space coast comic con

Space Coast Comic Con ’15

This weekend The Treasure Coast Cosplayers hosted a booth at Space Coast Comic Con in Cape Canaveral. It was the first con that TCC was formally represented so we were all super excited about attending this con! I wasn’t able to attend on Day 1 but I did make the drive up on Day 2 with a couple of friends and members of TCC. I ended up making a last minute change in my cosplay plans (isn’t that always the way?) and decided to debut my Captain Jack Harkness!

I really need to get in the habit of taking more photos of my cosplays and with other cosplayers I meet at events… I did manage to snap a few.

Turns out, one of my good friends’ friend was also in attendance and representing another cosplay group a couple of booths down from us! One of my favorite things about attending cons is forming friendships with cosplayers from all. I also ran into an awesome Star Lord cosplayer who gave me some inspiration for the cosplay I’m working on for MegaCon 2016.

One of the activities guests could participate in when they stopped by the TCC booth was to share a less than pleasant experience in cosplaying for our #EndCosplayHate campaign. I shared a bit of what I experience often while cosplaying: I often cosplay male characters, like The Doctor or Capt. Jack and a lot of times people comment about my gender being opposite of the character… As if any of that nonsense matters when it comes to cosplaying. In fact, throughout the day, lots of other attendees mistook my cosplay as River Song… on account of the boobs… and the hair, I suppose.

SCCC was a small con (this may have even been it’s first year. I’m not entirely positive about that.) but it’s always a lot of fun to hang out and chat with other super fans of all fandoms and browse all the goodies I wish I was able to buy all of.

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK