Tarte Haul from Sephora

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Recently, Sephora featured several amazing Tarte products in their sale section and I took full advantage! I’m certainly glad I did because they sold out pretty quickly. Having been a fan of Tarte products for a while, especially their Amazonian Clay foundation, I was excited to score these little bundles for such great prices! PLUS, its summer, the season for tans and traveling, and some of the products I purchased are perfect for both! Here’s what I picked up:

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The set I’m most happy about is the Tarte Discover The Amazon 3-Piece Kit in Fair. First off, the bag is adorable! I love it! It’s a lovely addition to my beach bag and could even be used as a fun casual clutch to a pool party or something. I don’t normally get this jazzed about free makeup bags but I’m weirdly obsessed with this one. Inside the bag : a full size Pure Marcuja Oil rollerball – love this stuff! perfect skin pick-me-up full of vit C! A deluxe size Amazonian Clay Full Coverage 12-hr Foundation and SPF 15 Sunscreen – my current favorite liquid foundation! And a full size Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara – This is my first time trying this mascara by Tarte but I’ve loved mascaras of theirs in the past so I’m sure I’ll love this one too.

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Being on the summer bronzing kick that I’m currently on, I couldn’t pass up the Amazonian Clay and Annatto Body Bronzer. Applied with a delicate puff, this bronzer is waterproof! Perfect for when you get a little vain before the beach and/or pool. Can’t wait to put it to the test!

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And then, there are the two fabulous To-Go sets I nabbed!

1.) Tarte Prime, Shine & Define To-Go which included: Clean Slate Poreless 12-Hour Perfecting PrimerAmazonian Clay BB Illuminating Moisturizer and a mini version of the Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.

2.) Tarte Golden Opportunity To-GoBrazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner (which I’ve never tried but am excited to do so) and Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave Princess which is one of my favorite bronzers EVER! It was one of the first two Tarte products I became a devotee for.

All these little to-gos are perfect for my summertime purse and beach bag!

I’m looking forward to a beautiful summer! Thanks for reading!

Love, GK


Glossybox : Byrdie Box : Oct. ’13


October 2013 Glossybox US

Byrdie Box

This month, Glossybox US sent out another special edition box. This time, they partnered with Byrdie.com. I’ve been pretty diappointed with Glossybox for a while now. If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been threatening to cancel my subscription for the past couple of months. I wanted to hang in for this special edition box, so here it is, October 2013’s Byrdie Glossybox US:

  • Tarte – Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara This is a full size product and the product I’m most excited to receive this month! The Application wand has two distinct side, one with more flexible bristles for layering product, the other with stiffer bristles to break-up lashes and avoid clumping. I’m a huge fan of Tarte products and am loving this mascara!!
  • Bvlgari – Eau Parfumee Au The Vert Eau De Cologne Smells ok; smells more like something my mother would enjoy. It’s clean. I’ve said it before and I hate having to say it again: Enough with this Bvlgari bathroom stuff. Come on already…
  • Sesha – Renu Exfoliating Gel Wow! Honestly, Wow! This exfoliater does it’s job and so gently! You don’t feel a bunch of scrubby bits, but as you massage it into your skin, the dead skin just rubs right off. After rinsing, my skin feels AMAZING! I love this product!
  • Balance Me – Shine On Tinted Lip Slave in Super Soft Beige A very subtle tint, this lip salve feels great! It feels so fresh and tingley! It smooths, hydrates and adds gloss to lips and it’s 100% natural organic!
  • Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream Anther face moisturizer… This isn’t the first product from Fresh I’ve sampled thanks to Glossybox; their products are great quality with great ingredients. This face cream is no different. It smells like cucumbers too! I’m just ready bored with face creams in my monthly boxes.

Overall I’m pleased with the products I received inspite of the yawn-inspiring reaction it gave me. I’m going to stick out my Glossybox subscription for one more month and then cancel. It’s been fun, Glossybox, but I’m just not as impressed as I used to be.


Thanks for reading!

Love, GK

Tarte Face

In need of a new foundation and concealer, I swung by Ulta and decided to give Tarte’s a try. I’m a big fan of Tarte and I’m confident these two will do the job. So far, I’m loving them both.


In the Amazonian clay 12hr full coverage foundation (w/ SPF 15) I picked up Ivory. In the creaseless concealer, Fair.

Cruelty free. Natural ingredients. Tarte quickly became a top fav brand of mine. I just might have found my new go-to foundation and concealer.

I almost forgot: I bought my first blending sponge also! I’m pretty excited to give that a go!

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Love, GK


(This picture sucks. 😦 I was posting from my phone.)

Sweet Summer Sweat

On a recent trip to Ulta, my goal was to pick up some products I could sweat in. Call me vain, call me insecure, call me whatever, I HATE not being able to wear makeup when working out. I don’t need the whole sha-bang, but I hate going completely barefaced for sweat sessions. Yes, I know how absolutely ridiculous this sounds but the reason why I was in search of sweat resistant makeup is really the same reason why I dropped a few hundred on a new workout wardrobe.

I’m new to working out. I’ve always been a bit chubbier than I should be and recently the weight has seemed to just fall off on it’s own. I’m really quite the super duper late bloomer and kind of grew into myself now that I’ve reached my mid-twenties. Over the last couple of years, I been receiving more and more attention for my appearance. I don’t hate this, but it some how worked itself backwards and now I worry about when I don’t look as good as a could. I place more time into my appearance now that I am prouder of it. Back in the day, I wouldve been happy to be overlooked; now, I’m happy to stand out. So why can’t I go to the gym makeup-less? I’m getting there.

