Going Golightly

Today, I channeled my inner Audrey when I chose my daily threads.

Black, classic cut dress. Pearls. Red nails. Red lips. Red heels.

Rocked my purple, leather Nine West purse.

(Because I’ve been too lazy to transfer all my crap)

I also wore my black “old man” sweater to make this more casual for the office. Plus, my office is cold and it was rainy today.

There was no question about whether or not to pile my hair high atop my head in a classic bun, but instead of working to achieve a sleek, polished one, I took the easy road and just bunched my curls and secured my bun with a few bobby-pins. I adorned my power-puff with a pearl clip right in the middle much like Audrey’s hair bling in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There was no other choice in shades than a pair of my cateyes. I initially grabbed my black pair but opted for the whites to really let them stand out. My other accessories included:

Pearl bracelets, my pearl and onyx ring and my work watch.

But shoes can make an entire outfit and my all black ensemble needed a bold pop.

Enter my deep red Delicious pumps.

I did, however, commit a pretty serious crime of fashion:

I. wore. pantyhose. with. peep-toes!


Shit happens.

… and I didn’t shave my legs today.

Most days, immediately after taking my photos for my daily post, I change into comfys and lounge about. I don’t exactly feel the need to capture these looks (and I’m, quite frankly, embarrassed by most of them.) but today I figured, “what the hell?”

Hogwarts T, Gym shorts stolen from my ex, flip flops, uncontrollable hair.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been receiving some much appreciated love recently from new readers and I want to sincerely thank all of you. I’m so flattered that anyone actually reads my jibber-jabber and the support I’ve been shown means the world! Thank you.

Love, GK



Blacks, Slacks, Flats & Relapse

Never got a chance to photograph yesterdays daily threads. Too much fun I suppose. It was pretty adorable though, unlike my outfit for today. I’ll make this a quick one.

Didn’t do anything special with today’s daily threads. I’m actually experiencing a “I have nothing to wear”-phase again… which is exactly why I spent my lunch break shopping at Marshall’s again. (I’m a recovering shopaholic and recently, I’ve been experiencing a relapse.) I picked up some fantastic pieces too. But for today, here’s what I wore:

Grey slacks, black t, black “old-man” sweater, black flats, purple nine west purse, pearl jewelry.

Thanks for reading, GK!

Early Out and About

My first week at the radio station has come to an end. An unexpectedly quick end. My manager dismissed my newly hired coworker and I before noon so our weekend got started nice and early!

For my last day of my first week, I wore the tan trousers I wore on Wednesday and paired them with a simple white t and my new, royal blue, cropped jacket.

The jacket was purchased last weekend at Ross, on clearance, for $8.49. It’s by HAVE. (? I have never heard of them…)

I broke out the LV Speedy 25 since I’ve been switching up bags more frequently than usual this week. Go big or go home right?

I havent worn these red polka-dot shoes by Guess in a very long time because of the pointed toe (which I havent really been “feeling” over the last several years) but I think with the loose-fit and wide cut trousers, the pointed toes look pretty good.

I opted for the high, loose, messy bun with the thin headband for my hair again today.

I wore a funky little key pin on my jacket for fun. The key was part of a set that I bought a couple of months ago when I made some necklaces using an identical pin.

I also accessorized with pearls and my usual jingle. Also, my watch and my claddagh ring and my silver ring with the (native american) turquoise bear claw on it.

It was so nice to get home early and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing (and blogging!)

Thanks for reading! I hope I can keep up with my Daily Threads the way I’ve always wanted to! I suppose we shall see with time.

Thanks again! Love, GK

This was one of the photos I was rejecting but I think my little Doodle-Bear, Jack Daniels, looks so adorable. He was curious about what I was doing home so early and why I was ignoring him while taking my photos.

Dressed for Success!

Earlier in the week, I submitted my resume for an open position at a super-cute, super-British, fancy-schmancy and completely adorable hotel down in Palm Beach. On of my best friends works in the hotel’s restaurant (which is absolutely gorgeous btw!) and he heard of the opening, suggested they consider me and had me forward the appropriate people my resume.

