summer 2012

Jason Mraz w/ Christina Perri

Today is the Jason Mraz concert (w/ Christina Perri) in West Palm Beach! I’ve been counting down the days for a while!!



Here’s what I wore to the show. (Sorry guys, this was the best pic I managed to get of my outfit.)

  -Billabong Jean Shorts. Yes, I AM wearing shorts.

-Sheer Peacock Feather top (w/ Hot Pink Bra underneath… showing.. whatever)

-Sanuk Flip-Flops

-Aviator Shades

-Various Jewelry including the guitar pick and charm necklace I made.

The show was amazing. I was with an amazing group of friends (old and new). Christina Perri was fabulous opening the show hopping back and forth from guitar to piano.

  Jason Mraz was just as mind-blowing as usual.   Thanks for reading, Love GK


July 2012 :: Birchbox #3

It’s that time again! Time for my monthly Birchbox review.

For July’s box, Birchbox joined Glamour magazine in celebrating our 5 senses with summery picks to indulge each one in.

The box included 4 beauty samples and 2 extras.

1.) Alterna – BAMBOO UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide – full-size: $24 – I’ve only used this product once so far and I think it’s probably most effective for thinner hair than my own. It promises to prevent UV rays from fading color-treated hair as well as strengthen hair. If it does, I’d say it’s totally worth the $24 for a bottle but I wouldn’t be able to make that determination from this sample. The reason why I believe it to be best for thin hair is because it takes a lot of this products to even begin to gloss over my hair.

I like that many of the [long list of] ingredients are natural but there are plenty of chemicals in it’s formula making it far from “organic”.  ♥

2.) Eyeko – Skinny Liquid Eyeliner – full-size: $15 – I can only assume this is a full size “sample”. It’s also my favorite item in the box!

It is so easy to apply! The coverage is fantastic! I’m in love with this eyeliner. Honestly. I will absolutely buy more of these eyeliners. They are available is several fun colors and right now, I want them all. The one I received is Olive green and with football season right around the corner, I will love wearing this on game-day when I’m cheering on my NY Jets! ♥♥♥♥♥

3.) Harvey Prince – Hello – full-size: $26, $55 – I like this scent. A lot. It’s light and fresh, perfect for summer fun! Meyer Lemon, White Grapefruit, Forsythia & Pink Plumeria all add to the scent. I thought the reasons why Harvey Prince chose them (printed on the packaging) was pretty cute too. I would strongly consider buying a full-size bottle; depends on how much it grows on me. ♥♥♥♥

4.) Supergoop! – City Sunscreen Serum – full-size: $20-$42 – I love that this provides UV protection while incorporating other skin care solutions. This 30+ spf sunscreen also helps moisturize and repair aged skin. It applies thin and doesn’t feel too heavy. I might buy this again… ♥♥


5.) extra – Tea Forte – minteas – 3 tins – $9.95 – These are pretty delicious. It gives the perfect little refresh. They’re all natural, sugar free and made from organic teas.

6.) extra – Birchbox Exclusive – Earbuds – They work. Awesome. I haven’t checked out the “getting pretty” playlist created by Glamour Magazine on Spotify yet…

July’s Birchbox total: 12/20♥s. The Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner is by far my favorite products in this month’s box! (love it!)

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

Coming soon: I’ll use and review Organix AwaPuhi Ginger Shampoo, Conditioner and Repairing Dry Styling Oil.

I’ll also use and review, as promised, Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner and Wen Cleansing creme.

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“made of flesh. made of sand. made of human”

Here’s what I wore today:

It was a laid-back day off of work with plans to surf in the evening. I wore a camel-colored corduroy skirt by Bongo that I got at a thrift store not that long ago for a couple of bucks. I wore a brand new, plain white t that I got from Ross for $7.99 (I go crazy for a fresh white T/tank… I just love them!) I had my usual Sanuk flip flips on and borrowed my friend’s hat that was laying around the boys’ house.

Here’s how I accessorized:

(crappy cell-phone pic) My short silver chain w/ shamrock, long owl necklace, Lucky Brand Peace sign earrings, my claddagh ring, owl ring, silver chain bracelet, silver bangle, Alex & Ani star of venus bangle, earth tone beads and jade beads.

But that wasn’t my only look for the day. Once it was time to head to the beach I had to switch it up.

I borrowed the men’s Levi plaid button up and simply tied it around my waist. I wore a pair of white shorts for a small amount of time as well.

As soon as we got out there, the white shorts came off. Later on, once I was tired of being tossed around like a rag doll, I wore the shirt open and untied without the shorts.

I happened to be wearing the oldest bathing suit I own, but it’s an “old faithful” for me. It’s my black and teal Billabong bikini.

It was a glorious evening at the beach; we didn’t leave until well after the sun went down. The beach at dusk is beautiful… I may not have had any major break-throughs in my surfing “lessons”, but I got some writing down and generally just enjoyed the salty air and warm breeze.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Title of post “made of flesh, made of sand, made of human” from Jason Mraz’s “Only Human”.

Beach Bummin’ It

Ok, I did even worse today than I did yesterday at remembering to capture my Daily Threads look.

I spent most of the afternoon at the beach with the boys and so my attire consisted of my bathing suit, an old pink racer-back tank, my billabong jean shorts and sanuk flip flops. Except, I quickly lost the flip flops and the shorts followed pretty quickly after.

No jewelry. No makeup.

Most of the pictures we took this afternoon were long shots of us playing around along the shore, surfing or playing frisbee. This is a shot of me while playing frizbee. You can see I have on the bikini and the pink tank only at this point.

Pretty far away (I zoomed in as much as I could without it looking all pixely) but here you can at least see the bikini. I love it. It’s an adorable sea-green/teal color (one of my favorites that always looks great on me) and it has an underwire and push-up “technology” similar to the Miraculous Bikini top from Victorias Secret, except I bought this at Target for a fraction of the price and it isn’t as huge and bulky at the VS one.

There ya go. I’m trying to keep my promise and keep up with my Daily Threads. If you like what you read, please subscribe, or bookmark me, whatever… just come back.

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Thank you!! Love, GK

With A Bow On Top

It’s been too long since I’ve posted my Daily Threads and even then, I wasn’t very good at consistently posting them. I’d like to try and get better at this… I guess we’ll see how that goes. If nothing else, I want to at least feature non-workday ensembles and there’s no better time than the present!

Here’s what I wore today:

I love my new floral tank that I picked up at Ross for $8.99. Paired with my Billabong jean shorts, you can barely tell I have shorts on at all (that’s why I included the second picture). It should be no surprise that I wore my brown Sanuk flip flops… I live in those things.

I actually wore less bracelets than usual. I wore a plain silver chain, an earth-tone beaded bracelet and my Alex & Ani Star of Venus bangle.

Rings: my claddagh, heart turned out, and one of my newest acquisitions, a costume piece, that’ll probably turn real quick. I got it from one of the guests at the hotel who practically forced each of us to take a few pieces. I thought this one was pretty awesome though and so do my guy friends for some reason. The first time I wore this ring, each of the guys, at different times without knowing each other also asked, asked to wear this ring… it was strange.

I wore one of my favorite headbands too! I ordered it from ASOS, I forget how much it was.

I wore, simply, a shamrock on a short silver chain around my neck and spritzed myself with Clinique Happy Heart (one of my absolute favorite perfumes!)

Well that’s it. A casual, summer outfit to sit poolside with the family.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK