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Cheers! To a New Year


2012 is kaput and 2013 is here! A year ago, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of a fantastic year ahead. I was optimistic and just knew 2012 would be an absolutely amazing year!

…it kind of sucked.

Not all of it, of course, and in the wake of all the emotional disasters and havoc-ridden happenings I learned and grew and became a better, more developed person… Not that I needed any of that anyway; I’m flippin’ awesome and have been since ’87. … Oh, God, I turn 26 this year.

The sucky stuff definitely sucked. I’m still feeling the aftershocks and sometimes I do get frustrated with the reverb. It does seem to, in deed, diminish “over time”, however, so I anticipate it eventually fading out. The awesome stuff resonates just as powerfully and increases; I doubt I’ll ever shake that wake and I would never want to.

Long story short: On New Years Day 2012, the greatness I felt rising upon the horizon wasn’t without its traumas but to be able to dance in the ripples like a skipped stone certainly feels great.

Kate the Great! That’s how I feel about 2013. A rebirth… sort of. Not in the recovered junkie sort of way but more like a major medical discovery. I have so much more to apply to life. And if there’s one thing I’ve always known about myself and really came in handy in 2012 it’s my resilience and ability to adapt so whatever traumas 2013 may hold, I’ll come out on top. A Phoenix that will rise above the ashes every time… and hotter. I’m just as optimistic about the upcoming year as I was last year but this time, I know better than ever that anything can happen, good or bad. Regardless of which, you ride it out.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Here’s a peek at my amazing night with my amazing friends last night.






The Snowmen

Merry Christmas! I hope you and your loved ones shared a very lovely holiday together. And if you’re a Whovian, like me, I hope you enjoyed this years Christmas special, The Snowmen.

I, of course, dressed for the occasion (the Doctor Who premier, not Christmas). Here’s what I wore:


Along with my new tshirt (ordered off of Amazon), I wore a pair of skinnies, a black sweater and black boots.


I wore my red bow [tie] earrings, my clock necklace and some nerdy eyewear.


I even jazzed up my [already TARDIS blue] manicure with some Who nail art. (Not my best but not bad for a minute and 30secs) A TARDIS and a red bow tie.


Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Time in a Bottle

Today, it was rather chilly in South Florida. It was beautiful and I required sand and shells for a Christmas gift project I’m working on for one of my best friends (she’s moving to Chicago and will miss the beach so I’m making her a jar of beach to take with her) so I took a trip to the beach.

Growing up on Long Island, my family used to walk to the beach during cold weather fairly often. When most people think “beautiful beach day” they think hot sun and tanning oil; I think of days like today.

I’m in total Doctor Who Christmas special mode right now and my choice in cold weather attire seemed to reflect companion style. (I just wish I didn’t have that gross ciggie in my hand.) Here’s what I wore:





Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Going Golightly

Today, I channeled my inner Audrey when I chose my daily threads.

Black, classic cut dress. Pearls. Red nails. Red lips. Red heels.

Rocked my purple, leather Nine West purse.

(Because I’ve been too lazy to transfer all my crap)

I also wore my black “old man” sweater to make this more casual for the office. Plus, my office is cold and it was rainy today.

There was no question about whether or not to pile my hair high atop my head in a classic bun, but instead of working to achieve a sleek, polished one, I took the easy road and just bunched my curls and secured my bun with a few bobby-pins. I adorned my power-puff with a pearl clip right in the middle much like Audrey’s hair bling in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There was no other choice in shades than a pair of my cateyes. I initially grabbed my black pair but opted for the whites to really let them stand out. My other accessories included:

Pearl bracelets, my pearl and onyx ring and my work watch.

But shoes can make an entire outfit and my all black ensemble needed a bold pop.

Enter my deep red Delicious pumps.

I did, however, commit a pretty serious crime of fashion:

I. wore. pantyhose. with. peep-toes!


Shit happens.

… and I didn’t shave my legs today.

Most days, immediately after taking my photos for my daily post, I change into comfys and lounge about. I don’t exactly feel the need to capture these looks (and I’m, quite frankly, embarrassed by most of them.) but today I figured, “what the hell?”

Hogwarts T, Gym shorts stolen from my ex, flip flops, uncontrollable hair.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been receiving some much appreciated love recently from new readers and I want to sincerely thank all of you. I’m so flattered that anyone actually reads my jibber-jabber and the support I’ve been shown means the world! Thank you.

Love, GK


Plum Luck

Today was my first day at the new job at the radio station and all my daily threads dreams have come true! (sort of). At my new job, I do not have a uniform, I do not have to wear my hair up and back all the time, I can wear nail polishes other than nudes and pinks. I can wear (just about) whatever I want.

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for some new clothes for my new job and will be able to feature daily my new looks! This means consistent Daily Threads posts and I am thrilled! I’m am quite the lucky girl!

One of the new pieces I wore today is this beautiful Plum Purple silky blouse that I picked up at Marshalls for $12.99. Purple, especially deep purples, are big colors for fall/winter 2012.

I paired the plumb top with a new black pencil skirt. ($10.99? at Ross)

Seafoam Green Mystique Handbag. (Marshall’s $24.99)

Some of my accessories. I also wore my black watch.

And my ugly shoes.

These are the black flats I wore every day to my job at the hotel. While buying clothes all weekend, I didn’t get any shoes and came to realize that I had dumped all my flats when I moved earlier this year (they were all quite worn.) I need to do some serious shoe shopping because I cant stand looking down at these hideous things anymore.

I kept my makeup quite simple and neutral.

Thanks for reading! I very excited to feature my daily threads each day and hope I can excel in my attempts to find fun, work appropriate combinations each and everyday. Combos worthy of being blogged about.

Love, GK