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"I’m Not A Coward I’ve Just Never Been Tested"

Sh*t is getting cra-zy. 

 “The Libyans!”  – Doctor Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown
I’m pretty sure Japan is like “WTF guys?”
If you have no clue what’s going on, please go read something.

On a more personal note: I came inches away from being in a full-on bar brawl on St Pats. Allow me to illustrate.

I’m at the jukebox picking out songs and two women come up behind me, waiting to pick a few songs as well. One of these women is extremely intoxicated, and why not? it’s St Patrick’s Day…

Now, I had heard some drunk bitch screaming earlier, so when this chick starts up, I assume it’s been her.

“Hey! hey! Can we pick too?!”
“Yes. I’m going to pick my two more credits, then you can go.”

Her friend looks mortified and exhausted and tells her to be quiet and tells me to take my time. But as I was finishing telling her to wait, the drunk one is already screaming

“Hey! She’s the girl from the movie! Shes that girl!”

Her friend is still telling her to shut the fuck up.

As I’m browsing for my next pick(s), my first pick, “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” by Dropkick starts. Drunk bitch, after some shit-talking, immediately says

“This is fucking Dropkick Murphys!”
“Fuck yeah it is!” 
I so eloquently reply and throw up a hand for fiver. She obliges and screams, 
“I’m from Boston!”

…I resisted informing her of my location of orientation, to avoid the physically contact. The tension was intense. Major bitch vibes being exchanged. Before this pathetic attempt at a friendly connection, this chick has been yelling all sorts of random pushy things to which I’ve retaliated with completely stopping making my selections and staring at her with an “I’m going to F you up” look and by talking at her like a child.

My eager aggression was only exacerbated by the intense intro on “I’m Shipping Up to Boston.” I always thought it would be awesome to get into a fight to this song… could this be my magic moment?

I return to making my last song selection, choosing “Devils Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly… yeah.

Now, D.B’s friend has been telling her to back off and shut the hell up this whole time because the few quotes I provided are not even the tip of this conversational iceberg. Have I mentioned that she’s been screaming crazy shit this whole time. Anyway, D.B. suddenly screams,
“I’m gonna kick your ass” and steps toward me pointing her finger.
I turned to face her front on and stepped toward her as well. 

I was very impressed with myself! To quote The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “I’m not a coward I’ve just never been tested” and in this case I was, and I passed. Her friend immediately turns to me and in a near plea says
“She’s not going to kick your ass” to which I reply 
“It’s cool if she wants to try.” I know. Gangsta sh*t.

At this point Casey comes up along side me… I guess in some way of showing support. He claims it was to prevent me jumping at this bitch. Either way, I nudged him off saying pretty damn loudly,

“I’m TOTALLY cool!” 
I felt like the whole bar was watching, but couldn’t look away from this woman. But here’s where her friend grabs D.B. and very sternly and seriously yells 
“You have to stop!” 
and walked her away. I then heard her tell their other friends “It’s time for her to go home.”
As I walked back to our high top, I have to admit: I was really disappointed that it didn’t escalate. I guess I was just in a fighting Irish kind of mood. I was so down to brawl and I didn’t even have any of my girls with me for back-up. It was the Jack Daniels Badge of Courage. I would consider it an honor to knock some light weight out on St Pats… Maybe next year…

Ginger of The Month – Jan ’11

Tonight we had The Philharmonic of Poland: A Night in Vienna at the theatre. Last week was so nice; didn’t need to be there before 10am, left at 4pm… so niiiiice. This week I’m back to the Daily Theatre Grind. Starting at 10am (or earlier) shopping at BJs and Publix for the artist(s), squeezing in a few hours of office time and then hurrying down to the theatre to set up for the night…. and then staying until everyone is out… everyone.

But I am sooooo NOT complaining. It’s hard work. Long work. But I absolutely love it! Everyone I work with is beautifully-crazy, on top of their game and shares my passion for theatre and the arts. Working around such creativity is such comfort, in it’s cookey, chaotic way. But onto more important things: here’s what I wore today:

  • I bought the t-shirt yesterday at Macy’s -$14.99
  • The black cardigan with glass, gem-cut buttons I’ve had for years. If I don’t button the top button, the collar just flaps around awkwardly, so I use these adorable vintage lady bug spiral pins to hold it down. (I got these from a friend whose grandma had given her a crap-load of awesome costume jewelry and pins. I got several awesome pieces that day!)

