The Lyric Theater

Burt Reynolds Wrap Party

Tonight was the closing night of An Evening with Burt Reynolds at The Lyric Theatre. So I wanted to give you guys a little wrap-up of some oif the more exciting moments for me over the past few days.

Well first off, Burt Reynolds called me “Babe” which was kind of exciting… I mean, he’s Burt Reynolds for crying out loud! (I’m going to pretend it wasn’t because he didn’t remember my name.)

At yesterday’s performance, Kia arranged for me to sit up in the House Left box with Burt’s people. His manager (? .. I can’t remember who she was exactly) kept turning around and looking at me and I thought the whole time that it was because she was annoyed that I was up there. After the show, however, she laughed and said she thought I was Nicole Kidman there to watch the show!!! I felt pretty good about myself at that moment.

Tonight, following the show, John Loesser, the Exective Director of The Lyric Theatre board of directors and Executive Producer of the show invited some of us to join him, the board of directors, Burt Reynolds and his people and Olive Newton John and her friends for dinner down at The Flagler Grill. It-was-delightful!! They make this amazing maccaroni and cheese dish that is normally served only as a side, but I had some of Kia’s and I nearly died in my seat!

Overall, I had a amazing last couple of days. I’m hoping to take Burt’s master acting class when he teaches some sessions down her at The Lyric. (Fingers Crossed). Here are a few pics I snagged off The Lyric blog of some of the people in attendance tonight.

I was pretty stoked about my outfit today too! Take a look!

Green Cowl Neck Sweater Dress ($10ish from Ross [I think] I bought this back in December)

Skinny Jeans from Old Navy.
Kacie’s Black Boots (No Heel! So Comfortable)

I work the owl jewelry set that Shannon got me for Christmas and my peacock cuff.

… Lucy looking adorable while I took my pictures.


My Birthday!

Happy Birthday! … to me!!!

Yes, today was my birthday. I cleaned up in the gift department too!

  • Casey bought me a camera case for all my gear.

  • My Mom and Dad bought me a zoom lens and paid for my car registration, which if they didn’t do this each year as part of my gift, I’d never have a legally registered car. ♥ my parents!!! (Hi Mom! … she recently started reading my blog)

  • My sister Shannon bought me the most adorable owl sweater! I just love it!

  • My baby sister Sarah bought me Beatles pint glasses to go with my growing pint glass collection (Casey and I have The Beatles, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Betty Boop, and a slew of others). Sarah also bought me a pink snuggie for Lucy and a blue snuggie for Jack! They look adorable in them too!
  • Kacie bought me the most awesome office supplies for my new desk at work! I got a tape dispencer, scissors, a stapler, and a note pad with matching pen and they are all leopard print!!! ♥ my best friend! (and it came in the most adorable cupcake bag with a cupcake card! -I LOVE cupcakes!)

  • and J (my other roommate) bought me a little something that I can’t just go about posting on the internet. 🙂 Use your imagination.

Unfortunately I spent the better part of the afternoon completely sick. I pulled myself together though, because I had to work all day at the theatre. The Travelin’ McCourys (a bluegrass band) were performing. The guys were really nice and so talented! I’ve never been a huge country or bluegrass fan (there are some exceptions of course) but these guys were incredible!

I did the majority of my celebrating yesterday. Me and several of my friends went up to our local Harper’s and had ourselves an awesome time! But my birthday wasn’t the only reason why I was celebrating… THE NY JETS WON!!! One more step closer to the super bowl baby!!! ♥ My Jets!

Sorry, Colts!

Check out some of the pics for the night… I couldn’t post most of them due to rather lewd gestures and actions, mostly with random bar props… but these seem to be ok. 🙂

Ok, some really sleezey fat dude kept hitting on Kacie, then he put like $50 of music on the juke box. Now, I love Elvis, as you can see we all enjoyed (we were dancing like fools to “A Little Less Conversation”) but he played like 12 straight Elvis songs… It was ridiculous.

Kacie eating my hair… nothing out of the ordinary.

Nicki got me a Blow-Job.

Kacie got “the redheaded slut” a “redheaded slut”

We played with roses, penis moraccas, and drunk ladies. (Mid-Picture, one emerging from the ladies room totally bumbarded Danielle. I wasn’t drunk enough not to capture the moment.

That lady later slammed into a wood and glass set of shelves with her fella of equal size.

A Safe Place To Leave Your Baby

I love my job!

Today, Kia took these pictures of me as a joke in front of the “Safe Place” sign that currently exists on the building The Lyric just acquired from the city. In the next couple of months, renovations will be made and the old Recreation Center will become The Lyric Theatre Studio Theaters.

I didn’t leave the theater until well after 11 tonight. We had Dave Bennett performing a tribute to Benny Goodman. The show was fantastic and the music was great! (I love Swing & Big Band). Now that I’m home, and exhausted, as well as full from some delicious pasta made by J & Kacie, I’m going to bed! Good Night!

-Oh, and I haven’t had any Starbucks all day or yesterday! I’d be happy for myself if I didn’t crave it so damn much! 2011 total remains at 8!

Workin’ Girl

Back to work after the New year!

I had to do some shopping for Burt Reynolds this morning (he will be performing 3 days next week: Jan 10, 11 & 12 at The Lyric Theatre. You can click the link to buy tickets.) He came in to do a tech rehearsal today.

No show tonight, so I got to leave “early”… which basically means I got to go home at a reasonable time. (I used to HATE 12+ hour days at the clinic… now I’m at the Theater some days from 9am until 11pm or later! But I absolutely LOVE it and would not change back for anything.)

I started my day with Starbucks and I am now ending it with a lovely Venti Mocha… 2011 total is now 8!

Recovery Day

Today I enjoyed one of my last days of freedom before a very busy month at The Lyric starts. Mostly I just hung about the house with Casey.

I got this Bob Marley t-shirt a while back, but it’s pretty flippin’ awesome if you ask me. I loafed around in my comfy jeans and T and paired my outfit with some of my Jade jewelry (I LOVE Jade!) and my humongous Peace ring by Lucky.

I was good today and only had one Starbucks. (bringing my 2011 total up to 6… and we are only two days in.)