Tax Exempt Shopping Day #2

Take 2!!
I was still on the look-out for professional slacks, but still none that fit my shape very well. Also, I don’t like how all the slacks out there are like wearing parachute pants for crying out loud. I wanted a few slim pairs of woman’s trousers. By the end of today, I pretty much had to just buy whatever was in the store.
But not before giving into the temption to buy a new pair of jeans!
the Gap
Long & Lean Jeans $59.50, $20 off – $39.50

Here are the best compromises I could make in the slacks department.

                      JC Penney                            Body Central 
                                                                                                                                         (formerly, The Body Shop)
    $16.99 each – Black & Brown Slacks     $19.80 each Tan/Sandy & Grey/Black Slacks 
                  by Star City                                                   by Flirtation

And I needed another pair of professional, business appropriate heels.

Marshall’s … again
$22.00 – Unisa Black Peep-Toe Heels *CLEARANCE*

I wish I could have dropped all that money over the last two days on “fun” fashions. But duty calls and I want to do really well at my new job. In marketing, appearance makes a huge difference so you know I gotta look good! (I’m not convinced that will happen in those slacks.)

I was feeling my awesome Irish heritage today so here’s what I wore out and about today:

Daily Threads:

  • Dropkick Murphys T
  • Billabong Jean Shorts
  • B Makowsky Black Leather Purse
  • Sanuk Flip Flops 

Celtic inspired jewelry including my Lucky Brand Four Leaf Clover Watch, My Silver Celtric Cross Necklace, and my Irish symbols anklet…. and I just love my little snake ring so I had to were it too!

It wasn’t until the end of the night when my roommate Kacie pointed out that Casey and I were both wearing Irish Ts! Oh well, we must have looked like matching dorks all day.

Back to work tomorrow after this exhausting weekend. I’ve got several long LONG days this week too. 😦 and on top of all my responsibilities at work, all those wonderful opportunities I hinted at in yesterday’s post require a lot of creative thought, time, and effort on my behalf… but I do whatever it takes to pursue my artistic endeavors… SO EXCITING!!!


Tax Exempt Shopping Day #1

It’s that time of year again. All those little brats will now be back in school and out of my way, eyesight and earshot… running around screaming and dripping nasal fluids.* It also means there’s an entire weekend of sales tax exempt on clothes and shoes!!! It couldn’t be all fun and games though, my main mission this weekend was to pick up pieces for work.

eh ‘hem… I would like to make an announcement:

I recently received a promotion and am now the Director of Marketing.
Thank You… Thank You…
… Which means I can’t wake up and throw on some scrubs in the mornings, so casual business attire it is!
I was on the hunt for well-fitting slacks all day. I have a hell of a time finding woman’s slacks for woman who do not have a set of nice full hips. I don’t have a very big ass. Nor do I have curvy hips or even much of a waist. Do I wish I did? Yes. But I don’t and I need nice fitting slacks God damn it! On my incredible journey I picked these up along the way:
Wet Seal
$12.80 – Brown Ballet Flats.
$7.99 – Red w/ White Polka Dot Peep-Toe Flats *CLEARANCE*
AND when I got to the register, the lovely boy with beautiful long hair let me know that I could choose another item off the clearance rack for on $.01 … so… …

$.01 – Purple w/ Cheetah Print Yoga Shorts *CLEARANCE*

Charlotte Russe
$14.99 –  Red Pencil Skirt       $16.99 –  White w/ Black Pin Strip Pencil Skirt w/ Black Belt

JC Penney
$10.77 – Grey/Black Jacket w/ Black Belt *CLEARANCE*

But the highlight of my shopping day was Marshall’s (oh, Marshall’s, how I love thee…) and the pieces I am most excited about today have nothing to do with work attire.


I fell in love with each of these dresses. So whimsical… which you know I love. They’re both made by Myth. I had never heard of them but I’m loving their styles!

$16.99 – Nude/Tan Dress.
Reminds me of the Renaissance Festival! I can’t wait to wear it!
AND! during “Boots Weather” (and you KNOW how crazy I am about my boots) I can pair this with a fabulous pair of knee-highs!
$10.00 – Cream w/ very Pale Pink & Grey “floral-esque” accents *CLEARANCE*

BUT WAIT! As if this Marshall’s experience wasn’t already seemingly completely customized to my tastes, I found and head over heels in love with this:

$19.99 – Leopard Print Bag by Bueno w/ Classic Style Fastening.
Bueno is also responsible for that beautiful green bag I bought a couple of weeks ago!
Mui Bueno!!!