  • I also wore black Gap slacks and black ballet flats.

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was recently pointed out to me that I had not yet selected a Ginger of the Month. I consulted my list of note-worthy Gingers and thought of a couple who I could pick this month: Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams are both picking up prestigious award nominations left and right… but I’d rather wait until they [possibly] win. Emma Stone went blonde and got a HORRIBLE orange spray tan; I could do my very first Un-Ginger of the Month. But then I thought that both of these acts are common Ginger mistakes; -I feel sooner or later every Ginger will attempt both. (I was a blonde child and have often considered trying blonde out… I’ve also tried just about every self-tanner on the market: drug store brands, department store lines, professional or at home… They. Look. Stupid.- Plus, Ms. Stone is a natural blonde, so I can’t exactly hold it against her.

Then I finally decided. The January 2011 Ginger of the Month is, Me.

Why? Because this is my blog. I pick the Ginger of the Month. and I feel like it. Not to mention, January is my birth month and this is a perfect way to formally introduce myself. So here goes:

(this picture is so important to me.)

I am the oldest of 3 sisters.
We stole each others sh*t all the time. Denied it. Then gave it back months later.

Our parents are still together and seem to enjoy each others company… which is unfortunately rare. …and I’m proud of them. They’re why I’m as awesome as I am. I’ll thank them for you.

My family is very, VERY Irish. and very proud of it.

Jack Daniels & Lucy, my babies.

I live with 3 roommates and 3 dogs, two of which are mine… the dogs, not the roommates.
Only one of the roommates is mine.

I was born and raised on Long Island. Suffolk County, North Shore.
We used to take walks to the beach and go year round. Being near the water is home to me.
We try and visit as often as possible and driving down the roads I rode down as a kid gives me the most amazing feeling. I truly miss it.

My family lived in South Central Virginia for 5 years. -way far from the beach.
I met one of my best friends and went on the most awesome school field trips.
My years spent in Virginia are a huge reason why I love history so much. Living in Virginia was not only historically satisfying, it’s natural landmarks and sites are incredible!
Not to mention the phenomenal school systems. I was 2-3 years ahead when I moved to Florida.

Living in Florida is a love/hate thing for me.
I hate what the humidity does to my hair. I love living near the water, like in NY.
I hate when it’s too hot, which is most of the time. I love that I can swim almost year round.
The truth is I came/am coming of age here. I met my family of friends here. …and I can’t begin to describe how much that group loves, supports and respects each other. It’s amazing.

Ginger Kate, Duchess of Nerds

I’m a humoungus nerd.
The majority of my nerdosity lies in Latin & Greek studies, Office Supplies and Harry Potter.
-I dabble in Star Wars, Star Trek and other SciFi


There’s A LOT. A couple of which are:

  • Gone with the Wind,
  • Back to the Future Trilogy,
  • The Boondock Saints, Snatch,
  • & The Wizard of Oz (because of my childhood.)

I absolutely, f*cking love music. This list isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. These bands I can listen with every album all the way through at anytime and LOVE IT… anytime.

Classical Rock Bands:

  • The Doors -my first semi-sexual experience was when I made out with my cousin’s Jim Morrison poster.
  • The Beatles. -Duh. Plus, they ALWAYS make me smile. Unless they’re making me cry hysterically.
  • Led Zeppelin – My parents, esp. Mom, are big on Led. It’s the soundtrack of my childhood.
  • Janis Joplin. Queen. Johnny Cash. The Ramones. & Elvis should also be mentioned.

Contemporary Rock Bands:

  • Incubus – Brandon Boyd is my soul mate, we just don’t know it yet.
  • Weezer – Always a good time with Weezer.
  • Flogging Molly – They are just… perfect. and super f*cking nice! (the bassist snuck me into their concert. it was awesome.)
  • Sublime, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Dropkick Murphys, The Killers & No Doubt should also be mentioned.
  • and Motley Crue falls somewhere in between. And: I. Love. Motley Crue.
  • My newest obsession? Mumford & Sons… UGH! I LOVE them!

Music really centers and helps me catalog my life. I’m such an emotional person, in all aspects and music says everything. I couldn’t live happily without it.

