Starbucks Addiction

Lazy Weekend Ahead

I will cherish every moment of this weekend. Starting early on Monday Morning and not ending until I get home late Saturday Night, my life belongs to the theatre. We have several big names coming by for 2 or 1 day runs which means every day, from morning until… well, until practically morning again, my life is other people.

So this weekend, I will take advantage of the very little time I have to devote to myself. To help illistrate my weekend plans, Marilyn Monroe. [Love.]

…I will wake up whenever the hell I wake up…

…I’ll then lounge about for a while…

…Sit around some more, do some blog research…

…Eventually, I’ll make it out of my pajamas and get in some beach time…

…Some alone shopping. (The fella’s bday is approaching)…

…home again, doing nothing on my couch…

Sounds perfect. 🙂

No, in all actuality I have several things I need to do while I have the time. Jack and Lucy needs haircuts and baths, my closet needs to be reorganzied, laundry needs to be done, I need to pick up a new “everything” journal/notebook, prepare shopping lists and go shopping for Monday morning at work… I wish I could relax more… I’m sure I’ll squeeze it in somewhere. 🙂

Oh, if you’ve noticed (or even care) that my Starbucks Coffee intake has decreased dramatically, only one thing can be to blame: Osceloa Street Cafe Spiced Chai…. mmmMMm… Carol at work has got me totally addicted. HOWEVER, the DTs are kicking in and tomorrow, I will make Starbucks mine! It’s been too long… I need some Starbucks before I start trying to mainline Dunkin’ Donuts weakass coffee.


Workin’ Girl

Back to work after the New year!

I had to do some shopping for Burt Reynolds this morning (he will be performing 3 days next week: Jan 10, 11 & 12 at The Lyric Theatre. You can click the link to buy tickets.) He came in to do a tech rehearsal today.

No show tonight, so I got to leave “early”… which basically means I got to go home at a reasonable time. (I used to HATE 12+ hour days at the clinic… now I’m at the Theater some days from 9am until 11pm or later! But I absolutely LOVE it and would not change back for anything.)

I started my day with Starbucks and I am now ending it with a lovely Venti Mocha… 2011 total is now 8!

New Years in Tampa

Casey, Cromer and I drove up to Tampa yesterday to spend New Years with Logan. It was one of the best New Years Eve I’ve ever had! Completely mellow. No obnoxious douche bags crowding me. Totally exciting, yet 100% low-key.

We were just as under the influence as the masses, we just partied a little differently. In fact, we were partying like Rockstars and It was, as always, fantastic.

We spent most of the night at one of Logan’s favorite local spots: Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge. His friend’s family owns the place and it is amazing! I fell in ♥love♥ with this place.

Me and My Love

The Four of Us

Some of the things that made this place completely perfect:

Low lighting, art, good music,

huge comfy couches,

delicious Hookah….
…and Starbucks! (They had me at Mocha Frap. ♥)
Basically it was everything we needed in a New Years Eve spot.

We didn’t get there until 11pm and by then the crowd had moved onto other bars, so we had the place to ourselves for the better part of the evening. A few others came and went, but it was really just us. This Hookah Lounge was our playground until 3am. Manny, the owner, even treated us to a live show and his set was fantastic!

Blue Lizard has a pretty sturdy selection of goodies while you enjoy your Hookahs including beer, but no liquor. So… we asked Manny to hold our spot while we ran home.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel? Or Gentleman Jack? BOTH!

Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge is completely relaxed and the table service is impeccable. Manny was able to suggest flavors he knew we would enjoy and brought us all the Starbucks and SoBe we ordered. He played whatever music we asked (which is typical at Blue Lizard, requests are always appreciated) and the live show was a great way to wrap up the evening. Local artists, including painters and photographers, have their work displayed on the wall for purchase, which I always think is awesome.

Some of the amazing flavors we enjoyed included: Pink Lemonade, Orange-Peach Champagne (my personal fav, and hello? it’s New Years Eve, we needed Champagne!), Kiwi Watermelon Tea-Based, and Blueberry Apple. They were absolutely delicious!

If you’re ever in Tampa and are looking for a great place to relax, please check out Blue Lizard Hookah Lounge. They’re located at 5025 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617. Please check out their site for more info.

We ended the morning and party back at Logan’s apartment. Earlier today, after we woke up and had some scrambled eggs and Starbucks, the four of us went to Ybor City to walk around and do a tiny bit of site-seeing.

I always love coming to Tampa, but it’s been quite a while since I’d been there.

We strolled down 7th Avenue (where all the bars and tattoo parlors can be found whenever you’re in town). We are already planning a 7th Avenue Bar Crawl in the very near future.

We stopped in at Mema’s Alaskan Tacos (
1724 E 8th Ave Tampa, FL 33605 ). It’s located in the historical landmark house of Anthony P. Pizzo, a local civic leader, historian, author and businessman.

I only got a drink, but Logan swears by the food and I love any place that gives me the opportunity to utilize gorilla advertising tactics.

-So I’ve been blogging on and off since 2008. In 2010 I really got into the swing of it and am so grateful for each and every reader who has ever clicked open my blog. In 2011, I want to post more often. I also had the idea earlier today to keep an eye on my Starbucks Addiction. We aren’t even over with the first day of 2011 and I’ve already consumed the following Starbucks drinks.

Starbucks Count as of 01/01/2011:
3 Large Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccinos (bottled)
1 Venti Frozen Mocha Frap w/ a shot of Espresso
1 Grande Peppermint Mocha Frap (hot)

5 Starbucks drinks in less than one day… this should be interesting.

Also: My New Years “resolution”, which I hate to say; I much prefer New Years GOAL. Well, My Goal in 2011 is to have and go on more adventures! 2011 will = the year of adventure for Ginger Kate.

  • I have a new job in a theatre that I absolutely love. (Which makes me feel better and more energetic)
  • I own and operate my own Production Company with my love that will be presenting it’s first shows to The Treasure Coast this year. and
  • I retain the love and support of my friends and family

There is definitely a recipe for adventure!!! What more could I hope for? Happy New Years!! I have high hopes for 2011 and I’m feeling pretty optimistic!!!