Well, today I had my interview and it went beyond perfect! The managers seems really great and the atmosphere is amazing. I’ve always enjoyed working in hospitality and never intended to work in medical reception for as long as I did. Even when I was doing marketing for the clinics, it was all too “medical”. (And I was damn good at Marketing for the record! Damn, Good!) But I always enjoyed and felt I “shined” when I was working in Hospitality. (That kind of sounds like something a hooker would say, doesn’t it? … I’m not a hooker… if I were a hooker, I’d have much nicer clothes.)

Back to the interview. The interview went extremely well and they must have liked me because they called me tonight and told me I had the job. I’m heading down there again tomorrow to fill out all the necessary paperwork. I’m calling the clinic tonight to quit. … They need me to start immediately. (and I’m ready to move on… ASAP.)

But how could you not want to hire this? Here’s what I wore (I got to take my Hamilton Tote for a day out!)

I look a litte scarey; super exhausted. Excuse my eyes.

White Oxford – $30(?) Bealls. Black Pencil Skirt. Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Got my pearls on too! (none of those faux ones either! not today!)

Wow... super tired. Plus the sky was still bright but dark enough not to need my shades so I was partially squinting. That's the look of light-sensitive pain!

The whole look. Top-to-Bottom

Brand new, White Oxford – $30(?) from Bealls. One of my many Black Pencil Skirts. (If you don’t own one: a.) whats wrong with you? b.) go buy one.) Slate Micheal Kors Hamilton Tote. My new $25 watch from Bealls (I need to invest in a good one. This one’s just a temp.) Grey Suede BCBG Wedges.

Grey Suede BCBG Wedges. Slate Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. cheap-ass watch from Bealls.


Tonight was opening night for Annie, the show my guy is currently doing sound for. Fate designed that our busy paths crossed today with us both all spiffed out. (He looks so adorable.)

Looking Snazzy


Thanks for reading!

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***Now I shall do my happy, new job dance!***


Shopping Day! …with my Boyfriend?

Today I enjoyed a much deserved day off from work at the clinic with my boyfriend Casey. He took me to brunch where we got our food to go and eat while we enjoyed the beautiful South Florida weather at a local park. After that we set out on our mission for that day: To buy Casey a new wardrobe… or at least start.

Of course I can never resist shopping and I picked up a few things for myself.

  • I saw this t-shirt at H&M and I had to buy it. All my Jim Morrison gear is worn out or shrunken. I saw it, gasped and immediately ran over to pick out my size. There was no question that it would be mine. –$17.95

While there I saw an adorable rock and roll leather mini skirt and I wanted one! The only one left was the one on the mannequin and it was a 4 so I wanted to strip that baby off and at least try it on. The store was a mad house however and the staff was rude on top of completely stupid… plus, I want to invest in a really nice one.

  • I picked up a pair of bangles on clearance at Target for about $3.
  • At Forever21 (the store was so cluttered and messy, I much prefer just continuing to order from the site) I picked up this adorable Pearl Neckline Top. I just love Pearls! This top is perfect for me. -$17.80
  • And since they were only $1.50 I got this 3 pair pack of “pearl” earrings.

*TIP* I have a HORRIBLE intolerance to cheap jewelry and a nickel allergy. I love funky, original jewelry so when I find fakey pieces I like I used clear nail polish on them. In stead of fighting with green skin and nickel rash, I avoid it by applying a single layer or clear coat on the part of the jewelry that meets my skin. (IE: the inside of rings and the stud on earrings.) IT REALLY WORKS and elongates the life of your cheap jewelry… it doesn’t look so gross so quick.

  • At Marshall’s I picked up this basic, long sleeve T for -$7.99.
  • I got this basic black pencil skirt at Ross for $9.99. (I love pencil skirts… and my last black one has a bumpy “pootch” thing up top.)
  • I also got a sparkly Ava Rose Wristlet for only $5.99! (it’s going to match my Sparkly black Steven Madden pumps perfect!! … when I buy them. 🙂 )

Casey got several button-up Oxfords, Lucky Brand Jeans and Lucky Brand PJ pants. He was a bit disappointed with his haul for the day, be we’ll just have to go shopping again soon! 😉