Hurricane Issac

Last night and today we, here in South Florida, received the worst we were to see of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Issac. I snapped a few shots and wanted to share them with my readers.

I just thought this looked pretty. The rain drops falling on my pool while it was lit-up for the night.

This is the baby turtle I saved from my pool earlier this afternoon!

I named him Phelpsy since he was such a fantastic little swimmer. I released him safely not too long after the rescue.

This is the “road” directly to the east of our property.

Here’s the road to take us to the main road that gets us out of neighborhood… I watched a little Ford Focus make it through just before I snapped this pic. Just after taking this photo, I attempted to make it through myself. I was unsuccessful.

My car immediately stalled out and quickly began to fill with water. When my foot was on the floor of my car, the water rose half-way up my calf. Large trucks kept passing me, pushing more water into my car as I sat there, stranded, and calling for reinforcements. (One of the A-holes in a truck actually waved at me! I know wear you live Mr Obnoxious Bright Yellow Truck!)

I was towed to dry land but I had attempted to restart my car (several times) while sitting in the massive puddle and feared my car would never start again. I really feel that somebody, at some point, should have told me to never try and restart my car after it has stalled out in a puddle. So readers, if you find yourself in a similar stupid situation, DO NOT TRY TO RESTART YOUR CAR!

I couldn’t believe that I was “that person” that I have seen and made fun of, during storm coverage, who thought their car would magically make it through the “lake” and (not surprisingly) stalled out. I had mucho importante stuff to do like buy hair-care products and finish watching Season 2 of Sherlock!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Issac

  1. A BBC version Sherlock fan are you? I love that show! The whole cast is fabulous. My sister met one of the two creators while in London recently and she has the pictures to prove it. I can’t wait to see how they resolve the cliffhanger from season two for the still long away from being completed season 3. Stay cool on the Peninsula.

    1. I am!!! I’m a HUGE Whovian but recently watched both seasons of Sherlock and can not wait until the next season! That’s so awesome that your sister met one of the creators! Was it Steven Moffat?! I would’ve freaked out. Although I would’ve been pretty excited to meet Mark Gatiss as well!!!

      Thanks so much for reading and for adding your comment!

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