Later that evening, Casey invited me out to drinks with the cast and crew of the latest show he’s been running.  —-I have so much exciting news that I want to post and in general scream aloud, but I have to wait until it’s right. What I will say about Casey’s New Job (Yes, Casey received a very awesome job offer recently as well.) is that GREAT THINGS on just on the horizon, for both Casey and I… for Us… for Acropolis Productions, Inc… and for each of our other creative pursuits!!!—-  He came home to pick me up and I was so happy to have the instant gratification of wearing one of my new favorites:

Daily Threads:  
Dress – You know, you’ve just read about. $10.00 on Clearance Marshall’s
Purse: Bueno – $24.99 Marshalls 

Necklace – Lucky Brand – Peace Sign, White Dove, White “Daisies”
Silver Butterfly Ring
Silver and Abalone Bangle

*I really don’t hate children. At least not all of them; mostly I just hate their spineless, hyper-oblivious parents.

Leather & Glitter & Lips, Oh my!

Totally exciting shopping day!

… and not because it was Cyber Monday. In fact, Cyber Monday is kind of like “its the last day of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend… do you want any of this crap?” However, I’m sure there were plenty of awesome steals. I was browsing for gifts for my family and because I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, I didn’t have much success; but the featured sale items still pretty much sucked and there wasn’t really that big of a sale on good items.

But here’s why it was an exciting shopping day none-the-less:

First, Kacie, who knows how much I’ve been obsessing over, searching for an adorable rock and roll leather mini, sent me a picture of this skirt and says shes buying it for me! AWESOME! All the way down in Deerfield, my #1 Chick had my fashion back! Then she texts saying that it’s only $10!!! So I told her to get two so we could have matching leather minis!!!


I love the zippers! You can totally wear it as tight as you want!

THEN: After no success on-line shopping, I was in need of an immediate fix. So I went to Marshall’s and bought the Steve Madden Black Glitter Pumps that I have also been obsessing over for at least a week. Only $30!!!

And just as I knew they would, the pumps and the Ava Rose Wristlet look perfect together!!
I’m so excited to wear them!

I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home and as I browsed cosmetics, I came across two of my favorite beauty must haves!

I used to keep a steady supply of Sally Hansens Lip Plumper, but I fell of the wagon…
I’m getting back on. I love this stuff. $5.24

You can wear it under or over lip color, or just by itself (which is what I do most of the time).


I have very thick, very curly hair… Allow me to translate into reality speak:
I have very dry, frizzy, bushy hair.

Naturally, styling and processing (haha… that’s a contradiction in terms) only make this worse.

This stuff is terrific.
I use one tube, once a week to keep excessive dryness at bay.
It was on sale for $5.97

Ahhh… The dragon is at bay tonight… I got my fix.

Also: I added two new blogs to my “Who I’m Reading” list.

  • the Fashion P.A. I stumbled across this blogger on Twitter and love love love her blog! PLUS, SHE’S A GINGER TOO!!
  • Thnkgod4Victoria This blogger I’ve known through mutual friends and fell in love with her blog. Then, I thought she deleted it (only changed the URL). But I was happy to find it again!

Both are totally fashionable, totally adorable chicks with great tips!

Delicious Red Suede Pumps & Final Dress Rehearsal

When I bought my “Pirate Boots” earlier this month, I was told by the friendly sales associate at my local Shoe Carnival that if I returned within 30 days I could receive 1/2 off a second pair of shoes… I normally don’t shop at Shoe Carnival, because of poor inventory in the past, but I do quite like my “Pirate Boots” and 1/2 off is 1/2 off… so, yes, I went back to Shoe Carnival.

I was happy I did too, because I found these adorable Red faux-Suede Pumps by Delicious… My main motivation for shoe shopping today was to find a pair of heels to wear with my blue dinner theatre dress, but I will definitely wear these for more than just “Fanfare…” shows. And after my 50% off, I paid less than $13.

Tonight was our final dress rehearsal for “Fanfare…” We invited our friends and family to watch since the shows will be performed at various locations throughout the next year. The rehearsal wasn’t exactly awesome. There was a lot of confusion with our sound cues that we were working with for the first time tonight. But the cast is strong enough to bounce back from any set backs, which is a comfort. A bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night, so I hoping for the best on the 28th.

"Fanfare For Murder" Dress Rehearsal

Tonight, we presented, in front of this year’s fine arts scholarship students, our first dress rehearsal for “Fanfare For Murder” the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre show that will be touring throughout the rest of 2010 and early 2011. Our first show, to be performed in Vero Beach, will be on the 28th. I tweeted the following pictures of the dress I bought on my shopping trip on the 14th and the shoes I borrowed from Kacie for the night.

The rehearsal was bit rocky… but we have a very strong cast. Anyway, here’s my costume:

I took this in the Black Box Dressing Room…
I had to stand on a table.

Shoes courtesy of Miss Kacie