and they are all leopard print!!! ♥ my best friend! (and it came in the most adorable cupcake bag with a cupcake card! -I LOVE cupcakes!)

  • and J (my other roommate) bought me a little something that I can’t just go about posting on the internet. 🙂 Use your imagination.

Unfortunately I spent the better part of the afternoon completely sick. I pulled myself together though, because I had to work all day at the theatre. The Travelin’ McCourys (a bluegrass band) were performing. The guys were really nice and so talented! I’ve never been a huge country or bluegrass fan (there are some exceptions of course) but these guys were incredible!

I did the majority of my celebrating yesterday. Me and several of my friends went up to our local Harper’s and had ourselves an awesome time! But my birthday wasn’t the only reason why I was celebrating… THE NY JETS WON!!! One more step closer to the super bowl baby!!! ♥ My Jets!

Sorry, Colts!

Check out some of the pics for the night… I couldn’t post most of them due to rather lewd gestures and actions, mostly with random bar props… but these seem to be ok. 🙂

Ok, some really sleezey fat dude kept hitting on Kacie, then he put like $50 of music on the juke box. Now, I love Elvis, as you can see we all enjoyed (we were dancing like fools to “A Little Less Conversation”) but he played like 12 straight Elvis songs… It was ridiculous.

Kacie eating my hair… nothing out of the ordinary.

Nicki got me a Blow-Job.

Kacie got “the redheaded slut” a “redheaded slut”

We played with roses, penis moraccas, and drunk ladies. (Mid-Picture, one emerging from the ladies room totally bumbarded Danielle. I wasn’t drunk enough not to capture the moment.

That lady later slammed into a wood and glass set of shelves with her fella of equal size.