Marilyn Monroe

Puuuuurrrrfect Retro Shades

I saw these today and had to make them mine. And since today happens to be the 49th anniversary of Ms. Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death, I had to show them off Marilyn-style. Cat-eye frame and leopard print pattern? Yes!

RIP Norma Jean.
“I would’ve liked to have known you…”
but my Dad was only 2 and my mom wasn’t born yet.


My love of sunglasses started at an early age, when my mother would buy me “cool-dude shades” and “movie star sunglasses”. I’ve always loved vintage shaped shades and over the last few years the rest of the world caught up. This season, retro inspired sunglasses are hotter than ever!!

Cat Eye
Circles, big ones.

Retro inspired shades are all over the place! You can surely find a shape, color, pattern that you’ll love!

Victoria Beckham has a fabulous line of sunglasses.

sorry my posts have been a bit short recently, it’s been hard finding time, 😦 thanks for continuing to read! I’m nearly at 25,000 page views. Thank you so much!

Lazy Weekend Ahead

I will cherish every moment of this weekend. Starting early on Monday Morning and not ending until I get home late Saturday Night, my life belongs to the theatre. We have several big names coming by for 2 or 1 day runs which means every day, from morning until… well, until practically morning again, my life is other people.

So this weekend, I will take advantage of the very little time I have to devote to myself. To help illistrate my weekend plans, Marilyn Monroe. [Love.]

…I will wake up whenever the hell I wake up…

…I’ll then lounge about for a while…

…Sit around some more, do some blog research…

…Eventually, I’ll make it out of my pajamas and get in some beach time…

…Some alone shopping. (The fella’s bday is approaching)…

…home again, doing nothing on my couch…

Sounds perfect. 🙂

No, in all actuality I have several things I need to do while I have the time. Jack and Lucy needs haircuts and baths, my closet needs to be reorganzied, laundry needs to be done, I need to pick up a new “everything” journal/notebook, prepare shopping lists and go shopping for Monday morning at work… I wish I could relax more… I’m sure I’ll squeeze it in somewhere. 🙂

Oh, if you’ve noticed (or even care) that my Starbucks Coffee intake has decreased dramatically, only one thing can be to blame: Osceloa Street Cafe Spiced Chai…. mmmMMm… Carol at work has got me totally addicted. HOWEVER, the DTs are kicking in and tomorrow, I will make Starbucks mine! It’s been too long… I need some Starbucks before I start trying to mainline Dunkin’ Donuts weakass coffee.

Decluttering My Life :: The Office

Yesterday, I took advantage of my day off and cleaned the messiest room in my house, the “office”. When we first moved into the house, before we had the wireless set up, we used this room on the far side of the house as our “office”. Slowly but surely, anytime we didn’t know where to put something, the office seemed to be the answer. After the wireless was up and going, why the hell would we ever go in there other than to put junk [we didn’t know what else to do with] in there, or to retrieve some piece of junk [that we had thrown in there]. Anyway, this is what it eventually looked like:

I couldn’t even go near it without getting a panic attack.

So I knew I wanted to, needed to, clean this room. Using it for storage isn’t a problem, but it needed to be organized. So I bought a bunch of cute colorful bins, set up my fan and my iHome and went to town on that bitch.

And it looks adorable! ♥

I’m so proud!

(Ignore the garbage bags. The stack to the left are the clothes I got rid of when I cleaned out my closet. And the stack to the right is all the trash from cleaning this room.)

I designated a bin to some of my crafty things: photos and old albums, sewing and clothing reconstruction, extra painting supplies, and one more for something…

All the binders, notebooks and folders I’d been keeping [some of] my writings in have just been piled up next to my bed… now they have a home.

And I am a complete freak about school supplies… i simply love them; always have, always will. And, although I have my favorite’s in my bedside table drawer, all my extra supplies now have a proper place. I’m also keeping my sketch books, charcoals, and various other supplies in smaller bins.

We haven’t used that computer is quite a while.

I basically just hung up whatever pictures and posters I found amongst the rubble. I was so relieved to get it done finally. And quite proud at how little time it took me me to get all that done. (And look, there’s David the Gnome! Or “The Roaming Gnome”… whichever)