Wedding Stuff

Wedding Day!!!

Today was AMAZING! Shannon walked down the aisle at 11:30am and since noon we’ve been partying our butts off!

It was so amazing watching my little sister, looking absolutely breath-taking, walk down to the shore where her husband-to-be waited, both with tears in their eyes. We walked down the aisle to Train’s song “Marry Me” and exited to Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend”. It was very emotional.

As part of the ceremony, each person in attendance said a prayer or projectedpositive energy into a river stone and then we all threw they in the water for the Bride and Groom. It’s an ancient Gaelic tradition, usually incorporated in wrist-binding ceremonies. (Hey, we ARE Irish.)

About half of our family from Long Island were able to make it down for the celebration and we are one family that knows just how to drink and party! We were dancin’ fools out there all day! I think I’ve burned more calories today than I have all year.

Shannon shared her first dance with her new husband to Reba McIntyre’s “I’ll Be There” and her Daddy Daughter dance was to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl”. (I’m not a fan of country music usually, but these songs both just made me bawl my eyes out!) I had to make a special request for The Four Season’s song “Who Loves You” so all three of us could dance with our Dad. He always says “Who loves you?” and he is, in deed, always there to make things right. (Now I’m crying…) He’s such an amazing man who has always done right by my Mom and his three girls. I can’t even begin to explain everything our Dad has done and continues to do for all of us. He is so loved.

One of my closest friends, Sean, bartended for the day and did a fabulous job. In fact, my family loves him now! I’m glad his wife and baby girl were willing to spare their Daddy for the afternoon AND Sean recently found out that he and his wife are expecting their second child! Wooo Hooo!!!! Congratulations Sean, Jessica and Little Lily! So happy for your growing family.

I could go on and on about just how wonderful today and this entire weekend has been, but a picture says a thousand words, so take a look for yourself at just how amazing it was. (PS: I made all the starfish hairclips you’ll see)

Congratulations Shannon and Artie. I love you both! Enjoy Mexico! Ole!

Bridesmaid and Groomsman
Maid of Honor & Best Man.
You can see she’s trying not to cry yet.
I pretty much cried the entire time.
So beautiful!
♥ Mr. & Mrs. ♥
Just as the ceremony was ending…
♥ My Family ♥
“Who loves you pretty baby? Who’s always there to make it right”
Their cake was DELICIOUS! Butterrum (Blue) and Lemon (Yellow). Mmmmm…
I can’t remember the last time I had that great of a day!
I HAD to snap this one!
There’s always time for a family pic while shakin’ your ass on the floor!
Such a happy bride!
I don’t know what the heck we were dancing to here… but we look on point for sure!
Bartenders! My Best Friends!
I had to change after we took our pics down playing in the water.
So adorable!
(may they live) happily ever after.

Wedding Rehearsal

Today, the three of us headed over to the alterations shop to pick-up and learn how to do Shannon’s bussle. This dress should have been ready weeks ago… I’m not getting into it. Anyway, I woke up… feeling the affects of the night before… and rushed over to the shop with Shannon and Sarah. After the tutorial, I rushed out of there because I still needed to pack for the weekend away and get ready for the rehearsal, which I was told was 3:00pm… it was 1:45pm… and it takes 30mins to drive from my house to the place… I was freaking out.

I’m rushing there and trying to get in contact with just about everyone in my immediate family; sisters don’t answer… I’m panicing… Dad finally answers and he’son his way, so at least I know I’m the only late one. Casey and I arrive and there’s nobody there… check-in was at 3:00pm… the rehearsal was whenever… I was like “WHAAAAT!?” I just rushed like a crazy person to get as much packed and get ready and be as on time as possible while everyone else takes their time and nobody told me each time I freaked out about needed to hurry up… whatever… the cottages were adorable! I’ve mentioned if before but it bares repeating. This weekend wedding retreat was being held at The River Palm Cottages of Jensen Beach.

Between the family members that our side had staying and Shannon’s husband-to-be’s family had staying, we took up half of the compound. I feel bad for anyone who was unaffiliated with the wedding who booked their lovely vacation this weekend, because we owned that sh*t.

