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FNO 2012 & Daily Threads

Tonight, while the VMAs showed us some of the worst in fashion, the world celebrated Fashion’s Night Out – 2012! I had plans to attend functions on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach where the hotel I work for was participating in an event at Saks and also checking out FNO at The Palm Beach Gardens Mall. [Not so] unfortunately, I had several family members visiting from NY and I attended a large family dinner to celebrate my godmother’s birthday instead. Here’s what I wore:

Navy and White polka dot dress – Forever21

Red belt – ?

Red leather Ralph Lauren sandals. – I’ve had these for so long now.

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Dinner was delicious and the time spent with my family can’t be matched. (I’d missed them so much!) One year… I don’t know when or how… but one year, if my dreams come true, I’ll spend Fashion’s Night Out with this lady, one of my idols, American Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour.

For information about Fashion’s Night Out, check out their site: Fashion’s Night Out.

Next year, I hope you’ll participate the world wide fashion event in your area!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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[yester]Daily Threads :: Damn you, Michael’s.

Today I worked earlier than usual. I’m a total night owl so it’s always weird waking up early and getting out of work before the sun has set. I was excited, though, because my plan had become going to Michael’s afterwards and buying new canvases.

It got even more exciting! I thought, “Hmm.. Maybe I should check their website to see what coupons are in their weekly ad.” So I did. I was beside myself when I spotted not only a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase but a coupon for 40% off (specifically) canvases and easels! “Whaaaaaaat?!” Yes. It was my lucky day.

My manager offered to let me out an hour early and I got even more excited because I was that much closer to my fresh, new, on sale, canvases and thusly, closer to feeding my creating addiction and I’ve been jonesin’ to paint for a few days now…

I kept to the interstate and passed my exit(s) and drove out to Michaels TO FIND THEY WERE CLOSED! … It’s Sunday… bullshit.

So I went next door to TJ Maxx to see if they had the Michael Kors watch I want. They didn’t. So I bought an adorable bright green dress. I can’t wait to wear it!

Anyway, I worked today (as noted above) so I don’t have anything interesting to post for my daily threads. I do however have my daily threads from Saturday and Friday, my last two days off. Here goes:

Friday, July 27, 2012

(Nana’s birthday. I love and miss you, Nana)

I received quite the surprise Friday when one of my old friends gave me a call, out of the blue, to have lunch. We hadn’t seen each other since spring semester 2005 and even then, we had not been close for about a year. She’s lived out of state for the last several years so the opportunity to hang out hasn’t even been there but we’ve kept in touch via facebook and texts. She was one of two girls who really made a huge difference in my life when I was having a tough time. It was really nice to be able to meet up and catch up with her. Here’s what I wore:

Simple. Classic.

Jean Billabong Shorts. Light Blue and White striped button-up from Forever21. Various bracelets. A few rings. My long owl necklace (of course it’s facing the other way here…). Brown circular shades. and (My beloved) Michael Kors Hamilton Tote.

Later that evening, I shot some head shots for a friend of mine. Even later than evening, me and 3 of my friends “played Olympics” in the form of pool volleyball. GO TEAM USA!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday, I spent time watching the Olympics, editing the photos from the day before, watching classic Doctor Who (Baker, baby) and eating far too much pizza. I looked kind of adorable though:

Jean shorts. White tank top. Blue and White polka dots shear top by Lily White. (I love this top!). Various bracelets (the usual suspects mostly). Some rings (including my claddagh: heart out, boys). White cateye shades and the Hamilton Tote again (all my stuff was in it).

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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Dressed for Success!

Earlier in the week, I submitted my resume for an open position at a super-cute, super-British, fancy-schmancy and completely adorable hotel down in Palm Beach. On of my best friends works in the hotel’s restaurant (which is absolutely gorgeous btw!) and he heard of the opening, suggested they consider me and had me forward the appropriate people my resume.

Well, today I had my interview and it went beyond perfect! The managers seems really great and the atmosphere is amazing. I’ve always enjoyed working in hospitality and never intended to work in medical reception for as long as I did. Even when I was doing marketing for the clinics, it was all too “medical”. (And I was damn good at Marketing for the record! Damn, Good!) But I always enjoyed and felt I “shined” when I was working in Hospitality. (That kind of sounds like something a hooker would say, doesn’t it? … I’m not a hooker… if I were a hooker, I’d have much nicer clothes.)

Back to the interview. The interview went extremely well and they must have liked me because they called me tonight and told me I had the job. I’m heading down there again tomorrow to fill out all the necessary paperwork. I’m calling the clinic tonight to quit. … They need me to start immediately. (and I’m ready to move on… ASAP.)

But how could you not want to hire this? Here’s what I wore (I got to take my Hamilton Tote for a day out!)

I look a litte scarey; super exhausted. Excuse my eyes.

White Oxford – $30(?) Bealls. Black Pencil Skirt. Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Got my pearls on too! (none of those faux ones either! not today!)

