Retro Fashion

Puuuuurrrrfect Retro Shades

I saw these today and had to make them mine. And since today happens to be the 49th anniversary of Ms. Marilyn Monroe’s tragic death, I had to show them off Marilyn-style. Cat-eye frame and leopard print pattern? Yes!

RIP Norma Jean.
“I would’ve liked to have known you…”
but my Dad was only 2 and my mom wasn’t born yet.

OMG, Shoes.

70’s glam is definitely in this summer and wedges and platforms are at the top of the must-have list.

Brian Atwood
Miu Miu

Good news! I found my shoes for the 4th of July!!! (in my fabulous pretend-imaginary-dream world)

Christian Louboutin

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I enjoyed my day off from work at my family’s home poolside. We were enjoying the sunshine and our barbeque as we celebrated the unofficial start of Summer 2011 while remembering the service men and women who have served to make that possible.

My little sister and I, poolside.
Yum-yum! I ♥ Summer!

Daily Threads
Navy & White Polka dot strapless sundress – Clearance, Target
White Retro 50’s Cat eye sunglasses  – Clearance, Wal-Mart
Red, White & Blue Peace Sign Bikini
Boar’s Head Kosher Beef Hot Dog, Heinz Ketchup, Golden’s Spicy Brown Mustard…. yeah.

It was so disappointing. Saturday at work, while I was checking a mother and her 3 young children out of the clinic, I wished them a happy Memorial Day. One of her boys, about 6 years old, asks his mother “What’s Memorial Day?” to which this woman replied “Ummmm… gee. Actually, I don’t know.”

… …. …. …. Really?

I simply said to the boy “Memorial Day is when we remember and honor the men and women who have served and even given their lives for our freedom. So if you see someone who was in the Army, [for lack of and in depth explanation of all military branches], make sure you say thank you.”

The mother, obviously a bit embarrassed, and rightfully so, said “I guess it’s pretty bad that Mom didn’t know that”. and when I answered the boy’s question I wasn’t trying to embarrass to make her feel bad, but the kid definitely should know what memorial day is… and so should his mother.

But…… Summer 2011 is here!!!

This summer is going to be fantastic, and I’m so excited about this season’s trends!! I know I’ve been slacking on here this past month, but I’ve been doing my research and I have so many topics, trends, and how-tos to post very very soon!

If you feel bad, buy stuff.

Yesterday, I was feeling particularly down. It felt like I was facing more extreme stresses than usual… and I don’t like regular stress (I know, weird, huh?). Anyway, it pretty much sucked. Aside from the fact that I had shared the stage with Tommy Tune… “there is no such thing as small parts, just small actors” or something like that. What I mean to say is that however brief my time on stage with Tommy was, and regardless of that fact that I had no lines, and absolutely no dancing of any kind, I performed with Tommy Tune. Let me give you the play-by-play:

-the number begins. … following “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” No. I’m not being sarcastic, ironic, a prankster or a jokester. No. I’m not joshin’ya either. Yes. The Green Day Song. In all honesty, the story that preceded the piece was a bit of a teary one… this horrid song was actually incredibly touching…
 [Tommy Tune deserves Sainthood for this.]

-I step out carrying a very bedazzled red penguin-tailed coat… a large one… this guy is huge. Tall that is. “5 feet, 17 1/2 inches, and all fun”… (that’s in the ad copy.)

-I walk down stage, toward the masses, to the fans. … even if they were his fans. and even though my mark was behind a row of lights and several very large power chords that are non existent as far as the audience is concerned, but still very real to me. Potential death. I was risking my life to walk on stage and stand hear Tommy. But the show must go on!

Ok, this is where the magic happens:
-From Center, he “spots” me.
-He then taps his way over.
– …. then I help him put on the jacket. (AND I WAS AMAZING!)
-I wait a moment. smiling in my fabulous sparkley Steve Maddens.
-He gives me a look, a smile, then a nod.
-I acknowledge the look/smile/nod… and smile.
-We both break away.
-He returns to… wherever the F his next place was and I exit upstage right (the whole time praying I can find the break.)
…and Tommy blows the audience away, blah blah blah… but for that moment, while the spotlight shined upon us… it was… magic. award winning stuff. but mostly, I was honored. Truly. -I just wish I had a picture
Question: Will this be going on my resume?
Answer: Yes. I’ll also announce it when entering parties or anytime I introduce myself to someone.
Best part? I was short. in heels. …I forgot to look up tonight, was the moon indeed blue? (Side note: a “Blue Moon” is the second Full Moon to occur in a month… now you know. and knowing is half the battle.)

So anyway, yesterday was really hard. …wah wah wah

I was hoping today would be better, but I was still feeling absolutely horrible. After a pep-talk from one of my favorite co-workers, I felt loads better. I was able to sit down and focus and get my sh*t together. Later, I had to pick-up laundry and make a stop at that bank. On my way back to the theatre, I began to wish I had a better shirt to wear with my skirt for that night’s show. I decided to stop in at T.J.Maxx. I’ve had a store credit gift card for a while that needed spending anyway… you know where this is going anyway, so here’s what I bought:

This completely adorable layered and lace cream top. $11.00 Clearance.

This black with white embellishment sundress. Perfect for the beach $10.00 Clearance.


These completely adorable, So retro-fabulous, Black and White Polka Dot with Red Patten, Steve Madden heels. I just knew I needed to make these mine. When I slipped them on, a 1947 Chevy pulled up and I was asked to jitterbug. No lies or exaggeration… at all. $24.99.

I felt a lot better after that and hurried back to work.

Retro-Cheetah for Tommy Tune

Today, to work, I wore one of the new tank tops I bought yesterday. I paired it with a teal, button-up sweater that I’ve had for forever. I wore my new white sneakers and my black and teal cat eye sunglasses! I felt pretty hip today and got plenty of compliments on my look!

I found out later in the day that Tommy Tune, who performed tonight, would require someone to be featured on stage in one of his numbers to help him into a red, glittery penguin tailed jacket. That person turned out to be me. So mid-day I raced home to throw together a more appropriate outfit for being seen on stage. I wish I had a picture, but I don’t.

I paired my black pencial skirt with a red top and wore my sparkley steve madden heals with a glittery bangle brancelet for a little show-biz glam! I think I did pretty well! I’m hoping that during tomorrow night’s performance, I can manage to get someone up in the tech booth to snap a pic of me and Tommy together on stage for that preif moment. I mean, how many times does a theatre kid get the chance to work on stage with THE Tommy Tune, ON STAGE, during one of his shows!? No often… 🙂 I’m quite please with my luck recently.

I do however have a string of horrible luck going on, at least personally. I’ve just been feeling a bit down. The people around me are amazing, sometimes everything just seems crummy I guess. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!