I love so much music! Hard Rock, Metal, Glam Rock, Folk, Classical, Reggae, Acid Rock, Oldies, Blues, Hip-Hop, 80’s New Wave, Pop, and some Country.
The bands/genres vary depending on mood… like every other music lover.

I swore I would never do it again, but I kind of miss the Black Hair…

The Arts
I thrive on all of the arts. As a child I excelled at anything artistic. I loved being creative and that definitely has not changed. If I am not working on at least one of my creative pursuits, I feel lost. I typically have a forever-long list of projects I want to do and multiple projects being worked on. I can’t imagine a life without art and I don’t want to. Everything is art. …and art really is everything.

I have big dreams. Huge dreams. All completely different.
I have such a variety of interests; I never know what to choose.
My dream is to never have to. I don’t have to be a mega-success in any of my endeavors,
as long as I am some sort of success at any/all of them. I do them cause I love them.
-That sounds stupid and cheesy all at once… but whatever.

There’s a lot more I could say… (such a D.B. thing to say…) but I already feel like a egocentric a-hole. Look, I didn’t have to look up facts about myself to announce me as January 2011’s Ginger of the Month… I’ve been busy. Plus, my birthday month is over!! 😦 Until next year…
I’ll try and pick more interesting people Feb-Dec…

2011 Oscar Nominations

Today, the nominees for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were announced.

Here are some of the more popular categories and nominees:

Best Picture:
Black Swan. The Fighter. Inception. The Are All Right. The Kings Speech.
127 Hours. The Social Network. Toy Story 3. Winter’s Bone.

Best Director:
Darren Aronofsky – Black Swan. David O. Russell – The Fighter. Tom Hooper – The King’s Speech. David Fincher – The Social Network. Joel & Ethan Coen – True Grit.

Best Actor:
Javier Bardem – Biutiful. Jeff Bridges – True Grit.
Jesse Eisenberg – The Social Network. Colin Firth – The King’s Speech.

Best Actress:
Annette Benning – The Kids Are All Right. Nicole Kidman – Rabbit Hole. Jennifer Lawrence – Winter’s Bone. Natalie Portman – Black Swan. Michelle Williams – Blue Valentine.

Best Supporting Actor:
Christian Bale – The Fighter. John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone. Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right. Jeremy Renner – The Town. Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech.
Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams – The Fighter. Helena Bohnam Carter – The King’s Speech. Melissa Leo – The Fighter. Hailee Steinfield – True Grit. Jacki Weaver – Animal Kingdom.

Ok. Now, most of these movies I haven’t even seen yet. But there were a few people that should have been on one of these lists and were not.

Justin Timberlake – I’m biased. I know. I’ve loved J.Tizzle for the past 13 years, but he is so incredibly talented and he’s proven himself to be a fantastic actor over and over. Why was he not nominated for Best Supporting Actor?

Mila Kunis – No nomination? No Best Supporting Actress?

Mark Wahlberg – He’s the only person in the core cast of The Fighter not nominated!

Two of my favorite categories that aren’t as widely popular are:

Best Art Direction:
Alice in Wonderland. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 (Also nominated for Best Visual Effects! woop-woop). Inception. The King’s Speech. True Grit.

Best Costume Design:
Alice in Wonderland. I Am Love. The King’s Speech. The Tempest. True Grit.

In TV news:
Season 4 of The Jersey Shore will be shot in Italy… I’ll admit, I watch Jersey Shore. I don’t rush home or anything. I don’t feel a void or even notice if I miss an episode. But I definitely watch.

That being said, I hate that most Americans traveling abroad have no sense of tact or cultural respect most of the time, and the world’s citizens continue to see us as ridiculous.

So… I don’t particularly agree with sending 8 of our biggest jokes over seas. Obviously the episodes will be full of “fish-out-of-water fun”… But those Italians aren’t going to just overlook Snooki’s big-ass frog slippers. They’ll be insulted by a lack of consideration for anyone and everyone who has to look at them. Not to mention that these people can’t even function in American society… even when that American society is, indeed, in New Jersey.

OH! and one last thing before I wrap this baby up. I came across this article about new shampoos that work better than shampoos currently selling. It’s definitely worth a read! The T-Sfere Technology shampoos are made by a California company named Kronos, which I would try based on the company name alone! (Latin/Greek Nerd Alert!)

