Michael kors Hamilton tote

Me & My Hamilton Tote: A Love Story

For years I’ve coveted a Micheal Kors Hamilton Tote. I’d flipped the pages of magazines and sigh each time I past a picture of one of these gorgeous bags. However, I’m a fashionista on a budget and a $400 bag doesn’t fit into that budget very often so it seemed I would have to wait to hold my beloved bag. (I got bills to pay!!) Then, on Saturday January 21, 2012, that all changed.

I had the day off and pondered that age old question: To shop or not to shop? I’m a shopping addict but spending a day doing nothing but relaxing at home is one of my favorite pastimes. Something was calling me though and (luckily) my addiction got the best of me and off to shop I went.

I bounced around from store to store and picked up some pretty awesome finds: an adorable mod dress, a pair of grey wedges, brown heels for the upcoming warm weather, some new lingerie (another addiction of mine) and various other scores. I was in Marshall’s when I spotted it: my slate grey Michael Kors Hamilton Tote for $200!

I nearly fainted. I love Marshall’s and buy many a bags from there but never have I ever spotted such an amazing bag on their racks. Never. and I’m there a lot. Holding it just felt right but there was a dark cloud hovering over this blessed day.

The Hamilton Tote was missing it’s signature Michael Kors lock and key!

Sadly, I placed the bag back on the rack and continued with my shopping all the while dreaming of what could’ve been. It wasn’t until the next day, while out to lunch with my family that it dawned on me that this could still happen! I can’t let this slip away! I mustn’t let it!

After discussing the bag with my mother, who agreed to let me use her as my own private layaway with immediate results (necessary because I had already spent my shopping money on all those other purchases), I called Marshalls and had an employee track down the bag and hold it for me until I could arrive to pick it up. Which I did immediately following lunch.

I first asked the sales associates if they possibley had the missing pieces somewhere else in the store, they of course said “no.” However, I knew I could contact Michael Kors (or at least a member of his warehouse staff) for replacement hardware. You see, this was the realization that had brought me back to Marshall’s to purchase the bag anyway. I also knew I could get a few bucks knocked off of the price so I told the woman helping me that $200 was a lot for a broken bag, Michael Kors or not (*wink*). She asked if $180 would work but I kept at my game. She lowered the bag to $170 and I agreed to make my purchase (WINNING!).

As soon as I left the store, I emailed the staff of Michael Kors and informed them of my “defective bag” and it’s missing hardware and asked what the procedure was for obtaining replacement pieces. Monday afternoon I had a reply asking for my shipping address.

Halleluiah! I could hear the chorus of angels.

All week I thought about how so soon me and my Hamilton tote would be complete! I didn’t expect, however, the staff at Michael Kors to act so quickly but on Saturday, January 28, a small brown package from Meadowlands Plaza, NJ arrived. It was my lock and key!

I wripped open the package and immediately adorned my beloved tote with its proper accessories. Just one problem: The staff at Michael Kors failed to send me the leather piece that holds the key. That wasn’t going to bring me down though! I simply wrote them another email, thanking them for such prompt action, telling them how happy I was and requesting the missing leather piece. I’m now eagerly awaiting it’s arrival!

I owe my amazing mother the remaining $50, I’m still waiting on that leather piece for the key but here it is! MY Michael Kors Hamilton Tote:

My Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

The lock ♥

… unless you’re a fashion genius like me.

Let this be a lessen to all you budgeting babes: fashion miracles happen.

I’ll brag about this bag and my amazing shopping skills for a long time to come! I’m sure you’ll spot this bag in many of my Daily Threads posts!