loot crate

Loot Crate : Villains 2 : Aug. ’15

After last month’s Heroes 2 box, why wouldn’t Loot Crate follow up with Villains 2. As a recent subscriber, I was happy to see what this box held since I wasn’t a subscriber for the original Villains box. Here is my monthly (shoddy) unboxing video.

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Love, GK


Loot Crate : Heroes 2 : Jul. ’15

This month, Loot Crate sent out the Heroes 2 box! I wasn’t a subscriber back when they released the first Heroes box so I was quite excited about this one. Here is my monthly unboxing video.

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Love, GK

Loot Crate : Cyber : Jun. ’15

This month, the Loot Crate box theme was Cyber. This box was full of cool stuff from The Terminator, Borderlands, Battlestar Galactica and more. Here’s my monthly unboxing video… I’m still getting used to filming and editing these. I’m aware they aren’t very good but I hope to get better and more creative with these love time.

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Love, GK

Loot Crate : Unite : May ’15

Recently, I received my second Loot Crate box. May’s theme is “Unite” and this box was packed full of team heroes! If you’re interested in becoming a Loot Crate subscriber, please CLICK HERE to sign up all the while helping me get $5 towards some loot. If you’re already receiving your monthly Crate of Loot, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s box.

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Loot Crate : Fantasy : Apr. ’15

Recently, my friend introduced me to Loot Crate and I had to give it a try! If you’re unfamiliar, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box service sending out packages of nerd culture goodness. Being a recovering sub-box junkie and pop culture enthusiast, I couldn’t resist.

In the past, I never did an unboxing video with my monthly reviews, mostly because I’m not very familiar with video editing. So, here’s my very first unboxing video. Try not to pick on me too hard! I apologize in advance for some less than amazing lighting and sound as well as some strange noises you’ll hear like my iMessage notification and a pretty loud bang each time I slam my hand on the table.


Thanks for reading! Love, GK