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The Day of The Doctor IN 3D OOTD

Last night, my friend Casey, my sister Sarah and I continued our Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrating at our local movie theater where we watched The Day of The Doctor in 3D on the big screen!! Here’s what I wore:


Dark wash skinny jeans with a black t. TARDIS knee socks in black combat boots. Black leather moto jacket. My Who accessories included my TARDIS earrings, exploding TARDIS necklace, and 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. I was going for a bit of an Eccleston look tonight.

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Love, Ginger Kate


Just doing some Doctory stuff… In the dark.


Welcome to the Circus

Here it is! My Halloween costume for 2013. Tonight, I’m enjoying the company of some amazing friends of mine as we party at “the compound”. I’ll be wearing my costume again, tomorrow night, at work too.


I bought the gold sparkle shorts, red cropped coat and riding crop from Amazon. (All super cheap too!!) I got the corset top out if my corset collection (I’m quite the corset enthusiast.) and I purchased the too hat headband and the fishnet tights and fingerless gloves at Walmart.

Happy Halloween!!!
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Love, GK

Going Golightly

Today, I channeled my inner Audrey when I chose my daily threads.

Black, classic cut dress. Pearls. Red nails. Red lips. Red heels.

Rocked my purple, leather Nine West purse.

(Because I’ve been too lazy to transfer all my crap)

I also wore my black “old man” sweater to make this more casual for the office. Plus, my office is cold and it was rainy today.

There was no question about whether or not to pile my hair high atop my head in a classic bun, but instead of working to achieve a sleek, polished one, I took the easy road and just bunched my curls and secured my bun with a few bobby-pins. I adorned my power-puff with a pearl clip right in the middle much like Audrey’s hair bling in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There was no other choice in shades than a pair of my cateyes. I initially grabbed my black pair but opted for the whites to really let them stand out. My other accessories included:

Pearl bracelets, my pearl and onyx ring and my work watch.

But shoes can make an entire outfit and my all black ensemble needed a bold pop.

Enter my deep red Delicious pumps.

I did, however, commit a pretty serious crime of fashion:

I. wore. pantyhose. with. peep-toes!


Shit happens.

… and I didn’t shave my legs today.

Most days, immediately after taking my photos for my daily post, I change into comfys and lounge about. I don’t exactly feel the need to capture these looks (and I’m, quite frankly, embarrassed by most of them.) but today I figured, “what the hell?”

Hogwarts T, Gym shorts stolen from my ex, flip flops, uncontrollable hair.

Thanks for reading! I’ve been receiving some much appreciated love recently from new readers and I want to sincerely thank all of you. I’m so flattered that anyone actually reads my jibber-jabber and the support I’ve been shown means the world! Thank you.

Love, GK


Blacks, Slacks, Flats & Relapse

Never got a chance to photograph yesterdays daily threads. Too much fun I suppose. It was pretty adorable though, unlike my outfit for today. I’ll make this a quick one.

Didn’t do anything special with today’s daily threads. I’m actually experiencing a “I have nothing to wear”-phase again… which is exactly why I spent my lunch break shopping at Marshall’s again. (I’m a recovering shopaholic and recently, I’ve been experiencing a relapse.) I picked up some fantastic pieces too. But for today, here’s what I wore:

Grey slacks, black t, black “old-man” sweater, black flats, purple nine west purse, pearl jewelry.

Thanks for reading, GK!

Funshine State Saturday

I love my outfits most on days I have off of work. I woke up super early today (6:30am!) and I set out to capture the sunrise with my canon. Later, I spent the beautiful afternoon with friends and conned one of them, my former personal photographer, to snap some pics for my post today.

My favorite thing about this dress are the bubble sleeves. They actually extend all the way down to an elastic wrist but I pulled them up to my elbow for the day. I accessorized with my purple nine west leather purse, various bracelets, my long owl necklace and several silver rings.

I always feel better when someone else takes the pics for me. Not only do I feel less like a lame-ass but I get to play around a bit more.

While out and about, I had to pick up some of my absolute must-have beauty products that I had run out of. (I hate when I run out of a crap-load my products all at once.)

  • ic inner cellular hair polish
  • Garnier Sleak and Shine Anti-Humidity smoothing milk
  • new toothbrush
  • new loufa
  • yes to Cucumber soothing makeup remover wipes
  • Apricot Scrub (just as good as the St Ives equivalent)
  • Neutrogena pink grapefruit Body Clear Body Wash
  • Rimmel white eye shadow

Thanks for reading! Love, GK