Wow... super tired. Plus the sky was still bright but dark enough not to need my shades so I was partially squinting. That's the look of light-sensitive pain!

The whole look. Top-to-Bottom

Brand new, White Oxford – $30(?) from Bealls. One of my many Black Pencil Skirts. (If you don’t own one: a.) whats wrong with you? b.) go buy one.) Slate Micheal Kors Hamilton Tote. My new $25 watch from Bealls (I need to invest in a good one. This one’s just a temp.) Grey Suede BCBG Wedges.

Grey Suede BCBG Wedges. Slate Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. cheap-ass watch from Bealls.


Tonight was opening night for Annie, the show my guy is currently doing sound for. Fate designed that our busy paths crossed today with us both all spiffed out. (He looks so adorable.)

Looking Snazzy


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***Now I shall do my happy, new job dance!***


Me & My Hamilton Tote: A Love Story

For years I’ve coveted a Micheal Kors Hamilton Tote. I’d flipped the pages of magazines and sigh each time I past a picture of one of these gorgeous bags. However, I’m a fashionista on a budget and a $400 bag doesn’t fit into that budget very often so it seemed I would have to wait to hold my beloved bag. (I got bills to pay!!) Then, on Saturday January 21, 2012, that all changed.

I had the day off and pondered that age old question: To shop or not to shop? I’m a shopping addict but spending a day doing nothing but relaxing at home is one of my favorite pastimes. Something was calling me though and (luckily) my addiction got the best of me and off to shop I went.

I bounced around from store to store and picked up some pretty awesome finds: an adorable mod dress, a pair of grey wedges, brown heels for the upcoming warm weather, some new lingerie (another addiction of mine) and various other scores. I was in Marshall’s when I spotted it: my slate grey Michael Kors Hamilton Tote for $200!

I nearly fainted. I love Marshall’s and buy many a bags from there but never have I ever spotted such an amazing bag on their racks. Never. and I’m there a lot. Holding it just felt right but there was a dark cloud hovering over this blessed day.

The Hamilton Tote was missing it’s signature Michael Kors lock and key!

Sadly, I placed the bag back on the rack and continued with my shopping all the while dreaming of what could’ve been. It wasn’t until the next day, while out to lunch with my family that it dawned on me that this could still happen! I can’t let this slip away! I mustn’t let it!

After discussing the bag with my mother, who agreed to let me use her as my own private layaway with immediate results (necessary because I had already spent my shopping money on all those other purchases), I called Marshalls and had an employee track down the bag and hold it for me until I could arrive to pick it up. Which I did immediately following lunch.

I first asked the sales associates if they possibley had the missing pieces somewhere else in the store, they of course said “no.” However, I knew I could contact Michael Kors (or at least a member of his warehouse staff) for replacement hardware. You see, this was the realization that had brought me back to Marshall’s to purchase the bag anyway. I also knew I could get a few bucks knocked off of the price so I told the woman helping me that $200 was a lot for a broken bag, Michael Kors or not (*wink*). She asked if $180 would work but I kept at my game. She lowered the bag to $170 and I agreed to make my purchase (WINNING!).

As soon as I left the store, I emailed the staff of Michael Kors and informed them of my “defective bag” and it’s missing hardware and asked what the procedure was for obtaining replacement pieces. Monday afternoon I had a reply asking for my shipping address.

Halleluiah! I could hear the chorus of angels.

All week I thought about how so soon me and my Hamilton tote would be complete! I didn’t expect, however, the staff at Michael Kors to act so quickly but on Saturday, January 28, a small brown package from Meadowlands Plaza, NJ arrived. It was my lock and key!

I wripped open the package and immediately adorned my beloved tote with its proper accessories. Just one problem: The staff at Michael Kors failed to send me the leather piece that holds the key. That wasn’t going to bring me down though! I simply wrote them another email, thanking them for such prompt action, telling them how happy I was and requesting the missing leather piece. I’m now eagerly awaiting it’s arrival!

I owe my amazing mother the remaining $50, I’m still waiting on that leather piece for the key but here it is! MY Michael Kors Hamilton Tote:

My Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

The lock ♥

… unless you’re a fashion genius like me.

Let this be a lessen to all you budgeting babes: fashion miracles happen.

I’ll brag about this bag and my amazing shopping skills for a long time to come! I’m sure you’ll spot this bag in many of my Daily Threads posts!

So much!!!!

I have so much to get posting about!!!!

I got a brand new Michael Kors Hamilton tote and I LOVE IT!!!! I have to post my bragging pics as well as share the wonderful story that brought us together!!!

More awards coming up!!!!!! AND: Fashion Week in NYC!!! (I won’t let you down guys!!!)

I also blocked my crazy social media stalker on all sites!! Although, unfortunately, she can still totally “troll” my blog. (the full story is pretty funny… Or sad. Whichever.)

Will fill all you readers in with all the full stories soon!!!!

Thanks for reading! It means the world to me!!!

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