Eventually we got around to doing the rehearsal and Casey snapped these pics of me and my sisters. ♥

It wasn’t too long into the gathering of our two families that the short-tempered, protective, domineering bitch with a low bullsh*t tolerance of this family: Me, stepped into the arena with the ego-inflated, attention-seeking, nervy-ass bitch of his family… it got tense several times… yeah. Casey got the most incredible series of photos where my face goes from mildly annoyed to full-blown pissed and even captured the moment right before I lost my sh*t for a second. It’s perfect. …and this woman was insane. She insisted on having a cake for her grown-as daughter’s birthday tonight, the night of Shannon’s wedding festivities and the girl’s birthday isn’t even today!!!! Shannon ok’ed this but it is so ef’ing tacky… I mean… really? Come-the-f*ck-on… The smell of desperation is a pungent oder and those desperate for attention smell the worst!

Once the rehearsal was over, everyone spent the rest of the evening settleing in and straight up partying! It is so awesome seeing some of my New York family down here. I love them all so much!

I snapped this pic of Casey looking relaxed and sexy as he partied with my clan. Thank God for this man. Without him running all over the place, we wouldn’t be able to do this. He is so good to my family! It should also be noted that Sarah’s guy is proving himself to be quite helpful too!

Tonight we made our bouquets and the guys boutonnieres and they are so beautiful. I totally get my crafty DYI genes from my Mother. She is incredible.

I just wrote myself a little outline for my toast tomorrow… I know I’m going to cry. I can’t believe that in a few hours, my little sister will be a married woman. [When I was about 11, I had a dream, that I told my Mom about and my Mom remembers, about my future wedding. In it, I dreamed that Shannon’s children were participants in my wedding… Maybe it will prove itself to be true.]

Oh God! Must Sleep!

Wedding Week – Bachelorette Party Day/Night!

Today was loaded with fun bachelorette activities.

Shannon, Sarah and I started the day visiting the Bella Lani Nail Spa at Traditions. Shannon wanted a full-on Brazilian wax and the spa wear our other appointments we taking place didn’t do a full brazilian. So we got the earliest appointment and Sarah and I wished Shannon much luck as she walked back to the toture chamber.

The old lady performing the waxing kept pulling the strips prematurely and had to keep relaying them and trying again. (Not that Sarah and I were in the room, Shannon of course filled us in on the details later). Their prices for other services were really good and although I may not trust them with my vagina, I just might use them in the future for other purposes. Shannon was, naturally, a bit disgruntled after that experience, so we set off for breakfast before our other spa appointments.

We all received Mani/Pedis at The Sanctuary Spa at Traditions and Shannon received a must-needed Swedish Massage. It was delightful!

Sitting in birth order. Adorable. and check-out how incredibly amazing my hair looks! (Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Keratin Treatment with Wild Ginger)

After our amazing spa treatments, we shopped around alittle and headed over the the Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch where we met up Shannon’s Best Friend, Briana who was so amazing and had some awesome ink on her arm. We were also joined by Shannon’s soon-to-be mother-in-law and her mother-in-law’s mother-in-law (I cropped them out of this pic for privacy purposes).

After some tanning (I’ve been trying to obtain that “healthy glow”.Operation Tan Ginger is still in effect!), we headed back to our parents house for drinks. On the menu: Margaritas and Champagne, and Shannon was loving her Champagne. With the exception of 3 glasses, she drank the entire bottle… yeah.

We moved the party to my house where Shannon opened more gifts and drank… more Champagne! Kacie assisted with the consumption of this bottle, but Shannon pretty much killed this one on her own too. This time, the champagne was pink and Shannon had traded in her Champagne flute for a Betty Boop Tall Beer Glass… it was fun.

I addition to some sexy lingerie,I gave Shannon lots of cosmetic goodies so she could wear fresh, new makeup on her big day:

Maybelline Fit Foundation – #225
Maybelline Fit Powder – #225
Maybelline Fit Concealer – #25

Rimmel Blush – #003 – Pink Rose
Rimmel Natural Bronzer – #021 – Sunlight

Rimmel Exaggerated Waterproof Eye Definer – (Liner) – #261 Black
Rimmel Exaggerated Waterproof Eye Definer – (Liner) – #211 Brown
Rimmel Extra Super Lash – #101 – Black – *BONUS* Double Pack (Beauty Bargain)

Rimmel Eye Quad Shadow – #002 – Smokey Brown
Rimmel Eye Single Shadow – #100 – Glam Ice (White Shadow in a MUST!)

My favorite drugstore products usually come from Maybelline or Rimmel…of course, there are always exceptions…but since I was giving this to her all at once as kind of a jump-start to her makeup collection and exploration, I wanted to maintain some kind of a theme.

