Mystique handbags

Sans Excitement

For my second day at my new job at the radio station, I paired a crisp white button-up with my grey pencil skirt. Not a huge departure from yesterday’s look but I’m experiencing a work-appropriate shoe deficit and didn’t have a lot to work with. I knew I had to correct this issue so guess what I did on my lunch break today. Yeah, man! Shoe Shopping!!

I know. Nothing exciting. But at least I managed to snap some crappy pics and keep up with my daily threads posts!

I wore my hair in a low, loose bun for most of the day.

Thats all for today. I’m wiped. I’m still adjusting to waking up before noon now.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Rock & Roll History lesson :: October 9 :: Today would’ve been the 72nd birthday of the late John Lennon. It is also the 37th birthday of his son, Sean Ono Lennon. Happy Birthday, John. You are missed! and Happy Birthday, Sean!


Plum Luck

Today was my first day at the new job at the radio station and all my daily threads dreams have come true! (sort of). At my new job, I do not have a uniform, I do not have to wear my hair up and back all the time, I can wear nail polishes other than nudes and pinks. I can wear (just about) whatever I want.

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for some new clothes for my new job and will be able to feature daily my new looks! This means consistent Daily Threads posts and I am thrilled! I’m am quite the lucky girl!

One of the new pieces I wore today is this beautiful Plum Purple silky blouse that I picked up at Marshalls for $12.99. Purple, especially deep purples, are big colors for fall/winter 2012.

I paired the plumb top with a new black pencil skirt. ($10.99? at Ross)

Seafoam Green Mystique Handbag. (Marshall’s $24.99)

Some of my accessories. I also wore my black watch.

And my ugly shoes.

These are the black flats I wore every day to my job at the hotel. While buying clothes all weekend, I didn’t get any shoes and came to realize that I had dumped all my flats when I moved earlier this year (they were all quite worn.) I need to do some serious shoe shopping because I cant stand looking down at these hideous things anymore.

I kept my makeup quite simple and neutral.

Thanks for reading! I very excited to feature my daily threads each day and hope I can excel in my attempts to find fun, work appropriate combinations each and everyday. Combos worthy of being blogged about.

Love, GK

Arts Supply Shopping Style!

Today, I picked up some art supplies on the cheap by taking advantage of some awesome coupons and sales at Michael’s. Afterwards, I was taken on a sweet and casual FroYo “date”. Here’s what I wore:



My new favorite (leopard print) shorts. A mint green (very) sheer top from Charlotte Russe. Leopard print sunglasses. Sea green Mystique bag.




Being a huge lingerie lover, I have a bra that matches the top perfectly. I love how I can show a lot by barely showing it. The back is a lot more revealing than the front, which I love because I think backs and shoulders are mucho sexy. The frilling in the front keep with the sheer while covering my girls and tummy.




Various rings and bracelets.




I wore my Tigers Eye in my stone cage necklace.


I can’t wait to get to work on my new canvases on my brand new easel!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Floral Print and Rum Runners

Tonight, I shared the evening with my best girlfriend, some of her coworkers, kamikazes and lots of rum runners. Here’s what I wore:



Floral print dress from Charlotte Russe. Thing braided brown belt. Sea Green Mystique bag. Large, Circular light brown sunglasses. Long Owl necklace. Various other jewelry.




There you have it.

Thanks for reading. Love, GK