Third Eye Blind in Ft Lauderdale

Tonight, my two friends Kacie and Chelsea and I rocked out in Ft Lauderdale at Club Revolution to Third Eye Blind.

The show was amazing!! Those boys have definitely still got it! I was able to bribe a security guard and scored my friends and I prime location spots directly next to the stage! [dusts dirt off my shoulder]. If there is one thing I’m good at it’s making the most of opportunities at rock shows. Our view was perfect and our experience amazing! Another special skill of mine: taking impeccable concert photos!

Below are a few shots from the show!
Thanks for reading! Love, GK






Jason Mraz w/ Christina Perri

Today is the Jason Mraz concert (w/ Christina Perri) in West Palm Beach! I’ve been counting down the days for a while!!



Here’s what I wore to the show. (Sorry guys, this was the best pic I managed to get of my outfit.)

  -Billabong Jean Shorts. Yes, I AM wearing shorts.

-Sheer Peacock Feather top (w/ Hot Pink Bra underneath… showing.. whatever)

-Sanuk Flip-Flops

-Aviator Shades

-Various Jewelry including the guitar pick and charm necklace I made.

The show was amazing. I was with an amazing group of friends (old and new). Christina Perri was fabulous opening the show hopping back and forth from guitar to piano.

  Jason Mraz was just as mind-blowing as usual.   Thanks for reading, Love GK

Guitar Update.

My guitar is coming right along. Besides minor touch-ups, I’m finished with the painting. After I lacquer the entire thing I’ll install all it’s hardware and fixtures, string it up… and viola! Complete.

The Body so far.

I really wanted the background to be very, sort of, spacey. Wisps of gold swirls through the purple hues and gold and silver stars are scattered though out.

No Hardware or Lacquer yet

I really didn’t know what to do with the neck. I finally ended up blending the dirrefent shades of purple as I did on the body and then sponged gold accross each of the frets. The most recent work I put into the piece was picking and shaving the paint off of each of the frets… it’s nearly impossible to tape each one off. Ryan showed me the easiest way to do this using an exacto knife.

It’s almost done!!! I’ll be customizing my acoustic next!!

Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow night with Casey, Ryan, and Cromer!!! So excited!!

My Current Piece. Custom Guitar.

The other night I decided to start a piece I had been wanting to do for a while. My friend T.R.O. has custom painted several guitars, and they are beautiful. Mostly original pieces, he has also painted Starry Starry Night on one (seen in the picture below) as well as an entire Richie Havens series for and auction benefiting one of our local theaters. Well, a while ago, he gave me a guitar, all primed an ready to go, so I could do one myself. I hesitated on starting because I was waiting for an amazing idea. I never got one, but I got the urge to start painting it, and so I did.

Me with the Starry Starry Night Guitar by T.R.O.

I’ve been taking photos each time I add more to it. I started by sketching out whatever came to mind; which so happened to be flowers and swirly lines. I decided the lines would become bars of music and then began painting.

It’s far from finished, but I’m excited about how it’s turning out.