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Recently, I received my second Loot Crate box. May’s theme is “Unite” and this box was packed full of team heroes! If you’re interested in becoming a Loot Crate subscriber, please CLICK HERE to sign up all the while helping me get $5 towards some loot. If you’re already receiving your monthly Crate of Loot, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s box.

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked about what TV I’m addicted to (or pissed off at.) First, I have to briefly mention The Walking Dead this season:


… that happened.

It was an amazing season but I won’t be diving into my thoughts this time. I’ve got some fresher things on my mind.


Another show that rocked pretty hard but has since ended is Marvel’s Agent Carter. I love the WWII era and I love a kick-ass chick so, most of the time I was loving Agent Carter. There were times, however, when I was like “WTF?” or “Come. On…” I’m super excited about other Marvel TV projects including Daredevil, on Netflix now, and AKA Jessica Jones, on Netflix later this year. Which brings me to Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


I’m still pretty obsessed with Fitz & Simmons in spite of a lack of any real actions in their plots. This season, all the action is with Skye… Daisy… whatever. I can’t help but get annoyed with Skye sometimes because she’s always trusting a hunky dude too quickly or bitching and moaning about everything thats wrong in his life. GRANTed (hehe), theres a lot wrong but still.


This season, I’ve really fallen in love with Bobbi and Hunter. Like a lot of folks, I’m hoping these two can work it out in the end. I recently read that there may very well be another Marvel spin-off featuring my favorite scorned couple which I’m pretty jazzed about. I’ve always loved Kyle MacLachlan and absolutely adore him as Daisy’s bat-shit crazy dad. So, right now, Skye is in what I think is a different dimension with other gifted peeps, there’s two SHIELDs, no Fury and I’m just like “Where the hell is Agent Hill to clear this shit up?” Only a few more episodes this season and things are already crazy.

Last season, Agents of SHIELD took a while to really get going; to really grab my attention. There were plenty of episodes I considered pretty slow and ultimately not even necessary to watch. Maybe that’s the issue first season comic shows encounter because Gotham found itself in the same predicament.


When I first started watching Gotham this season, I really had to force myself to tune in. I would get myself backed up for weeks because I just wasn’t completely interested in the stories. I was annoyed at some of the idiot-proof, blatant “clues” at who characters are. (Yes, it’s Catwoman. But why is she being called “Cat”? Ok, it’s The Riddler, must he have question marks all over his property already?) But I held on, mostly because I wanted to like the show. I’m so happy I did because it’s really picked up steam and I feel like it’s finally starting to come together. Each week, I find myself finding Gordon more and more attractive, Penguin is pretty freaking amazing, having always been a Riddler fan, I’m loving watching Ed find his madness but what the hell is the deal with Fish Mooney? I love a badass bitch, I do. Sometimes, I’m like “Hell yeah, Fish!’ most of the time, though, I’m thinking “why haven’t they killed her off yet?” I mean, she’s now chillen’ in some underground holding cell… I don’t know. I’m pretty much over her. My favorite part of Gotham?


Alfred! So amazing. He’s so sweet with Bruce and super tough other times. He’s also a total badass! Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz are easily my favorite part of most episodes. Sometimes, it’s a little fluffy but I love their relationship and seeing Bruce really grow into who he will be. I’m completely sick of Barbara and for that matter, Gordon’s Doctor chick is pretty lame too. Selina Kyle is interesting to watch but some scenes are harder than others to believe. I’m especially not buying the girlie-mentor crap going on between her and Barbara the last couple of episodes. Poison Ivy is one of my favorite villains ever so I like when she pops up here and there. I don’t like, however, that her name is Ivy… again, it’s one of those dumb “clues”. There’s only two more episodes left this season and I’ll probably end up doing a season wrap-up.

I really hope to get back into Arrow & The Flash. I gave it a real effort but there was a lot I just couldn’t stand… mostly Laurel. (Shut up, Laurel.) Once this season wraps up, I’ll probably jump back into the CW’s comic shows. I’ve also been meaning to get caught up on Game of Thrones for a while now. (It would be a lot easier if I had someone to watch it religiously with).

Before I end this post, I have to mention:


Oh, Don. What will I do one you’re gone for good? I’ve spent the last several years loving Mad Men and I’m sad to see it go. This season I’m most excited to see how the stories of the ladies are played out.


Peggy: a sister doing it for herself. Joan: earned her spot at the top. and Sally: basically looking like a mini-Betty while representing a new generation.

Also worth mentioning: Silicon Valley. It may not fall into an obsessive category but I loved this show last season and am back on board for season 2.  

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Marvel vs. DC Trailer

Marvel vs. DC Epic Trailer

This may very well be the greatest fan video ever made… ever. Alex Luthor, thank you, Sir.

My #nerdvember Master Post

This year, I participated in Set To Stunning‘s #nerdvember contest. Each day, during the month of November, participants can earn an entry into the contest by posting a nerdy inspired outfit of the day. Those who entered 1-10 days qualify for Tier 1 : The Sidekick. 11-20 Days, Tier 2 : The Vigilante. 21-29 Days, Tier 3 : The Hero and All 30 Days is Tier  4 : The Superhero. I jumped in on the 9th day of the contest so posting everyday for the rest of the month, I’ll qualify for the “Hero”. (For full contest info and rules, check out the official post.)

I had so much fun with this photo challenge and even made some pretty rad instagram friends along the way. (For more information on each of these looks, check out my instagram @gingerkate )

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