I Quit [my job]!

Yes, today I quit my job at the clinic.

I’ve been working in medical reception, mostly local urgent care centers, for the past 3 years. It hasn’t exactly been a secret that I hated it either. Of course, I met several really awesome friends and it didn’t completely suck sometimes. And somethings about it were kind of awesome [sometimes]. Most of all, it was a secure, steady paycheck and I was grateful for that.

Unfortunately, I was so angry and stressed all the time. Being the spoiled little artist that I am, I felt like all my outlets of creativity were constantly being stifled. I’m an artist. My background and heart is in Theatre. I couldn’t even dress cute. I would have to guess, that over the last 3 years, 50% of the time I was wearing scrubs and 35% of the time I was in pajamas or lounge clothes recovering from work, which left me about 15% of the time when I was wearing something exciting that I felt good in… something other than scrubs or PJs.

I was depressed and exhausted (physically, but mostly mentally) from work. Working 12+ hours a day doing something you detest is like torture. Its especially grueling when it’s slow and all you can think about are the minutes slowly passing and all the awesome sh*t you want to be doing, but can’t, because you’re stuck in your own personal hell-hole. (PS, a Receptionist does NOT = office custodian. You pay someone else a whole lot more than those girls to clean that sh*t! and that person doesn’t get screamed at by ignorant assholes all day.) The offices I worked out were always understaffed too, so everyone usually had some amount of overtime. Which has its benefits sometimes, but mostly it sucked, the government just takes more in taxes anyway. I’d much rather have more time to deal with MY LIFE! Because there were never enough staff members, you couldn’t even call in sick (which was most of the time because of all the nasty-ass patients coughing right at you). God for bid you did, mangers made you feel like you killed someone and no other employees wanted to come in because they already had enough damn overtime.

My friends didn’t always understand why I was so depressed about my jobs. Overall, working indoors, in AC, behind a computer and answering phones doesn’t seem so bad; and it’s not… I can think of a billion jobs that suck a hell of a lot more. Even so, there are a billion reasons why working in medical reception sucks; I really could go one forever, and god bless my friends because they’ve heard it all.

I did gain a lot of experience and knowledge though, and made many friends; and now all that anger, stress, depression and overall displeasure is behind me. I submitted my letter of resignation and as of December 23, 2010, I no longer work for the clinic. (I have never once named my current or previous clinics).

Earlier in the month I had interviewed for a position at The Lyric Theater. Today, the Director of Operations called me and offered me the position! I was ecstatic! Salary, benefits, my choice in attire (hello?!), and best of all: It’s Theatre!

I am now The Lyric Theater’s Hospitality Manager. I am also starting a whole new chapter for The Lyric as their Internet Media Marketing Manager (title is unofficial as of right now. They don’t really know what we’re calling it yet). Basically I will create and manage The Lyric’s social networking and internet marketing department.

Pretty. F*cking. Awesome!

I know I probably shouldn’t print curse words right next to a link to my new employer, but I totally censored myself with the asterisk (even though artists shouldn’t have to!) and I’m just so damn excited about this brand new chapter opening in my life.

I can’t think of a better Christmas present. I wished and waited for my opportunity to make my living with theater… And it keeps getting better. I’d like to take this time to officially announce another recent business venture of mine.

Casey and I are creators and owners of Acropolis Productions, Inc. It is the Treasure Coast’s newest theater production company. Our first production (which will most likely be Laughter on the 23rd Floor… the rights are being held at present) will be opening in Spring 2011! I’m Vice President!

When we would hang out in Historic Downtown Stuart, we would sit on the “steps” at the dock where there is the cutest, most simple, amphitheater-esque little performance area which we named The Acropolis (very close the The Lyric). We would talk about how, one day, we would produce Shakespeares and Greek plays down by the water here. So when Casey and I first began planning for our production company (which will include theater productions, shorts and films) we had only one name in mind and it was perfect: Acropolis Productions, Inc. -Now, here we are.

This is the dawning of a totally new part of my life. Up until now, I’ve just been working jobs to pay my bills. Starting now, I am making a career for myself. I’m staring to shape the rest of my life and I am so happy! I can’t wait to join the Lyric Family (full time) this month.