Being new to working out, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know “all the moves”. It’s really no surprise that like anyone else treading unfamiliar waters, I’m uneasy and thus, self conscious. I may not be in control of whether or not I know what I’m doing yet but I can control whether or not I look good. I went on a Marshall’s/TJMaxx work-out apparel shopping spree and picked myself up a new wardrobe to sweat in (and I look pretty adorable in the workout gear btw). The only problem left to solve would be my makeup dilemma.

I have a very low-set brow. I look like I’m scowling about 90% of the time. My eyes, tucked below this shelf of a brow, are quite small. Tiny. My daily makeup allows me to open up my eyes; looking brighter and friendlier. But I can’t be rocking a smokey eye and liquid lined look at the gym! That’s just ridiculous. Even if its all waterproof, simply having the full-faced makeup look is silly. What can I get away with at the gym? A-ha! Here it is, my gym makeup:

I go with a light brown, very neutral shade of a waterproof eye pencil. I picked up this dual sided duo of pencils by Urban Decay. No mascara. Just a soft liner.


On my face, I don’t require a lot of coverage but to even out my tone, I use this BB tinted treatment by Tarte (one of my favorite brands) or an even lighter coverage tinted moisturizer. Both are oil-free and SPF 30. Both are very sheer. The BB can be built upon so it’s perfect for your gym bag as you can apply a couple of coats after your workout if youve got other places to be and errands to run.


While at Ulta purchasing my gym supplies, they were having a sale on Loreal products, so I picked up these two 24hr infallible eye shadows:  #997 Eternal Sunshine and #335 Golden Emerald.


I also picked up the Lorac TANtalizer Glow to Go Value Set. Check back tomorrow to find out more about that!!

I know many of you who read this will think its very shallow and silly of me to not feel secure enough to spend time around others without any makeup on. I recognize this too about myself. It makes me feel better and if I feel better about it (working out that is), I will continue to do it and I owe it to myself to follow a workout schedule. I owe it to myself to feel better about my appearance and take more pride in it. If slapping on a little eye pencil and tinted moisturizer makes me feel comfortable enough to go for it, I don’t see what so wrong with that.

Thank you so much for reading! I owe you guys a “What have I been up to for the last 6 months” post. A LOT has happened. Some really amazing things and some really shitty things. The last half of a year have flown by and dragged on in exuberant elation and nagging pain. My circle of friends, job and state of being have all changed and for the better. I find myself in a beautiful and content place in my life and I haven’t lost hope for a brighter tomorrow. One day soon, this limbo I’ve been balancing in for nearly two years will settle and I will settle safely where I am destined to.

Thanks, as always, for reading!

Love, GK

Glossybox : American Beauty : Jun. ’13


Fashion Illustrator, Dallas Shaw, worked with Glossybox to deliver June 2013’s American Beauty Box. All products are American manufactured and perfect light ware for the Summer.

  • c. Booth – Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist ($8.00/4 oz) Elegant, nourishing oils absorb quickly into skin to smooth and soften while providing hydration.  This dramatically lightweight dry oil for face and body imparts a light, lasting glow for instant radiance.  Infused with a gentle, sweet blend of honey and almond, it’s the ultimate aromatic indulgence for the skin and senses!
  • Oscar de la Renta – Essential Luxuries ($150.00/3.4 oz) Inspired by the designer’s mastery of fashion, Oscar de la Renta introduces a tailored line of six unique scents imbued with his love of beauty and luxury.  Comprised of specially sourced ingredients of the most exceptional quality, each fragrance echoes the lose connections to Oscar’s vibrant life and loves, and perfectly speaks his language–find joy, be sparkling, feel gorgeous.
  • Philip B. – Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing and Clarifying Shampoo Philip B. products revitalize every type of hair while evoking a warming, cooling or refreshing sensation and delivering glossy, radiant hair.  The brand’s botanical products cater to a broad range of hair types – dry/damages, colored/chemically treated, thinning/volumizing, wavy/curly/frizzy, flat/very fine, flaky scalp, oily and normal.  You will receive one Philip B. product in the box.
  • SpaRitual – Favorites Nail Polish in Home Body ($12.00/15 ml) SpaRitual offers a wide range of fun, sophisticated and modern shades to help you express the most colorful side of you.  The nail lacquers are crafted out of naturally formulated, vegan, certified-organic and fair-trade ingredients, resulting in superior texture and quality.  Colors will vary.


  • Tarte – Complexion Enhancing Lipstick ($14.50/0.12 oz) Get total lip therapy in a beautiful nude shade that uniquely you!  These creamy lipsticks have a glossy, tinted core that gives the appearance of fuller-looking, luscious lips.  Thanks to complexion-enhancing pigments and emollient waxes, lips have never appeared more youthful.

The Tarte Lipstick is my absolute favorite this month. I’m actually quite tired of receiving nail polishes. I’m such a nail polish junkie that I buy so many of them so frequently, that I don’t need them delivered to me. The c.Booth oil mist feels a bit greasy when first applied but once it dries completely, leaves the skin feeling so soft and, indeed, nourished. I usually don’t particularly like receiving perfume samples but this set of 6 scents by Oscar De Le Renta is quite nice. The scents included in the Essential Luxuries collection are: Mi Corazon, Granada, Santo Domingo, Oriental Lace, Sargasso and Coralina. It’ll be fun to try each one out for a couple of wears each.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, GK