We’re still partying at my house, waiting for glue to dry on our starfish hairclips. I should have planned on doing a crap-load of DYI posts, beacause I could write a damn book a this point. I’ve always just been really crafty.

[*Note to self: More DYI posts!]

Rise’n and Shine’n early in the morning and Shannon shows no sign of slowing down right now!

Wedding Week – Hairzilla

I recently stopped by a local landmark in my search for wedding hair-clip supplies. I had decided I wanted to make little Starfish hair clips for me and Sarah to wear in our hair to match our sashes and Shannon could wear a bigger white one. I knew exactly where I needed to go to find the starfish: The Shell Bazaar! I found the perfect sized starfish in both yellow and blue almost exactly match our colors. I also found a beautiful white starfish for Shannon’s.

While there, I saw this bracelet and had to have it. I wore it today along with my diamond pendant, carnelian stone and silver bangles.

After work I had my hair appointment at ColourWorks Salon in Stuart. I was really excited about getting a good spif-up in the color department. My stylist was Dani and she was amazing and so sweet! She did an amazing job on my color and when she showed me the before and after photos that she had taken I was so surprised to see just how strawberry-blonde my hair is.

She took the ungodly amount of time required to blow my hair straight with a round brush, and god bless her for it. My ends are atrocious so it was quite the effort. I know I need a really good haircut, but I’ve been growing it out for a while and getting it trimmed minimally as necessary. I wear it curly all the time so you can never really see just how badly damaged my ends are. I’m in dire need of a good hair cut. I may have to cave and just get the cut.

I left the appointment feeling really excited about the color but really diappointed in the conditioning treatment I had received. Dani even offer to do the treatment again on Saturday I want to come back in. I don’t think I will but it was really a sweet offer, especially since it would be coming out of her own pocket; I would hate to have that.

Horrible, frizzy ends and all, here’s how it looks blown out:

Wedding Week – Water Weight

Wedding Week has officially kicked off for our family. All of us are abuzz with upcoming appointments and last minute details that need to be tended to. I, myself, have my hair appointment this Tuesday. Also, I’ve been slacking on the tanning-front, so starting tomorrow, I have to tan everyday with a bronzer. I know I’ll never be “tan”… I’m a Ginger, and proud but I just need some damn color. Plus tan always makes you look skinnier than you actually are; I need that for my tummy.

I made all the appointments for the Bachelorette Spa-Day Party and I just have to say that the people over at Shangri-La Day Spa in Stuart are horrible. I called several times, on several days to make appointments and was told I would be called back. Never did I receive a return phone call. I finally got pissed after a few days and called requesting to set appointments then. The stupid girl proceeded to explain how they’ve “downsized” and can’t do all our nails and massages at the same time. I can completely understand this, one of us can be getting our nails done while the other gets the massage… I don’t know, I’m not their appointment book, but it can’t be that hard. Otherwise, say you’re all booked up, no open appointments… they’re retarded.

So just to clarify: if you are a local reader and want to enjoy a day at a spa DO NOT go to Shangri-La Day Spa on US1 and Monterey Rd in Stuart, FL…. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!

I’ve been doing really well with not drinking soda; I’ve been soda-free since Tuesday. I actually caved earlier today at lunch and had a Mt Dew… I know. But my lunch was a hot dog from a street vendor’s cart, I HAD to have an equally damaging to my body beverage with my meal. If the hot dog wasn’t Nathan’s, I probably wouldn’t have even gotten it, I just can’t afford to keep eating at these downtown restaurants every single day and the cart-owners are very nice and here on Sundays only.

I have become addicted to Skinny Water! Check out their website.  SKINNY WATER  These waters are amazing. I love them. It’s pretty much Vitamin Water but they are so flavorful and cute. They come in many flavors that each promote a different aspect of weight loss/management or just good health in general. So yummy, I highly suggest them!

I’m trying to drop my excess water weight over the next few days. I did a little googling and found some (very obvious) tips for doing this.
-More Water: 71-141 oz a day for my weight.
-Low Sodium: Less than 1500mg per day.
-Low Sugar
-Low Carb

Drinking 71-141 oz of water a day for me means about 4 – 8+ bottles of (16.9 oz) water a day. Then I just have to watch my salt and sugar intake; not too horrid. By doing this, I should expect to flush at least 5 lbs of water weight out of my system. I’ve read suggestions to take a diuretic pill too, especially at night to rid myself of retained sodium. I’ll pick up a multi-vitamin too so I’m not ridding my body of necessary vitamins. I’ll let you know how my results turn out.

Water. Water. Water.