My New Makeup Organizer Drawers!

After many different configurations, however carefully plotted, I was still unhappy with how I was organizing all my cosmetics. Having grown out of my makeup-novice-caboodle stage a long time ago, I had come up with several creative and, other times, not so creative ways of storing all my “paints” and brushes. Most times than not, I relied upon the office supply aisle to provide me with what I thought would be the best new way to house my makeup.

After much buzz on youtube and other blogs about clear acrylic makeup drawers, I looked into buying some. When I first looked into these, about a year ago, I only found incredibly overpriced ones. I put off my reorganization until recently and began my quest again. This time, I found Muji. I did my research and found that other makeup mavens were very happy with their orders. Muji provides several options of drawer sizes and counts.

I decided upon (1) 5 Drawer Case for $27.95 :: W26 x D17.5 x H16cm (W10.4 x D7 x H6.4″), appox H1″ each drawer. And (2) 2 Drawer Cases each $25.25 :: W25.5 x D17 x H9.5cm (W10.2 x D6.8 x H3.8″), each drawer is approx. 1.5″ deep.

Knowing better now, I wouldn’t have purchased the 5 Drawer Case. That half an inch depth makes a lot of difference and I would’ve prefered to go with more 2 Drawer cases instead. I’m not unhappy with my purchase though and will utilize the 5 shallower drawers just fine. The 2 Drawer cases stack perfect on each other and are made to do so. The 5 Drawers do not… I mean, they’re plastic boxes so they will definitely sit one on top of the other but they aren’t built to “lock” into each other perfectly like the 2 drawers are.

photo 1

While shopping at Marshall’s, I came across a few smaller pieces for really great prices and just couldn’t pass them up. Each of these organizers range from $4.99-$7.99

photo 2

When I finally began organizing my makeup, I found that my collection couldn’t be contained, at least not as neatly as I would like them to be, with only these drawers. (I even threw out A LOT!) I read a great review on a friend’s blog, Fancieland about similar sets of drawers she picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond and took a trip over there to buy a few myself. 

Each of these 3 Drawer cases is :: W9.45″ x H4.25″ x D5.325″. I believe each drawer is about 1.25″ deep (they are a bit deeper than my 5 drawers but not as deep as the 2 drawers.) Each was $14.99 and Bed Bath & Beyond seems to carry them regularly. (Use those 20% coupons!)

photo 4

I’m smack dab in the middle of a late-spring cleaning overhaul and part of that includes getting my makeup/vanity better situated. I will definitely share the outcome of my cosmetic organization soon!

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK



Green on the Scene

Despite the high temperatures throughout the day, I wore my new, shamrock green cardigan. I just want to experience fall so bad! I want “cold” weather! (Plus, I look awesome in green.)

Worn with a pair of tan trousers, I layered the cardigan over a crisp, white cami. The bag is by Bueno.

To sass up the very simple, work-appropriate outfit, I wore my brand new leopard print loafers by Bongo ($15).

I got owls on my chainz!

The cardigan, that I bought at Marshall’s for $19.99, is by Cable & Gauge.

After work, I traded the trousers for jeans before heading out to meet up with my favorite friends for an evening of delicious food and love.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Plum Luck

Today was my first day at the new job at the radio station and all my daily threads dreams have come true! (sort of). At my new job, I do not have a uniform, I do not have to wear my hair up and back all the time, I can wear nail polishes other than nudes and pinks. I can wear (just about) whatever I want.

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for some new clothes for my new job and will be able to feature daily my new looks! This means consistent Daily Threads posts and I am thrilled! I’m am quite the lucky girl!

One of the new pieces I wore today is this beautiful Plum Purple silky blouse that I picked up at Marshalls for $12.99. Purple, especially deep purples, are big colors for fall/winter 2012.

I paired the plumb top with a new black pencil skirt. ($10.99? at Ross)

Seafoam Green Mystique Handbag. (Marshall’s $24.99)

Some of my accessories. I also wore my black watch.

And my ugly shoes.

These are the black flats I wore every day to my job at the hotel. While buying clothes all weekend, I didn’t get any shoes and came to realize that I had dumped all my flats when I moved earlier this year (they were all quite worn.) I need to do some serious shoe shopping because I cant stand looking down at these hideous things anymore.

I kept my makeup quite simple and neutral.

Thanks for reading! I very excited to feature my daily threads each day and hope I can excel in my attempts to find fun, work appropriate combinations each and everyday. Combos worthy of being blogged about.

Love, GK

On the Edge & In Style

Today, I got to wear the outfit I was planning on wearing last night to the Jason Mraz concert. After we had our South Florida, daily, afternoon rains, I was hesitant to wear my brand new dress on the wet lawn so I made a last minute change in attire.

When my best girlfriend and I made plans for drinks on the water tonight, I was happy for the opportunity to wear my new dress! Here’s what I wore:

The dress, I picked up at Marshall’s for $12.99

The bag is brand new as well, Nine West. Again, Marshall’s and I only paid $14.99. I had been looking for a small bag to use at the concert and was very pleased with this find.

My usual Sanuk flip-flops (I swear I live in these things down here in South Florida).

I used a belt from another dress around the waist just to break it up a bit.

Second day in a row rocking the aviator shades.

“K” and I enjoyed our drinks and a light dinner right on the water of an awesome spot called On the Edge in Ft Pierce and took in the music played by another close friend of ours. Here’s a couple of shots of the beautiful view we enjoyed as the sun went down:

Can’t beat that!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Love, GK

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Tax Exempt Shopping Day #2

Take 2!!
I was still on the look-out for professional slacks, but still none that fit my shape very well. Also, I don’t like how all the slacks out there are like wearing parachute pants for crying out loud. I wanted a few slim pairs of woman’s trousers. By the end of today, I pretty much had to just buy whatever was in the store.
But not before giving into the temption to buy a new pair of jeans!
the Gap
Long & Lean Jeans $59.50, $20 off – $39.50

Here are the best compromises I could make in the slacks department.

                      JC Penney                            Body Central 
                                                                                                                                         (formerly, The Body Shop)
    $16.99 each – Black & Brown Slacks     $19.80 each Tan/Sandy & Grey/Black Slacks 
                  by Star City                                                   by Flirtation

And I needed another pair of professional, business appropriate heels.

Marshall’s … again
$22.00 – Unisa Black Peep-Toe Heels *CLEARANCE*

I wish I could have dropped all that money over the last two days on “fun” fashions. But duty calls and I want to do really well at my new job. In marketing, appearance makes a huge difference so you know I gotta look good! (I’m not convinced that will happen in those slacks.)

I was feeling my awesome Irish heritage today so here’s what I wore out and about today:

Daily Threads:

  • Dropkick Murphys T
  • Billabong Jean Shorts
  • B Makowsky Black Leather Purse
  • Sanuk Flip Flops 

Celtic inspired jewelry including my Lucky Brand Four Leaf Clover Watch, My Silver Celtric Cross Necklace, and my Irish symbols anklet…. and I just love my little snake ring so I had to were it too!

It wasn’t until the end of the night when my roommate Kacie pointed out that Casey and I were both wearing Irish Ts! Oh well, we must have looked like matching dorks all day.

Back to work tomorrow after this exhausting weekend. I’ve got several long LONG days this week too. 😦 and on top of all my responsibilities at work, all those wonderful opportunities I hinted at in yesterday’s post require a lot of creative thought, time, and effort on my behalf… but I do whatever it takes to pursue my artistic endeavors… SO EXCITING!!!