Funshine State Saturday

I love my outfits most on days I have off of work. I woke up super early today (6:30am!) and I set out to capture the sunrise with my canon. Later, I spent the beautiful afternoon with friends and conned one of them, my former personal photographer, to snap some pics for my post today.

My favorite thing about this dress are the bubble sleeves. They actually extend all the way down to an elastic wrist but I pulled them up to my elbow for the day. I accessorized with my purple nine west leather purse, various bracelets, my long owl necklace and several silver rings.

I always feel better when someone else takes the pics for me. Not only do I feel less like a lame-ass but I get to play around a bit more.

While out and about, I had to pick up some of my absolute must-have beauty products that I had run out of. (I hate when I run out of a crap-load my products all at once.)

  • ic inner cellular hair polish
  • Garnier Sleak and Shine Anti-Humidity smoothing milk
  • new toothbrush
  • new loufa
  • yes to Cucumber soothing makeup remover wipes
  • Apricot Scrub (just as good as the St Ives equivalent)
  • Neutrogena pink grapefruit Body Clear Body Wash
  • Rimmel white eye shadow

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


On the Edge & In Style

Today, I got to wear the outfit I was planning on wearing last night to the Jason Mraz concert. After we had our South Florida, daily, afternoon rains, I was hesitant to wear my brand new dress on the wet lawn so I made a last minute change in attire.

When my best girlfriend and I made plans for drinks on the water tonight, I was happy for the opportunity to wear my new dress! Here’s what I wore:

The dress, I picked up at Marshall’s for $12.99

The bag is brand new as well, Nine West. Again, Marshall’s and I only paid $14.99. I had been looking for a small bag to use at the concert and was very pleased with this find.

My usual Sanuk flip-flops (I swear I live in these things down here in South Florida).

I used a belt from another dress around the waist just to break it up a bit.

Second day in a row rocking the aviator shades.

“K” and I enjoyed our drinks and a light dinner right on the water of an awesome spot called On the Edge in Ft Pierce and took in the music played by another close friend of ours. Here’s a couple of shots of the beautiful view we enjoyed as the sun went down:

Can’t beat that!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Love, GK

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The Regal Twelve – by Alexia Sinclair

Over the last few days, while home sick, I spent a lot of time perusing the web… A LOT. This is apparent based on my recent daily blogs full of other people’s artwork. I’ve also been burning my way through The Tudors on Netflix… It’s amazing. (I had been meaning and wanting to watch the entire series for a while and this sudden illness provided the perfect opportunity and excuse to do nothing except watch Netflix for hours… days in fact.) The combination of constant web surfing and raunchy royals prompted me to search for some royal images. What I found is absolutely beautiful!

I came across the site of a beautiful and talented artist out of Australia, Alexia Sinclair. Alexia is a Fine-Art Photographer and Digital Artist and her portfolio is incredible. It includes two series: The Royal Dozen and The Regal Twelve. The Regal Twelve, especially, really combined so many of my favorite things, I was in google-heaven when I found her page! Fashion and Photos and History, oh my! So many of my favorite things all rolled up into one gorgeous series of images.

The Regal Twelve is a series of (you guessed it) 12 images of famous (and infamous) female European Monarchs. Each piece combines photography with the feeling of historical portraits and sprinkled throughout are bits of symbolism and imagery of the life and legend of each of these powerful women. The Royal Dozen is a series of (yet again) 12 images of great men in power. I’ve included a few of my favorites from this series in with the entire series of The Regal Twelve below.

Please visit Alexia Sinclair’s Site. There, you can order prints (I believe) of your favorite images! Her work is really incredible!! It’s also so interesting the read about how her works come to life. For instance, for this series, Alexia traveled Europe shooting the backgrounds and then shot the models in a studio where she also edited and added all the story-telling details for each image.

(All images posted below are © Alexia Sinclair 1999 – 2012. NONE of the following images/artwork are my own or that of anyone other than Alexia Sinclair.)

Boudica - The Celtic Queen

Queen Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen

Marie Antoinette - The Extravagant Queen

From "The Royal Dozen" - King Louis XIV - The Sun King

Alexandra Romanov - The Last Czarina

Queen Isabella of Spain - The Catholic

Cleopatra - The Seductress

Elizabeth Bathory - The Countess of Blood

Olympias - The Sorceress

Eleanor Of Aquitaine - The Eagle

Christina of Sweden - The Androgynous Queen

Agrippina - The Poisoness

Catherine the Great - The Enlightened Empress

From "The Royal Dozen" - Vlad Draculea - Song of the Dragon

From "The Royal Dozen" - Marquis de Sade - The Sadist

All images posted above are © Alexia Sinclair 1999 – 2012

I hope you enjoyed the work of Ms. Sinclair! If you love art and photography, please subscribe. You wont be disappointed!

Thanks, as always, for reading!



Some of my favorite images come from the 1920s. I love the fashions and all the ascetics when looking back upon that wild and progressive decade. One of the early 1900’s most provocative and innovative photographers was Brassai. Below are some of my favorite Brassai works.


*i don't know this ones title*

"Chez Suzy"

*i don't know this one's title*

"Le Pont Neuf"

"Passerby in the Rain" - 1935

"Le Corsete" - 1933

"Le Mains de la Cartomancienne"

Leapin’ Gingers!

Happy Leap Day!!!

When I originally started blogging back in 2008, my posts were mostly based on “Ginger”/Redhead subject matter. All my posts kind of targeted a red-haired audience. I still post towards fellow Gingers from time to time, but it’s become less frequently over time; especially as my readers diversified and grew. (I love you guys!).

Anyway, I figured it’s been a while, so here’s a “Ginger Post”. I perused google for some dramatic and/or gorgeous images of redheads. Enjoy!

Big, Sexy, Red Hair. I love it!

I love images like this. Life, Joy in motion.

I thought this was pretty gorgeous.


Glamour Doll.

Again, I thought this was gorgeous.

This picture is amazing!


I love the soft curl to her hair.

This image was one of my favorite finds for the day. Her face is so amazing!



Go Green! Go Paperless!