The September Issue(s)

I’ve been receiving my September issues recently and have excitedly scanned the pages full of fall’s latest trends.

But today, “The Bible” finally arrived! I posted this little quadra-pic on Instagram earlier of me and “my precious”!

I’m so looking forward to NYC’s Fashion Week!! Gotta love the September Issue!!

Love, GK


On the Edge & In Style

Today, I got to wear the outfit I was planning on wearing last night to the Jason Mraz concert. After we had our South Florida, daily, afternoon rains, I was hesitant to wear my brand new dress on the wet lawn so I made a last minute change in attire.

When my best girlfriend and I made plans for drinks on the water tonight, I was happy for the opportunity to wear my new dress! Here’s what I wore:

The dress, I picked up at Marshall’s for $12.99

The bag is brand new as well, Nine West. Again, Marshall’s and I only paid $14.99. I had been looking for a small bag to use at the concert and was very pleased with this find.

My usual Sanuk flip-flops (I swear I live in these things down here in South Florida).

I used a belt from another dress around the waist just to break it up a bit.

Second day in a row rocking the aviator shades.

“K” and I enjoyed our drinks and a light dinner right on the water of an awesome spot called On the Edge in Ft Pierce and took in the music played by another close friend of ours. Here’s a couple of shots of the beautiful view we enjoyed as the sun went down:

Can’t beat that!

As always, thank you so much for reading! Love, GK

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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

A few weeks ago, I was passed along this goodie bag full of Hollywood Fashion Secrets goodies!

Clearly, these fashion emergency (and emergency prevention) products come highly recommended, as the packaging and inserts are covered with quotes, praising their amazing-ocity, from celebrity stylists, fashion experts and journalists. (Including Rachel Zoe and Stacy London)

In addition to all the Hollywood Fashion Secrets goods, I received a copy of the book Secrets of Stylists: An Insider’s Guide to Styling the Stars by Sasha Charnin Morrison.

I was not prepared for the treat I received in this book. I would’ve never heard of it had it not been serendipitously placed in my hands.

Chock-full of insider tips, tricks and plenty of celebrity styling stories, this book is essentially a how-to guide on becoming a stylist.

With this book, I’ve channeled all of my experiences and knowledge about fashion, celebrity, gossip, and styling into one place. This is an in-depth look at the glamorous and gritty world of styling. The Secrets of Stylists is meant to help you-aspiring stylists and fashionistas-understand how much work lies ahead and how rewarding it is to focus on what you love.

In the following pages, you’ll discover all you need to know how to make it in this business. … -Sasha Charnin Morrison, from the Introduction

Needless to say, a fun read and great anytime reference. So let’s explore into the loot:

Some sometimes necessary essentials:

  • Breast List Tape – Secret #14/37 (featured in/on Body Magazine, The Dr. Oz Show) – I got a 4pk and basically you use these boob stickers to keep your bra-less girls looking perky by placing a sticker above your nipple and pulling them up.
  • Bra Converting Clip – Secret #7/37 (featured in/on GoodHousekeeping Magazine, RealSimple and Fashion for Dummies) – Ok, we should all know how to use these by now. They are always handy though! and now I have a whole new set: 2 clears, 1 black, 1 white.
  • Silicone Coverups – Secret #4/37 (featured in/on Yahoo! Glamour Magazine, NBC) – Go bra-less without your high-beams on! I got one set.

  • Fashion Tape *The Original* – Secret #1/37 (featured in/on Brides Mag., Woman’s Day Mag., Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek) – It’s double-sided tape. It works. It’s necessary sometimes. This band-aid shaped/sized carrying tin is PACKED with tape.
  • Fashion Tape Shapes – Secret #2/37 (featured in/on StyleWatch, InStyle Weddings Issue, People, The Grammys) – Taking the fashion tape a little further, the pack includes tape in the following shapes: Skinny, Curve, Trapezoid and Wide. I have some more information posted below.
  • Sweater Saver – Secret #16/37 (featured in/on Working Mother, Today Show, Woman’s World Mag) – This just might be my favorite…strangely. It’s basically a brittle, porous earaser for little “pillies” that end up on sweaters, jackets, Opaque tights, Wool scarves, sheets, blankets and knits! It’s amazing!!! When a sticky-roller just isnt going to cut it, this baby takes care of the problem! It’s also an earth friendly product.

Fashion Tape Shapes

I received 8 pieces of the Skinny (rectagular) shaped tape. Perfect for thin straps on tops or shoes! I got 6 pieces of the Curve shaped tape. Great for keeping strapless dresses, sweetheart necklines and asymmetrical tops covering the girls.

4 Trapezoid shaped pieces of tape. Perfect for securing strapless tops and dresses under the pit. And 6 Wide (rectangular) pieces of tape. Basically great anywhere.

Finally, I received two tin kits: One is a Jean Kit. The other, and more useful, is a Fashion Emergency Kit!

The Fashion Emergency Kit – (featured in/on Marie Claire Magizine, US Magazine and E! Red Carpet) – is the absolute best to keep in your purse for everyday needs or, in my case, my performance bag. In fact, when I was recently on set filming as the 30s burlesque dancer (..previous post..) it was the very first time I made sure to pack this kit of mine with all my other necessities. Contents:

  • Hollywood FS Fashion Tape.
  • Deodorant Remover Sponge
  • Lint Remover Sheets
  • Safety Pins
  • Sewing Needle/Buttons/Thread
  • Adhesive Buttons
  • Hair bands
  • Blister pads
  • Shoe Shine Sponge
  • Stain Wipes
  • Hypo-Allergenic Earring Backs.
  • Nail File

The Jean Kit – (featured in/on Marie Claire Mag., Today Show, Screen Actors Guild Awards) – I guess these tools are supposed to help when you’re jeans just aren’t fitting so great… I would just wear different jeans… thats just me… maybe theres a situation where you have no other option… idk:

  • 1 Blue Hip Hugger – Gather excess waist jean and use the elastic band to clip yourself a tighter waistline.
  • 12 Temporary Hem Tape Strips – They set out to accomplish exactly what their title suggests: take care of a too-long hem… at least temporarily.
  • 1 Pair Boot Straps – This could def be useful. They help you get your jeans neatly into your zip-up boots… and I am a girl who definitely loves my boots.

That’s all. Lots of useful goodies by Hollywood Fashion Secrets! I was planning on refilling as necessary by ordering off their website however, just the other day, while out and about, I stopped into my local JoAnn’s Fabrics for various craft and sewing supplies and stumbled upon this:

Hollywood Fashion Secrets: apparently coming to you via your local craft store… who knew?

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Chilled-out Cheetah

I kind of forget, until the end of the day, that I had re-made it my mission to feature my Daily Threads. So, I had a friend quick snap these of me so I could keep the promise I made to myself… for now.

I was enjoying a really low-key relaxing day off of work so I wore a brand new (1st time wearing) white tank that I picked up from Ross for $4.99 and my even newer Cheetah print shorts that I got for $10 on clearance at TJ Maxx the other day.

I wore my usual array of bracelets. Today they included: my silver bangle, my silver chain, earth tone beads, Alex & Ani Star of Venus bangle and a jade beaded bracelet. (I forgot to get any closer pics.) I had my claddagh ring on and some dangley earrings (I don’t know how to describe these). I had my silver shamrock on, as usual, and my owl loop necklace.

I completed my look with my leopard print, cat eye sunglasses and my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. My Speedy is actually one of my newest acquisitions. I bought it second had and had it authenticated; I got a fabulous deal on the price (after some serious negotiating thank you very much.). I also love my “Mint Sorbet” nail polish!

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Thanks again, Love GK