Newest Art Project!

Today I started my newest piece. Here’s the progress so far… I’m calling it a night.

Just begining.Taken with my iPhone.Progress so far. Taken with my iPhone.Side. Taken with my iPhone.A bit closer of a look. Taken with my iPhone


Progress so far. Taken with my iPhone.

Side. Taken with my iPhone.

A bit closer of a look. Taken with my iPhone


Thats all for tonight… depending on whether or not my scheduled photo shoot for a lively engaged couple gets rained out or not, I might work on it some more tomorrow.

I’m super excited to finish this one! I’ll give you a hint about what my vision entails: once finished, I can post this piece in my Fangirl section too! 😉 Bonne nuit!


"Semi Somus"

Yesterday, I began the background for “Semi Somus”, today I finished the rest. I couldn’t help myself and sprinkled glitter for stars. (I’ve been teased in the past for incorporating glitter in my work.) Anyway, here it is: “Semi Somus”. (LATIN NERD ALERT)

Night Owl – September 2010


Tonight I started and completed a new piece. I began what I planned on being a very abstract painting of a peacock, but then, my best friend/roommate/muse Kacie suggested I use real peacock feathers. Being it is that her Mom owns peacocks, Kacie had a bunch of feathers. I got so super excited about it that I had to complete it tonight. And here it is, my Peacock. ♥

Brian M. Viveros

On an episode of L.A. Ink, that I saw recently, a girl was getting a tattoo of a painting by the artist Brian M. Viveros. I thought it looked pretty awesome so I visited his website… I fell in love! He’s an artist of various mediums and all of it is beautiful. There’s not much I can say because the work really speaks for itself ( & the names of his pieces are amazing in their own right.) but I’ve picked a few of my favorites and I’d like to share them with you.

I hope you’ll visit his site and check out more of his work, it really is amazing! Enjoy!
The Art of Brian M. Viveros


Dirt Tease – 2010

Vikeodin – 2010
Gladiate Her – 2010
Last Rites – 2008
Viva La Muerte

Last Round – 2010

Dirtyland III – 2008
Octopussy – 2007
Fight Klub – 2008


Mosquito Bite – 2007 (Ink on Paper)

Back Massage


Psycho Del Lick My Pussy – 2007

Too see more of Brian M. Viveros’s artwork, please visit his website.
The Art of Brian M. Viveros

Guitar Update.

My guitar is coming right along. Besides minor touch-ups, I’m finished with the painting. After I lacquer the entire thing I’ll install all it’s hardware and fixtures, string it up… and viola! Complete.

The Body so far.

I really wanted the background to be very, sort of, spacey. Wisps of gold swirls through the purple hues and gold and silver stars are scattered though out.

No Hardware or Lacquer yet

I really didn’t know what to do with the neck. I finally ended up blending the dirrefent shades of purple as I did on the body and then sponged gold accross each of the frets. The most recent work I put into the piece was picking and shaving the paint off of each of the frets… it’s nearly impossible to tape each one off. Ryan showed me the easiest way to do this using an exacto knife.

It’s almost done!!! I’ll be customizing my acoustic next!!

Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow night with Casey, Ryan, and Cromer!!! So excited!!