DIY :: Sherlock ‘Bored’ Nails

I was bored and feeling creative so I decided to give myself a Sherlock inspired manicure. To try this out yourself, all you need are: 1.) White Polish. 2.) Black Crackle Polish. 3.) Yellow Polish. 4.) A very small paint brush. (You can also achieve this look using Black Polish for the main coat followed by White Crackle Polish.)

Thanks for reading! Love, GK



D.I.Y. :: Galaxy Nails

Last night, I decided to try out a nail art idea that I’ve seen floating around the internet for a long time: Galaxy Nails. It’s super easy to do and there’s really no way to possibly mess-up. All you’ll need to do this yourself is a few nail polishes and a makeup sponge or a couple of cheap eye shadow applicators.  The color polishes you’ll want to work with include: 1. Black or Dark Purple or Dark Blue. 2.) White 3.) Light Green or Light Gold. 4.) Blue or a Brighter Blue (if you used dark blue for your base color) 4.) Pink. 5.) Sparkles. Here are the colors I used:


  • wet n wild :: black creme
  • sally hansen extreme wear :: white on
  • julep :: piper
  • sally hansen triple shine :: wavy blue
  • julep :: lily
  • julep :: trina
  • sinful colors nail art :: bad chick
  • sinful colors :: queen of beauty

IMG_6870.JPGStart by painting your nail with your dark color. Next, dab white polish around the center of the nail with the sponge using a very light hand. Then, apply your next color the same way.


Blend the last color into the dark polish perimeters with blue. Now, add touches of pink or purple around, still using the sponge technique. *Be sure not to over-do-it with any of the colors and end up covering all of the white; you still want some white popping out.* The next step is optional: Using a teeny-tiny nail art brush, you can add some white specks and x’s (or maybe bigger chunks of glitter). Finally, finish with a sparkly top coat and you’re done!

Next time I paint my nails like this, I will definitely do a few things differently. One of those adjustments will be to go easy on the sparkle polish too. I feel like the overabundance of of silver takes away from the colors. But what can I say? I like a lot of glitter in my galaxy.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Sally Hansen’s Double Duty review

It’s horrible. Sally Hansen’s Double Duty top & base coat is just horrible! Absolutely atrocious.

After picking this up for the first time a couple of days ago, I’ve used it twice. Twice because I had to completely redo my mani after a positively shitty first go ’round with this craptastic top & base coat. It just wasn’t hardening/drying. I did the ice water trick. I did the cooking spray trick. The hair dryer. The waving my hands around in the air like I just don’t care method. But I did care; I cared a lot that this was ruining my new nail color’s maiden voyage. (Essie‘s limited edition neon collection’s Serial Shopper. – I love it.)

I removed it all and started again the next day, yesterday. This time, I used exceptionally thin coats each and every layer. I even waited a substantial amount of time in between each coat. Still, after applying that final layer, the top coat, it wouldn’t dry!!! I ended up applying a coat of acrylic sealer I had laying around from forever ago. It worked and I was able to enjoy celebrating my best friends birthday on the beach all day. No thanks to Sally.

Long story, short: skip this “Double Duty” base & top coat from Sally Hansen’s.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Essie’s limited edition Neon Collection 2014

birthday beach bash babes

3:30am Drugstore Haul

This is the kind of thing that happens when I go to walgreens at 3:30am.


Revlon :: Lash Potion Mascara
Revlon :: Nearly Naked Pressed Powder
Sally Hansen :: Triple Shine Nail Color in Wavy Blue (Dark-Cobalt w/ Glitter) and Slick Black (Multi-color Glitter in Black)
imPRESS Press-Ons in Bright as a Feather (Dark Blue w/ Blue Sparkles) and Kids & Tell (Ombré Pink)

Love, GK

December 2012 :: GlossyBox :: Glamour, Glitz and Gloss

Ok, ok… late again. retro-dating, again.

December 2012 Glossy Box :: Glamour, Glitz and Gloss


Alrighty, first up, my favorite product in this months box: Lipclick Luxe Lipstick by Mark. I love the color and I love the tube itself. The cool thing about this Lipclick is the magnetic closure. Less chance of this opening up in your purse.


My second favorite in this box was the ZOYA nail laquer. I own another ZOYA polish and I like the brand. The quality is good and last a while without chipping. I love this glittery gold but it was kind of a bitch to take off.


A small frangrance sample of Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. It smells nice.


Tiny, aluminum tear-open sample of Wella Velvet Amplifier hair primer. I haven’t used this but I’m interested in the theory…


The next two products are definitely my least favorites only because I will rarely get a chance to use products like these, bath and shower additives, and thus don’t care to sample them all that frequently and I got two in one box.

Forrest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda replenishing bath and shower oil.


and Heartland Fragrance Co. Bath Salts in White Ginger. These will sit on my tub until I one miraculous day have time to just sit and soak in a lovely therapeutic bath… “aint nobody got time for that!”


As an awesome extra, GlossyBox through in this dainty necklace from JewelMint. I am extremely allergic to nickel and when buying costume jewelry I have to make sure it’s nickel-free or I get a weird, nasty, bumpy rash wherever the cheap jewelry was… I was very happy that I did not react to this piece. I’m not sure how long the lovely sparkle will last before it tarnishes so I’m going to get some wear out of it now.


There ya have it! My December 2012 GlossyBox!! (Fingers crossed that I get my January, Manrepeller box, review done in better time.)

Thanks for Reading! Love, GK