Plum Luck

Today was my first day at the new job at the radio station and all my daily threads dreams have come true! (sort of). At my new job, I do not have a uniform, I do not have to wear my hair up and back all the time, I can wear nail polishes other than nudes and pinks. I can wear (just about) whatever I want.

Over the weekend, I did some shopping for some new clothes for my new job and will be able to feature daily my new looks! This means consistent Daily Threads posts and I am thrilled! I’m am quite the lucky girl!

One of the new pieces I wore today is this beautiful Plum Purple silky blouse that I picked up at Marshalls for $12.99. Purple, especially deep purples, are big colors for fall/winter 2012.

I paired the plumb top with a new black pencil skirt. ($10.99? at Ross)

Seafoam Green Mystique Handbag. (Marshall’s $24.99)

Some of my accessories. I also wore my black watch.

And my ugly shoes.

These are the black flats I wore every day to my job at the hotel. While buying clothes all weekend, I didn’t get any shoes and came to realize that I had dumped all my flats when I moved earlier this year (they were all quite worn.) I need to do some serious shoe shopping because I cant stand looking down at these hideous things anymore.

I kept my makeup quite simple and neutral.

Thanks for reading! I very excited to feature my daily threads each day and hope I can excel in my attempts to find fun, work appropriate combinations each and everyday. Combos worthy of being blogged about.

Love, GK


“made of flesh. made of sand. made of human”

Here’s what I wore today:

It was a laid-back day off of work with plans to surf in the evening. I wore a camel-colored corduroy skirt by Bongo that I got at a thrift store not that long ago for a couple of bucks. I wore a brand new, plain white t that I got from Ross for $7.99 (I go crazy for a fresh white T/tank… I just love them!) I had my usual Sanuk flip flips on and borrowed my friend’s hat that was laying around the boys’ house.

Here’s how I accessorized:

(crappy cell-phone pic) My short silver chain w/ shamrock, long owl necklace, Lucky Brand Peace sign earrings, my claddagh ring, owl ring, silver chain bracelet, silver bangle, Alex & Ani star of venus bangle, earth tone beads and jade beads.

But that wasn’t my only look for the day. Once it was time to head to the beach I had to switch it up.

I borrowed the men’s Levi plaid button up and simply tied it around my waist. I wore a pair of white shorts for a small amount of time as well.

As soon as we got out there, the white shorts came off. Later on, once I was tired of being tossed around like a rag doll, I wore the shirt open and untied without the shorts.

I happened to be wearing the oldest bathing suit I own, but it’s an “old faithful” for me. It’s my black and teal Billabong bikini.

It was a glorious evening at the beach; we didn’t leave until well after the sun went down. The beach at dusk is beautiful… I may not have had any major break-throughs in my surfing “lessons”, but I got some writing down and generally just enjoyed the salty air and warm breeze.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Title of post “made of flesh, made of sand, made of human” from Jason Mraz’s “Only Human”.

Chilled-out Cheetah

I kind of forget, until the end of the day, that I had re-made it my mission to feature my Daily Threads. So, I had a friend quick snap these of me so I could keep the promise I made to myself… for now.

I was enjoying a really low-key relaxing day off of work so I wore a brand new (1st time wearing) white tank that I picked up from Ross for $4.99 and my even newer Cheetah print shorts that I got for $10 on clearance at TJ Maxx the other day.

I wore my usual array of bracelets. Today they included: my silver bangle, my silver chain, earth tone beads, Alex & Ani Star of Venus bangle and a jade beaded bracelet. (I forgot to get any closer pics.) I had my claddagh ring on and some dangley earrings (I don’t know how to describe these). I had my silver shamrock on, as usual, and my owl loop necklace.

I completed my look with my leopard print, cat eye sunglasses and my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. My Speedy is actually one of my newest acquisitions. I bought it second had and had it authenticated; I got a fabulous deal on the price (after some serious negotiating thank you very much.). I also love my “Mint Sorbet” nail polish!

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Thanks again, Love GK

Shopping Day! …with my Boyfriend?

Today I enjoyed a much deserved day off from work at the clinic with my boyfriend Casey. He took me to brunch where we got our food to go and eat while we enjoyed the beautiful South Florida weather at a local park. After that we set out on our mission for that day: To buy Casey a new wardrobe… or at least start.

Of course I can never resist shopping and I picked up a few things for myself.

  • I saw this t-shirt at H&M and I had to buy it. All my Jim Morrison gear is worn out or shrunken. I saw it, gasped and immediately ran over to pick out my size. There was no question that it would be mine. –$17.95

While there I saw an adorable rock and roll leather mini skirt and I wanted one! The only one left was the one on the mannequin and it was a 4 so I wanted to strip that baby off and at least try it on. The store was a mad house however and the staff was rude on top of completely stupid… plus, I want to invest in a really nice one.

  • I picked up a pair of bangles on clearance at Target for about $3.
  • At Forever21 (the store was so cluttered and messy, I much prefer just continuing to order from the site) I picked up this adorable Pearl Neckline Top. I just love Pearls! This top is perfect for me. -$17.80
  • And since they were only $1.50 I got this 3 pair pack of “pearl” earrings.

*TIP* I have a HORRIBLE intolerance to cheap jewelry and a nickel allergy. I love funky, original jewelry so when I find fakey pieces I like I used clear nail polish on them. In stead of fighting with green skin and nickel rash, I avoid it by applying a single layer or clear coat on the part of the jewelry that meets my skin. (IE: the inside of rings and the stud on earrings.) IT REALLY WORKS and elongates the life of your cheap jewelry… it doesn’t look so gross so quick.

  • At Marshall’s I picked up this basic, long sleeve T for -$7.99.
  • I got this basic black pencil skirt at Ross for $9.99. (I love pencil skirts… and my last black one has a bumpy “pootch” thing up top.)
  • I also got a sparkly Ava Rose Wristlet for only $5.99! (it’s going to match my Sparkly black Steven Madden pumps perfect!! … when I buy them. 🙂 )

Casey got several button-up Oxfords, Lucky Brand Jeans and Lucky Brand PJ pants. He was a bit disappointed with his haul for the day, be we’ll just have to go shopping again soon! 😉