June’s Cosplay Karaoke

Last night I enjoyed another amazing Cosplay Karaoke Party with my friends of The Treasure Coast Cosplayers. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night!

I was also given one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. One of my favorite people on this planet, Mike, got me a blue box (external hard drive) with a TARDIS on it and had another great friend of mine, Scott, to load it up with all the existing Classic Who episodes!!! I can not express just how much I love these two and how happy they made both of my hearts!

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Treasure Coast Comic Con ’15

This past weekend was the very first Treasure Coast Comic Con! In anticipation of this local con, earlier this year, the Treasure Coast Cosplayers formed. Since the groups creation, we’ve grown to include hundreds of cosplayers and con enthusiasts from the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. We make up excuses to cosplay and hang out and we always have a fun time! TCC showed up and showed out at TCCC ’15 and I’m so proud to be apart of that! Here’s a bit of my TCCC 2015 experience.

Day 1

My best friend Kacie and I attended Saturday as Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn. We got to snap pics with our mini-me’s. (I gotta tell you, this little girl made me feel like a Disney Princess the way she hugged me!)


We spent most of the day hanging with other TCC members. (I even got to meet a local 10!)


Treasure Coast Cosplayers enjoying Treasure Coast Comic Con. And this isn’t even the whole group!



Day 2

Sunday was quieter all around. About half as many attendees over all but we still had a pretty large TCC group in attendance.


I met Iron Man and hung out with fellow Whovians.


But the most exciting part of the day was that the promoters for the event asked our group if we would take a picture with all of the celebrity guests in attendance! It was awesome!


The weekend was a complete success for me! I got to play with the TARDIS both days and I was proud of the two cosplays I worked hard making: Poison Ivy and The Doctor (10th, Brown Suit)


I can’t wait for TCCC ’16. Thanks to all the awesome people who made this weekend so much fun for me. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KACIE! I love you!

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you can follow the Treasure Coast Cosplayers on Facebook and Instagram (@tccosplayers).

My #nerdvember Master Post

This year, I participated in Set To Stunning‘s #nerdvember contest. Each day, during the month of November, participants can earn an entry into the contest by posting a nerdy inspired outfit of the day. Those who entered 1-10 days qualify for Tier 1 : The Sidekick. 11-20 Days, Tier 2 : The Vigilante. 21-29 Days, Tier 3 : The Hero and All 30 Days is Tier  4 : The Superhero. I jumped in on the 9th day of the contest so posting everyday for the rest of the month, I’ll qualify for the “Hero”. (For full contest info and rules, check out the official post.)

I had so much fun with this photo challenge and even made some pretty rad instagram friends along the way. (For more information on each of these looks, check out my instagram @gingerkate )

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photo 2

photo 1



2014nerdvember16    2014nerdvember15

2014nerdvember14   2014nerdvember13













The Day of The Doctor IN 3D OOTD

Last night, my friend Casey, my sister Sarah and I continued our Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrating at our local movie theater where we watched The Day of The Doctor in 3D on the big screen!! Here’s what I wore:


Dark wash skinny jeans with a black t. TARDIS knee socks in black combat boots. Black leather moto jacket. My Who accessories included my TARDIS earrings, exploding TARDIS necklace, and 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. I was going for a bit of an Eccleston look tonight.

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Just doing some Doctory stuff… In the dark.

I Need Smore Nights Like These

This week, my friends and I have had a few super chilly nights down here in Florida so we took the opportunity to dress cozy, sit fireside and eat smores!

I got to wear two of my (early) Christmas gifts! My TARDIS earrings and my Gryffindor scarf!



I also placed an order for this amazing tshirt from riptapparel.com


Riptapparel.com has awesome tshirts on sale for 24hrs only for $10 every day. You can only get them in those 24hrs though!

Another $10/24hr tshirt site is teefury.com I am expecting this tshirt to arrive any day now.


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