This is truly the answer to all my prayers over the years. I can feel myself changing; I’m happy again. 2011 is looking pretty f*cking amazing!

Best Way To Quit Ever!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

So on November 11, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had its world premiere in London. I wanted to share some of the stars fashions. After we look at some pretty and not so pretty premiere attire, we’ll get to all my complaints about the most recent film. Enjoy.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and (ginger of the month) Rupert Grint
Most of the cast and others who walked the red carpet wore a poppy
in support of Veterans (especially of WWII)

Emma Watson looked amazing as always.
(I’m biased of course due to the total girl crush I have on her.)
♥ Emma!

Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour) borrowed this one from her Grandmum.
(It’s not like Gran’s leaving the grave anytime soon anyway.)

The H.B.I.C. Herself, J.K. Rowling.
This woman is amazing.

Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) looking gross.

Katie Leug (Cho Chang).
I think she looks adorable. It’s totally old school, but super polished.
She looks like a USO girl

Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)
I’m not diggin’ this… Sorry Luna.

So on November 18, Kacie, Sarah, Kenny, Casey and I headed over to the theater for the Midnight showing. I even made a super awesome (However, huge) Gryffindor t-shirt!

Go Go Gryffindor!

It was cold that night too so I got the opportunity to wear my new red coat (and boots!)

Kacie’s outfit was very Luna inspired

This was taken immediately after the movie was over.
I don’t look as excited as I did before.

And now, on to the nerdy bitching…
Let me begin by saying, after seeing each movie for the first time, I have a long list of complaints. Over time, my heart melts and I love each and every single one. I’d also like that say that I wasn’t as disappointed leaving Deathly Hallows as I was leaving Half Blood Prince. Upon leaving Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I-WAS-PISSED. More pissed than I was leaving Order of the Phoenix; I was a bit more pissed leaving Order than I was after seeing Goblet of Fire; and 1-3 I didn’t really have too many complaints with. (Very few at least)

I know they can’t fit it all in. I know story modification may be necessary in small amounts. But the choices made over the last few films have let me down. Some of my favorite sub plots and moments are completely cut from the films. This brings me to my complaints about Deathly Hallows.

I appreciated that a lot of moments, that haven’t exactly been set up in prior films, were included. However, these moments were without a doubt less impactful than they were in the books because of the lack of set-up.

1.) Dobby’s Dealth – While reading the book, I had to put down the book and
stop reading while I openly sobbed, for God knows how long, when Dobby
died. In the film you barely feel anything and it’s because all the House
Elf subplots, and Dobby in general, have been cut from the films.
I love the House Elves! SPEW!

2.) Bill and Fleur – After watching the Burrow burn, I questioned whether or not
there would even be a wedding at all. But WTF? Bill and Fleur’s relationship
should have been addressed already. Otherwise, “how random that
that french chick is back and marrying a Weasley we’ve never met?”

3.) Tonks and Lupin. – WTF? -You know what I mean.- Where the hell was Tonks in
Half Blood Prince?! “Oh PS Harry, we’re together (I was never worried about this
at all…) and I have a baby bump. I’m not the least bit concerned that I’m having a
Werewolf’s baby either. Surprise.”

To be honest, that entire bit at the beginning, before the 7 Harrys left for their safe houses, pissed me off… and the lack of portkey use did too.

Hedwig’s death was so much more climatic in the book… I cried. (I cried a lot while reading DH)

“Harry’s got a shard of glass. I knew this kid could get whiney, but cutting? Come on chosen one. No need for random jagged glass to be one you at all times…. Oh, you mean that shard of glass is from a pretty awesome and incredibly useful mirror? Cool.. i guess.” -Hello?!

In all actuality, most of my complaints aren’t really even about Deathly Hallows part 1. The complaints are really due to the fact that so much was cut in the past, that now, all the “catching up” is happening awfully rushed and it just doesn’t give justice to any of it. Not that I wasn’t expecting everything to be rushed, it has to be… but a little more set up would leave less to rush through in the final stretch.

I also felt way more offended when Voldemort desecrates Dumbledore’s grave in the book. In the movie I was like.. ok… here it is I guess. Then I put my boots back on to leave. (that theater was hot as motha… i needed to cool off)

I have far more complaints, most of which are tedious and nerdy, however, I really did enjoy it and I’m eagerly awaiting part 2 now.